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8 natural pools in New York to help cool off in the heat of summer

Not every New Yorker has his own backyard swimming pool, so they need to find another way to cool off in the heat of summer. Some prefer to visit the public pools, while others prefer to refresh themselves in breathtaking natural pools surrounded by enchanting views.

There are many of them in New York, and the publication Only in Your State compiled a list of the most interesting of them.

1. Peekamoose Blue Hole - Denning

From 30 June 2018, special permission is required to gain access to the Peekamoose Blue Hole on weekends and public holidays. In the past few years, this stunning natural pool in New York has become an increasingly popular place to visit during the summer. Unfortunately, not all visitors will respect nature, leaving trash, so now the pool needs protection and control. In connection with this, and also because of the increase in the number of visitors in 2018, a rule was introduced in effect on the need for permits to visit the pool on weekends and public holidays. You can get it on the website

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2. Split Rock Falls - Elizabethtown

There is nothing better than to go in the summer to one of the New York waterfalls. Such a walk will provide not only rest, but also a surge of adrenaline. In Split Rock Falls, you can swim in the pool at the base of the waterfall or jump into the water from the cliff if you are brave enough.

3. Buttermilk Falls State Park - Ithaca

This is a great place for swimming in the summer. The pool at the waterfall is open for swimming from 29 June to 3 September from 11: 00 to 19: 00 on weekends and public holidays. This is one of the few places in New York where you can swim right by the waterfall.

4. Robert H. Treman State Park - Ithaca

Explore one of the most exciting parks in New York and take a dip in the Enfield Falls in Ithaca. The bathing spot is located right at the base of the Enfield Falls. In addition, this magical park is full of stunning hiking trails.

5. Stony Brook State Park - Dunsville

If you're looking for a unique and natural pool to cool off this summer, try heading to western New York and plunge into the cool waters of Stony Brook State Park. The swimming season here is open from the end of June to 3 September from 10: 00 to 18: 00. Be prepared for a surge of vitality - the water in this “bath” is cool enough. Just what you need on a hot day, isn't it?

6. Lampson Falls - Claire

A secluded little paradise that few people know about, Lampson Falls in St. Lawrence County offers its visitors a small quiet natural pool. Along the Grass Lampson Falls River forms the perfect pool. It is located just a few minutes walk from the 27 County Road, a great place for a picnic and an active day in nature.

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7. Shelving Rock Falls - Fort Ann

The swimming pool at the base of Shelving Rock Falls is not deep, but New Yorkers love to relax here in the summer and enjoy the beautiful views. In summer, the water at the base is a little calmer, so you can splash around in it, cooling off after a hike along the 6,5 km long trail leading to the waterfall. If you continue the hike, you will eventually reach Lake George, where you can refresh yourself right in Log Bay.

8. Millstream Swim Hole - Woodstock

Millstream Swim Hole is one of the favorite places for family holidays, but there is private ownership, so be careful. The best way to ensure that you haven’t come into private territory is to spend the night in places like The Woodstock Inn, where you will have access to this natural swimming pool.

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