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7 smart ways to save and cut costs in 2020

You do not need to cancel Amazon Prime or turn your vacation into a holiday to save money.

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Edition USA Today prepared some less painful things you can cut from your budget in 2019.

The same clothes

Make this year a time when you decide to stop buying clothes of any color of the rainbow.

"People wear the color they like best," says Keith Yarrow, consumer psychologist and author of Deciphering New Thinking: How and Why We Shop and Buy.

About the bought clothes of other colors are usually forgotten and this turns into a waste of money.

Think twice before buying a blue sweatshirt to hang it next to the same yellow and green ones that are already in your closet.

Disposable products

The cost of disposable items, such as paper plates, paper towels or brushes, increases with time and is especially noticeable if there is little money.

To begin with, replace paper towels with ordinary ones. Instead of disposable brushes, use a rag and a bucket of water.

Small daily expenses

Ross Steinman, a professor of psychology at Widener University, is studying consumer decision making.

Take coffee, for example. “If you buy two drinks at a Starbucks-style café every day, that's about $ 8,” Steinman says. "It's over $ 2000 during the year."

Making your daily cups of coffee at home is a cost-effective solution. But look out for other small expenses - like chewing gum or lottery tickets - which can also cost you a decent amount on an annualized basis.

Extra utilities

If you do not keep a close eye on the heater and air conditioner, money can flow out of your pocket.

To save money, if you are leaving for a day, try using a programmable thermostat that allows you to set the temperature remotely. So you can wait to turn on the heating, shortly before returning home, suggests Steinman.

In-app purchases

Many of the applications that you download to your phone, such as games or photo editors, have paid versions and options for in-app purchases.

Choose a free version of the app and limit in-app purchases. In most cases, the unpaid version works just fine if you are satisfied with viewing several advertisements.


Coupons are great if they don't encourage unnecessary spending.

If a coupon or sell ad is encouraging you to buy something that you would not otherwise have, you are not really saving money. The best approach? Find a coupon to lower the cost of the item you were about to buy.

Alcohol and sweets

Discretionary purchases, such as alcohol and sweets, are also expensive, so use them with caution.

Yarrow says that, in particular, drinks in a restaurant are very expensive. It is better not to order coffee, iced tea or an extra cocktail and drink water instead.

But not necessarily all of the above ...

If removing all of these things from your budget seems too painful, select a few other pocket expenses that you can cut in the 2019 year.

No matter what expenses you cut, now is the time to do it.

"1st of January. The beginning of the new year, says Steinman. "It's an idea to start all over again and from scratch."

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