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7 products not worth buying at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is a chain of stores that Americans consider one of the best. In addition, here you can find unique products that are not on the shelves of other stores.

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Despite all the advantages, there are several products that are not worth buying on this network for various criteria: price, quality, taste and others. Edition Real Simple has compiled a list of 7 products that are worth avoiding at Trader Joe's.

Ready Sushi

Sushi at Trader Joe's is a complete disappointment. Rice for sushi is too sweet, and the fish are sticky at best. The composition includes: an analogue of crab, fish pollock protein, potato starch and much more. It may look attractive, but it's better to pass by and instead of sushi buy a seaweed salad.

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Cauliflower Pizza

Unlike many options for a gluten-free and low-calorie pizza base, this one is really good. It is made from cauliflower, water, corn flowers, corn starch, potato starch, olive oil and salt, and contains just 80 calories, 220 mg of sodium and 0 grams of fat per slice. But the taste is all quite specific, so you can buy some broccoli and cabbage in return.

Snack «Nuts & Fruits & Honey»

It should be nutritious and healthy. Nuts and fruits literally float in honey - a quarter cup serving contains 26 grams of sugar, 300 calories and almost no vitamins. Even when combined with a serving of Greek yogurt, this is probably not a good place to start your day. Nuts & Fruits & Honey is more suitable for dessert, and for a light and healthy snack, you can buy Omega Trek Mix - it's the perfect blend of pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pistachios, almonds and pecans.

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Frozen rice

Trader Joe's rice is relatively expensive, but frozen rice is very expensive. This, of course, is due to the convenience factor - the quality and taste of the product are simply excellent, plus it is also ready-made. But given the fact that Trader Joe's frozen brown rice packs cost $ 4 for three 10-ounce packs, and a 280-pound (almost 2 kg) pack of unfrozen brown rice costs nearly $ 1 less, it's worth considering. which rice is better to buy.


No matter where you buy them, bottled vitamins and supplements are usually expensive. But, in particular, Trader Joe's price is even higher. For example, a bottle of 100 vitamin B tablets sells for $ 5,99 from Trader Joe's and just $ 4,75 for Walgreens. It might be best to buy vitamins at a pharmacy or local health food store that offers coupons or discounts.

Rolls and sandwiches

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Better to go past this section in Trader Joe's. And not because there is tasteless, ordinary-looking rolls and sandwiches keep many secrets. Tarragon Chicken Salad and Italian-style roll are about 700 calories and high in sodium. And a turkey pesto sandwich has a ton of calories plus 1900 milligrams of salt, which is equal to your daily salt intake. Super Burrito is a healthier option: it's quinoa-based and paired with sweet potatoes and kale, and it's delicious.

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There are many complaints about the dairy department at Trader Joe's. Buyers often report that milk spoils prematurely. For price, when it comes to organic or lactose-free milk, you can often find cheaper options at Whole Foods. Trader Joe's, however, is known for having one of the most affordable Greek yoghurt in it, so it's best to buy it.

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