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The opinion of a Russian-speaking immigrant: 7 reasons to move to the USA

Many people very often think about immigration, in particular to the United States. Author blog "Dumped in America" ​​on "Yandex.Zen" named 7 reasons why you should decide and move to the States.

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Next - from the first person.

I don't like to give advice on this matter because I don't want to influence a person's decision. Immigration is a serious step, and it must take place based on the internal decision of the person himself. But I can, based on my 6 years of experience living in the USA, think about whether it was worth it for me to move here then, in 2014, and also about whether it would have been worth it for a hypothetical me to go to the States in different, again hypothetical, situations. Maybe this will be useful to someone.

1. Let's start with the real me

May 2014 - my immigrant visa is approved by the US Embassy in Moscow. I have 5 months to fly to the United States. In June I have to take state exams and defend my diploma.

June - exams passed, diploma defended. To get a diploma with honors, I had to retake one subject that I hated - “Civil Service”. The teacher gives me a “pass” on the condition that I will not immigrate to the United States. I don’t know if I deceived him, because I didn’t agree with this condition. Well, we both understood that he was joking. The teacher simply showed his attitude towards the capitalist enemies of our country.

I am invited to graduate school at our academy. There is a choice: a novice lawyer in Russia or God knows who in the USA. In the end I chose the second one. And now, 6 years later, I understand that it was absolutely the right decision.

If I had stayed, I would have worked in some company, I would have lived from Friday to Friday, waiting for a message about the receipt of money on the card.

2. Take a hypothetical me

After graduation, I become an employee of a good law firm with a salary of, say, $925 - $1 per month.

Should I immigrate - absolutely. The monotony of work and the rottenness of the justice system would kill everything in me.

3. Take the next hypothetical me

I haven't finished university yet, I'm studying. Or I’m not studying, but just went to work after school. No wife or children. And then there is a chance to move to the USA.

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Should I immigrate? Necessarily. There's nothing holding you back, nothing to lose. Still very young - there is time to discover something new.

4. Take another hypothetical me

I am a businessman, married, two children. Apartment, car, cottage. Should I immigrate?

For me, based on my experience living in the USA, most likely yes. The most important thing here is to evaluate what your wife thinks, whether my business can be sold or delegated. Well, the most important thing is how happy my family and I are now. We live routinely (work-home-work) or enjoy life (we have a large circle of acquaintances and friends, an active life, rich in impressions and events).

If the latter, then, of course, you can stay in your country.

Whatever I am - real or hypothetical - from the height of living 6 years in the USA, I understand that I had to immigrate to the United States.

Me, a hypothetical person who did not immigrate to America in 2014, is not the person I would like to become. And I would never have been such a positive, open, versatile and active person if I had not boarded a low-cost plane from St. Petersburg to New York.

The dullness and depressiveness of St. Petersburg, the hopelessness and callousness of Russian reality would have swallowed me up.

This is not just a matter of the USA. In general, the opportunity to live in another country, with a different cultural code. Speak a foreign language, communicate and make friends with foreigners. See something new every day. This all has a very cool effect on us, and if there is a chance, we should use it. Travel, business trips, student exchange, etc. All this is very cool and should be used.

It was only when I was in the United States that I found out that there are sites with temporary work and volunteering in different parts of the world.

As an example, an American friend of mine now lives and eats free of charge in a castle in Ireland. For this she needs to keep an eye on the garden. Living in Russia, I had no idea that this was possible.

The states have completely changed me and my life, and here are some of the benefits of living in the USA:

1. You will become the best version of yourself

It's not just moving to the USA that counts. This is generally about immigration anywhere. America is simply one of the easiest countries to immigrate to.

Changing worldview. Openness to new cultures. Expanding knowledge and acquaintances - all this will lead to your personal and professional growth.

As Glukhovsky said, “I want to live in a global world ... The world is ... open. You can live where you want ... I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't have all this experience. If I didn't have friends in different European countries, if I didn't speak these languages ​​that I speak, if I wouldn't be open to other cultures ... I think it's cool ... I would like my children too were as open to the world as possible ... taught several languages ​​... This is the future. "

For me, this is the main advantage of the United States. I gained similar experiences - a second language, openness to different cultures, a new worldview - after the USA I am a different person. These are the best 6 years, the best experience in life.

Therefore, this is how I answer a common question: would you immigrate if you had not won the green card, knowing all this?

Definitely yes.

2. You will have an American passport that allows visa-free travel to 185 countries of the world

No more visa centers, documents, queues, visa fees. If he wanted, he got on the plane and flew.

Once I met a couple in Turkey who failed in the USA, became disillusioned with the country (you wouldn’t be disappointed if you didn’t do it). Before returning to Istanbul, they told me about all the disadvantages of the United States, because of which they do not want to stay, as well as about what is better in Turkey.

Hearing all this was quite expected, because a person is always looking for someone to blame. And no one will blame themselves. It's hard to say “I didn't do it. I have not learned the language. I expected everyone to run around me here. "
Hence the third plus:

3. Invaluable experience of adaptation in a foreign country

There are no family, friends, or acquaintances nearby. Nobody speaks your language. In the whole country, no one except a computer file knows about your existence. You will become much stronger and more confident in yourself. You will learn to quickly adapt to circumstances, find the best solution. It's much more rewarding than sitting at home on the couch and speculating about what you might.

This is a test of oneself, growth above oneself. This is not for everyone. I am very glad that I have this experience.

4. You will be fluent in English

The ability to speak and understand English cannot be overestimated - you can communicate with people from all over the world, travel with confidence, and find a better-paid job.

And this is not to mention films, TV series, books, information on the Internet in English, which is hundreds of thousands of times more than in Russian.

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Knowledge of English is the key to a successful future.

I have already listed 4 pluses without saying a word about life itself in the USA. All these advantages will be with you, even if you decide to return to your homeland after some time.

And the most important thing about the country itself:

5. Decent salaries

Working as a valet, I allowed myself to rent an apartment with a swimming pool and jacuzzi, have a car, travel the world, and plus to save up $ 10 per year.

6. Confidence in the future

Here they will say: there are fires. But they were always there, and they did it well. And what happened when there were fires in Siberia or Rostov?

What about the protests? But Americans go out into the streets all the time and fight for their rights. Yes, they may go a little too far, but the result will be obvious - society will become better. This is not Russia, where we are afraid or do not want to fight for our rights and sit at home.

And there are problems in every country. The only difference is what the country is doing to address them. Draw your own conclusions.

7. The buzz of life

The ocean, national parks, developed infrastructure, convenient roads and interchanges - all these are little things that you quickly get used to. But they bring a lot of joy into your life.

I am not advocating for anyone to immigrate to the United States - there is already an overabundance of immigrants in cool states. Taxes only increase from this.

I just want to convey this to those who really want, but cannot decide or do not know how to immigrate to the USA.

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