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6 products and products that are not worth buying at Costco

Buying goods and products in bulk is not always a good way to save money. Costco, a major American retailer, offers consumers across the country relatively low prices for large quantities. It can be a profitable investment, but there are several foods that are best avoided.

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Редакция Time asked experts in the field of cost savings, as well as popular bloggers. Here are six products they named - never buy it at Costco!


If you are cooking Asian food that blends best with rice, it’s best to go past the wholesale store and head to the local ethnic market, suggested by YouTube-blogger Flo Lam. A regular Costco buyer and chef, Lam repeatedly purchased rice at Costco, arriving there for the ingredients for the dishes. In her opinion, meat and eggs in this network were sold at good prices, but Jasmine rice at its local Costco cost 30% more than a similar product on the Asian market.

“If you are not aware of prices outside of Costco, you run the risk of a major discrepancy,” says Lam.

A 25-pound (11 kg) bag of Jasmine rice costs about $ 40, based on Costco's own brand - Kirkland Signature. Prices in Asian markets vary by store, but one of the bloggers was able to find an 25-pound bag of rice. for only 14 dollars in the market near your home - saving 35% of the cost.


Although the Costco price for milk may look quite good, there is one good reason why Americans hate buying it here.

"These square milk bottles are terrible," says blogger Rachel Teodoro from Seattle. "I am an adult woman with a college degree and I cannot pour milk out of there without spilling it."

Teodoro is not the only one. On the Internet, videos, Reddit requests, and blog posts, people warn each other against buying Costco square milk bottles because it’s difficult to pour out milk without spilling it around. Since the cost of Costco milk and milk from grocery stores is not too different, Teodoro suggests buying a container from which you can pour milk without pouring the entire kitchen countertop.

Sweet Soda

If you gather a crowd of people to play football in the backyard, and plan to stock up on sweet soda (soda, or pop, if you are from the Middle West), do not be deceived by the wholesale price from Costco.

A box containing 24 12 oz. Coke bottles (340 ml) each costs Costco 10 dollars... It might sound like a bargain, but economy expert and Youtube blogger Milea Johnson only buys soda if a box of 12 bottles costs $ 2.75 or less. This is exactly the price at which you can find Coca-Cola in regular grocery stores or pharmacies with coupons. It’s not hard to calculate that one can of cola at Costco costs 42 cents, and at a discount pharmacy it costs only 23 cents, almost half the price.

“It's funny that people buy soda at Costco thinking they’ll save a lot of money for their box, but they’re not really,” Johnson says.


Like soda, cereals often fall under sales and promotions at national grocery stores, or you can buy them by coupons.

Johnson suggests spending no more than $ 1,50 on a box of cereal (11 ounces - 310 grams, or about 13 cents an ounce) at a discounted grocery store. At Costco, two 20-ounce boxes of Cheerios cost approximately 7 dollars, or about 17 cents per ounce.

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Blogger Gina Zakaria also avoids buying cereals at Costco. She noticed that national grocery stores sell promotional cereals every three weeks or offer two-week coupons. “They always have a lot of cereal coupons,” she says. "It will save a ton of money."

Shampoo and conditioner

Savings experts are unanimous: to meet any hygiene needs, go around Costco and go to the pharmacy.

The number of coupons for shampoos and conditioners in pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens and Publix seems to be endless. According to Zakaria, different brands sell them at a discount every week.

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In addition, you can use the manufacturer's online coupons or use them directly in the store. A blogger says she bought Xenumx bottles of Pantene shampoo for just 10 dollars thanks to coupons and discounts, while at Costco one big bottle costs 20 dollars.


Kirkland Signature Muffins can be delicious, and they are really cheap, around 10 dollars for six pieces... But there is one big disadvantage here: if you do not divide them into quarters, but eat the whole one at once, you are getting too many calories. According to Zakaria, it's not worth it. Chocolate muffins are the most formidable diet breakers, with around 690 calories per bite, while blueberry muffins weigh 600 calories each - 174 more calories than a regular muffin.

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“I love their muffins, but if you watch your weight, I would abstain if I were you,” says Zakaria.

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