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Xnumx bugs tourists in new york

So that in your trip to New York you get an extremely positive experience, be inspired by the city and love it for a long time, Marina Gritsenko - traveler, journalist, author of a project about New York and the USA "Columbus Chocolate", prepared a list of the mistakes of travelers in New York and information that will help you not to commit them, going to the next tour in the USA!

Go Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and not vice versa.

I admit, I also made my first walk along the Brooklyn Bridge in the wrong direction and crossed the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I constantly had to turn my head to watch the skyscrapers of the Financial District move away from me, admire Manhattan, try to capture it on film and in my head.

I love Brooklyn! And recently, such districts of Brooklyn as Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, which are located right next to the Brooklyn Bridge, are developing, becoming more and more beautiful and more beautiful every day, their skyscrapers, parks, and sights grow here! However, these places still have a lot of work and effort to become iconic, beautiful, unusual and alluring, like Manhattan!

So remember! Brooklyn Bridge must go from Brooklyn to Manhattan and nothing else! Then you will fully enjoy that beautiful picture of the city, which will open its arms to you!

Carry a hundred dollar bill

Going on vacation, travelers often take money with large banknotes. So it is easier to count the money, they do not take up much space in the wallet, and indeed, large bills are convenient! But not in the USA!

The fact is that Americans very and very rarely carry cash with them, especially cash with a face value of 100 $. This is a very large amount in order to take it with a cache. Therefore, even when the average American goes shopping and plans to spend several hundred dollars, he takes a credit card and 20-30 dollars in cash with him just in case.

Why is it worth taking money in smaller bills? Because in many shops, cafes and restaurants you can simply refuse to serve!

You will be told “we do not accept 100 $ bills!” Or point to a sign somewhere in the corner that says “we do not accept bills in 100 $”. Therefore, bring along money with at least 50 dollar bills.

If you have one weave, do not worry! Just change them in advance in the hotel, pay in hundreds of purchases from 50 $. Here I note that the situation with 100 $ bills described above is not ubiquitous. I very often had cases when buying in 11 $ I was given change from one hundred.

Buy one by one travel to the subway

Many tourists, due to the fact that they are tourists and in the city for a short time, buy "piece trips" to travel on the New York subway. Like, we are here for a couple of days, we do not need an unlimited travel card for a week, and in general, we will rarely use the metro. Of course, if you are in New York for 2 days, it makes sense. But if you come for at least 4 days, I recommend taking an unlimited travel card for the whole week.

The math is simple. One trip costs 3 dollar, a travel ticket for a week 32 dollar. So, by the way, you will only make 10 trips, and with the 1025 travel card! Plus, you will not have to check the balance every time you enter the subway, look for money to replenish the card, run to a store and change your 100 dollar bill, and so on.

Do not read ads in the subway

Travelers often tend not to pay attention to the various announcements in the subway, because, as in the previous paragraph, people are guided by the fact that they are in the city for a short time and it is unlikely that some station in Queens will repair them. My answer - the ad must be read! The ads look very easy and recognizable - this is a sheet of A4 paper with numbers or letters of the train on whose line the repair is underway, and information about when repairs will be carried out and what you should do in this case.

If you understand that you are not using this train and are unlikely to be, because after 10 minutes you leave for the airport, we skip this information by. If you understand that everything is the other way around, this is your train, you use it periodically or you simply assume that the situation may turn out so that you have to use it - read the announcement! You are in New York, which means you never know where today's day will take you!

Buy a bus ticket

If you are in New York for just one day and want to quickly see all the main attractions, then a tourist bus is a pretty good option. But if you are in New York for a longer period, go on foot and use public transport!

So you will know what the New York street musicians who perform in the subways, get into ethnic areas and get acquainted with the culture of China, Italy, Mexico and India, feel like a hero of a favorite movie that was walking along this very street, as you will get to other areas with the exception of Manhattan, which are no less interesting, and most importantly - you will be able to get lost and find something interesting and unusual, which is not written about in reference books and guidebooks. Well, nobody canceled traffic jams in a big city ...

Rent a car

New York is a big city! Therefore, many travelers, for their own convenience, rent a car to quickly and comfortably travel long distances. True, it turns out the opposite. They stand in a traffic jam for hours, then they search for a half hour more parking, then they pay for parking at the 15 rate of dollars per hour (if not more) and quickly and comfortably turn into slow, uncomfortable and expensive!

I will say this, it’s worth renting a car in Los Angeles. Because this city is very, very long, the metro runs only in the center, and traveling by bus is just hell. But in New York at every turn there is a subway, the trip in which will be much faster!

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