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6 interesting facts about the weather in New York that you might not know

Milana Rudinskaya, an author and blogger who traveled extensively throughout the United States, described how, after moving from St. Petersburg to New York, she fully appreciated the “vagaries and tricks of the climate” in this metropolis.

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New Yorkers are convinced that they live in the best city on the planet, but often blame the weather here, Rudinskaya writes in a blog on Yandex.Dzena... “I, who grew up in St. Petersburg, at first smiled indulgently, listening to their complaints about the wild wind, temperature changes and terrible humidity. But over time, I fully appreciated the whims and freaks of the New York climate, ”she notes.

Here are some interesting facts about New York weather:

  1. Choking summers and harsh winters.

In fact, New York is located at the junction with the temperate continental belt. “Although tangerines do not grow in the Big Apple, the international climate classification of Köppen places the city in the subtropical zone,” writes Rudinskaya.

At the same time, the summer here is incredibly stifling, the author notes, comparing the local conditions with the weather in Mumbai, India. “No home can do without air conditioning without exaggeration. Only a weak ocean breeze saves from the subtropical humid heat - New York is located on the Atlantic coast, ”the girl shares.

“In the off-season, gusty icy winds blow in New York, not inferior to those in St. Petersburg. And yet, even in the winter months, the temperature in New York does not drop below -4 ° C, more often a small plus holds. Magnolias bloom in spring, ”she added.

  1. The impact of skyscrapers on climate.

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The high-rise and dense buildings of Manhattan are making adjustments to the city's climate, the author writes, citing information from local meteorologists. This contributes to the overall temperature rise in the city by several degrees. “Just imagine: in May 2019, the authorities officially banned the construction of glass skyscrapers due to too high heat emissions. The new law will also affect buildings that have already been built: soon all of them will undergo serious renovation, designed to increase their energy efficiency. This is the first such precedent in the history of climate legislation - and again New York is ahead of the rest! " - the author writes.

  1. Temperature differences.

In the Big Apple, there are often very large temperature differences. “This is when you hide your face in a fluffy scarf in the evening and learn from the IPhone that the official -1 ° feels like -9 °, and the next morning the sun is shining with might and main, heating the air to + 18 ° by lunchtime. An absolute madhouse! " - notes Rudinskaya.

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