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55 facts about New York that will turn your idea about him

Despite the fact that New York can not boast such a rich history as most popular European cities, it has its own strengths. In this publication you will find 55 facts about the Big Apple that will make you take a fresh look at this city. Portal shared details

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  1. As the story goes, in 1626 European immigrants bought the territory of the modern Inwood quarter from the natives. The transaction amount was equivalent to 30 US dollars.
  2. Until 1664, New York was called New Amsterdam. It was renamed only after the capture of the city by the British and was named in honor of the Duke of York - the younger brother of King Charles II of England.
  3. Once upon a time, Manhattan was a hilly area, and even its name comes from the word "manna hata", which in one of the Algonkin languages ​​means "hilly island." Today, this part of the city is razed to the ground.
  4. From January 11, 1785 to August 12, 1790, New York was the capital of the United States.
  5. Famous New York yellow taxis began to be used en masse in the late 1960s. And before they were completely diverse. The situation changed when the owner of one taxi fleet ordered a study to determine the most noticeable color.

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    It turned out that it is yellow. And in 1907, all the cars of his company were painted in this color. Only after 60 years, the municipality decided: to make all taxis with an official license yellow.

  6. Amazingly, not only New Yorkers are a very motley audience. Even in the subway of the metropolis, more than 12 thousand life forms were discovered.
  7. In addition, microscopic copepods live in the city’s water supply.
  8. New Yorkers are dangerous: every year, the number of people bitten by New Yorkers is 10 times the number of shark victims, according to statistics.
  9. New Yorkers are more likely to kill themselves than die at the hands of killers, according to statistics.
  10. In the city of skyscrapers there is one unusual among them - it is without windows.
  11. To own a mobile stall with hot dogs in the Central Park area, you need to pay about 300 thousand dollars a year.
  12. Approximately half of the population of the Big Apple communicates at home not in English.

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  13. In the most multinational city on the planet, more than 800 languages ​​are spoken.
  14. The city of New York is home to the largest number of Poles in the world (of course, after Warsaw).
  15. The Big Apple calls every 38th resident of America his home.
  16. The inhabitants of this metropolis are real coffee lovers. They drink coffee seven times more often than in other regions of the United States.
  17. In New York, Albert Einstein's eyes are kept. They were saved by Dr. Henry Abrams, who now holds them in the safe of one of the banks of the city.
  18. New York is a storehouse of gold: here is a quarter of all the world's gold bullion.

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  19. Of the four largest financial exchanges in the world, three are located in New York. The largest is the New York Stock Exchange, the third most widely traded is the American Stock Exchange and the fourth is NASDAQ, a virtual high-tech stock exchange.
  20. This is a truly rich city: every 21st resident of the city is a millionaire.
  21. The amount of snow falling here is 15 times greater than at the South Pole.
  22. The popular Empire State Building has its own zip code.
  23. As you know, unofficially the city is called the Big Apple. However, not everyone knows that this has nothing to do with fruit. This is the name of the major racing competitions that took place in the vicinity of New York.
  24. There are five districts in the city (they are also called “boroughs”): the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.
  25. The city is located on the islands, and four of the five districts are separated from the mainland. Manhattan and Staten Island are separate islands, Queens and Brooklyn are located in the western part of the vast island of Long Island.
  26. The most expensive area of ​​New York is Manhattan.
  27. Manhattan is the only area without a main street.

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