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50 ways to earn extra in 2018 year. Part of xnumx


2018 year on the nose, and we all want to make more money in it than in this. Good news: if your goal is modest, there are many ways to achieve it. Below we offer the best ideas for savings and additional earnings collected by financial experts of the publication. TEAM. Each of these ideas can help get an extra $ 1 000 in 2018. Most of the proposed strategies are not simple, but none require a fundamental change in the way of life. You could well refuse a daily hike in Starbucks for a large latte ($ 3,65 * 365 = $ 1332,25), but we will not ask you to do that.

Change your payments

  1. Unplug the cable

Tens of millions of Americans have already disconnected from cable television, and there are good reasons for this. The average bill for the month last year was $ 103, according to Leichtman Research Group. But there are countless streams. Package that includes HBO, Now, Netflix, Hulu and CBS All Accesscosts about $ 37 per month or $ 444 per year, which saves you almost $ 800. If only take HBO and Netflixthen you will save $ 968.

  1. Change your mobile plan

A family of four on average pays $ 2 880 per year for mobile communications. And the cheapest contract plan for a family from Sprint worth $ 1 260 dollars.


  1. Change credit cards

A medium-sized household with credit card debts pays out $ 1 292 percent per year, according to NerdWallet Transferring account balances can give you the year 0% APR to catch up with the schedule.

  1. Improve your credit rating

For the year, this will not be easy, but possible, says Greg McBride, the company's chief financial analyst Bankrate. The first step is timely payment of bills. Also focus on ensuring that your “credit utilization rate” (credit limit you use) is below 10%. A new, higher credit rating in today's market can cut your mortgage interest by a full percentage point, McBride says. And this is $ 1 000 savings per year on a mortgage worth $ 150 000.

  1. Re-loan student loans

On a $ 90 parent loan with an interest rate of 000%, you spend $ 6,6 per month on a standard payment plan. Upgrade to a 1% private loan and save $ 025 per month.

  1. Stop paying for the gym

The average cost of a subscription to the gym is $ 50 per month. Individual classes Soulcycle cost even more. Try free type fitness groups November Projectwho already work in 40 cities, or a corporate group at work. If it doesn't work, says Janice Isaman, a nutrition trainer and Pilates instructor from Calgary, Alberta, then look for Facebook or via Craigslist people in their area who also want to create a situational fitness club.

Reduce housing costs

  1. Think about ARM

ARM, a floating rate mortgage, has earned itself notoriety during the financial crisis, but it makes sense if you do not plan to stay long in your home. According to Bankrate, today the average mortgage rate on 30 years is 4,1%, compared to 3,6% for a 5-year floating rate mortgage. For mortgages worth $ 300 000, this half percentage point will save you about $ 86 per month or $ 1 032 per year.


  1. Redesign your repair

“When we took this year to repair the bathroom, many contractors did not even call us back, because the project was very small. Therefore, we have even more moderate their appetites. We have removed major plumbing alterations, electrical work, and everything else that needs permits or that our ordinary master could not do from the repair plan. We also ordered him to rework all surfaces: put new faucets, change tiles, lighting and dressing table, paint. Now our bathroom looks like new, but the cost of this repair was half the amount that the contractor had originally proposed - we saved more than $ 10 000. ” Reviewed by Rachel F. Elson.

  1. Crouch to your neighbor

About 14,9 millions of Americans live with roommates, according to the Census Bureau. The reasons are clear: in cities like San Francisco renting an apartment for two can save more than $ 1 000 per month, according to a report SmartAsset, a site about real estate. In cheaper markets (like Detroit), sharing a neighbor will save about $ 300 per month, which is almost $ 4 000 per year.

  1. Sell ​​in May

Houses sold from 1 to 15 in May cost 1% more than the average price, according to a report Zillow for 2017 a year, and that is plus $ 1 500 in your pocket.

Find additional jobs

  1. Earn some money with Postmates

Men and women delivering goods and food through Postmates, have complete freedom in choosing the method of movement. You can walk, ride a bike or drive around. The service works in major US cities. Register at any time convenient to you. The company claims that you can earn $ 25 per hour on delivery for it, plus tips.

  1. Earn some money with Uber

According to the popular blog RideShareGuy, drivers Uber earn an average of $ 15,68 per hour. However, this figure depends on the city and does not include the cost of repairs and refueling the car (by the way, drivers Lyft earn even more - $ 17,50). It turns out that for a few hours of work every week in a year, you can save about $ 1.

  1. Earn some money with Taskrabbit

If you really like furniture Ikea or you don't mind raising a sofa to the fourth floor, you can make some serious money with Taskrabbit - An average of $ 35 per hour, according to the company. Many tasks, such as installing shelves or transporting furniture, require skills (or a truck), but if you have them, then you can earn a decent amount per year.

  1. Pass polls

Blogger Jason Woorch says he earns $ 10-15 per hour by participating in online research. The most famous of them - Survey Junkie and SwagBucks, but you can subscribe to 10-15 similar services and go from one to another, catching the best deals. (A list of these sites is Vurcha on You can devote one or two morning hours to this lesson several times a week or fill out surveys on the way to work, and by the end of the year you will have $ 1 000.


  1. Test websites

Make money from home by providing feedback on new sites on platforms like, and Userlytics.comthat pay $ 10 for each testing session. Another option is There you have to pay for the use, but they guarantee that in the first 30 days you will earn $ 100. You probably can’t subscribe to all the tests, so this way of making money is not as stable as the polls, but you can still get a couple hundred dollars a month if you try.

  1. Try to work as a freelancer

If you are a writer, designer or coder, then in your free time you can sell your skills on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. Most popular services on Fiverr - from the sphere of graphic design (for example, the creation of logos), as well as copywriting and translation, said a company representative. Prices depend on the project, starting at $ 5 for fixing a simple bug in WordPress and ending with hundreds or thousands of dollars for website design.

  1. Help Santa

During the Christmas season, retailers and stores hire tens of thousands of additional workers. Some jobs are paid up to $ 16 per hour, although the average rate varies between $ 11 and $ 14.

  1. Sit with your neighbors' children

On average in the US, babysitters for children earned $ 13,97 per hour last year, according to a company study This means that if you sit with children from 18 hours until midnight one Friday evening per month, you will get $ 1 006 in a year.

  1. Get out on an extra shift

Workers such as clerks in retail stores and housekeepers can search for additional part-time work through the job site. SnagAJob. This service offers hourly work and gives you the opportunity to choose when you want to work - for example, at night or on weekends.

Streamline your medical expenses

  1. Go to insurance with a higher deductible

Those who receive medical insurance through their employer, on average, pay a family premium of $ 467 per month for PPO, while a higher-deductible health insurance will cost $ 321, according to Mercer. And this is $ 1 752 savings per year on insurance premiums. This strategy can be beneficial, even if your health is not perfect. Just make sure you have enough cash to cover a higher deductible if you seek medical care.

  1. Open a medical savings account and invest money in it

In parallel with a higher deductible health insurance, this bill will give you the opportunity to defer income before medical taxes for now or for the future. A single person who earns $ 60 000 (this is the 25% federal tax group) and defers $ 288 per month to a medical savings account (HSA) for the year will save $ 863 on federal income tax. After retirement, money from this account can be used for insurance premiums. Medicate.

  1. Deduct your medical expenses

To do this, you will have to make a list of items, and the cost of medical care should exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income. You can then deduct any amount you paid above this threshold. If this year you are struggling with some illness or injury, or your income has fallen due to retirement, job loss or a long vacation, you should go for this tax deduction.

  1. Become a member of a health program.

Almost all large employers offer health programs, and three-quarters of them financially encourage employees to participate. You can earn money for, for example, checking your cholesterol level or participating in exercise at work. Average employee bonuses can add up to $ 742, according to National Business Group on Health. Several times a month, make yourself a healthy salad for lunch instead of ordering food with delivery, and save up to $ 1 000 per year.

  1. Stop smoking

“The habit of smoking costs a lot of money even for those who smoke quite a bit. In New York, a pack of cigarettes costs at least $ 10,50 (and some brands are $ 14 and more), and for 2 packs $ 1 000 a week for a year. Last year, I quit smokers for good and saved over $ 900. And just in time: in 2018, the minimum cost of a pack of cigarettes in New York will reach $ 13. ” Review Kristen Baler.

  1. Use Groupon to support good health

You've probably heard about discounts. Groupon to visit restaurants, gyms and beauty salons. But did you know that this site can also be used to get discounts on an examination by an ophthalmologist, a dentist and a manual therapist? If you go to the manual twice a month and your insurance plan does not cover the average cost of the visit ($ 68, according to the magazine Chiropractic Economics), you will save about $ 1 000 by using packages advertised on Groupon - so you get about $ 25 per visit. The main thing is to pre-check the advertised chiropractor in Google yelp and social networks. Groupon does not check those who place their offers on the service, so if the therapist does not have a good rating from Better Business Bureau and a large number of positive reviews, it is better, probably, not to go to him.


  1. Sign up on time Medicate

The general rule is that if you do not subscribe to Medicare Part B before the age of 65¼ years, your insurance premium will increase by 10% for each 12-month delay period. This penalty is valid until you are insured by Part B. Most new beneficiaries of this insurance plan paid $ 2017 per month in 137, which means that insurance for a year will cost you an extra $ 1 000 in the first 6 years.

  1. Choose the best option Medicate Part D

Drug prices by Part d (drug plans) are very different even within the same zip code, according to a study Senior citizens league. For example, the price difference for Ventolin, asthma medicine, can reach $ 119 per month. Making the right choice when choosing an insurance plan that lasts from October 15 to December 7 each year can save you up to $ 1 400 per year just with this medicine.

Correctly eat on

  1. Eat at home

Do you want to get food quality restaurant, but do not pay for restaurant bills? Services that provide low-cost cooking sets will save you the trouble of the kitchen and save you money if you are ready not to go to restaurants. One couple spent $ 3 000 per year on going to restaurants and ordering food home. But the service Dinnerly takes $ 38,99 for 3 meals a week - and saves you almost $ 1 130 per year.


  1. Buy Supermarket Brands

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the average family of four with school-age children spends $ 1 054 per month on food. On average, supermarket brands at 30-40% are cheaper than well-known brands, says marketing analyst Phil Lempert. This means that in a year it is quite possible to save up to $ 1 000 on the purchase of products. One tip: always compare the ingredients and nutritional information of different foods. If they are the same, then chances are that the product for the supermarket is made by the same famous manufacturer, simply under a different brand, says Lempert.

  1. Stop ordering alcohol in restaurants and cafes

The average price of imported beer in the menu is $ 5, according to Numbeo. In other words, if you and the person with whom you have a date, you miss out on a beer with dinner once a week, this year the beer bill will reach $ 1 040. Do not order alcoholic beverages in institutions - this is not only money, but also calories.

  1. Stop throwing away food

The average American household throws up about $ 1 350-2 275 for a year, according to the National Council for the Conservation of Natural Resources.

  1. Eliminate meat from the diet

Vegetarians, according to Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, save $ 750 per year. This figure, however, includes many expensive ingredients such as olive oil. Want to save even more? Switch to a cheaper alternative - canola oil (genetically modified rapeseed).

  1. Carry lunch

People who buy lunch every workday spend serious money on it - about $ 2 500 per year, with an average lunch cost $ 10. Mona Meigan, author of “What are you doing for lunch?”, Writes that those who carry meals with them save up to 80% of the amount. And it's easy: you just have to give up the habit of dining out of the office for $ 10, and instead bring food from home (worth $ 4) from Monday to Thursday, and you save about $ 1 200.

Control costs

  1. Avoid impulsive purchases

84% of us have an impulsive buying experience. Many of these things cost less than $ 25, but 54% of people say they spent more than $ 100, and 20% more than $ 1 000, according to Set a rule for yourself - say, the 24 or 48 hour period to think about before you buy something more expensive than a certain number. “It gives us the opportunity not to react impulsively,” says Joe Sterf, founder of Average Joe Finance. “With extra time, we are less likely to make this purchase.”

  1. Use the application Mint

You can not save, if you do not understand how you spend money. “When a person sees how much money comes in and how much is spent, he can make better buying decisions that will help achieve the ultimate financial goals,” says Andrea Vorokh, an expert in consumer finance. Application type Mint or Pocketguard they help because they make it easier to understand which purchases can be avoided in the future. Heap says it's easiest to save on clothes, food and entertainment.


  1. Put your savings on autopilot

"FROM Digit you set yourself a goal and a time frame to achieve it (I want to save $ 2 000 next year on vacation), and the app saves a small amount of money for you. Digit writes off $ 2,99 per month for use after a free 100-day trial period, and this should be remembered. But I was able to save more than $ 400 in a few months using the application - I would not have been able to do that myself. Plus, I receive messages every day with a balance of bank cards and progress towards achieving the goal. ” Review Alicia Adamchik.

  1. Check the banking application frequently.

The economists Shlomo Benartzi from UCLA and Yaron Levy from USC found that people who downloaded the financial application looked at the state of their 12 accounts once a month, while on average they visit the site twice a month. As a result, over the course of four months after the application was downloaded, their expenses decreased by 16%, mainly due to over-vital expenses. Expenditures on food in establishments fell by 19%, and on food purchases by 21%. Savings on food costs alone can amount to up to $ 880 per year.

  1. Add drive

52-week Money challenge very simple: save $ 1 more every week than the previous one. In the first week it will be $ 1, in the second - $ 2, and so on, and in the last week of the month put off $ 52, and together for the year you will get $ 1 378. “Many of us don’t want to deal with money because we have negative associations with them,” says Christine Wong, the author of the upcoming book Get moneythat held a similar challenge for If you turn money saving into a fun and driving lesson, then you even want to deal with them. ”

  1. Add a 2 drive

Try practicing a month “without expenses” or one day a week - choose a period of time in which you will not buy anything but the most necessary (products, gasoline, etc.). It may seem complicated, but there are many forums on the Internet for support - for example, a section on the site Reddit called Personal Finance12 has millions of subscribers, or a group NPR on Facebook called Your Money and Your Lifewhere participants write daily about their personal challenges "without expenses". “Small trials lead to small victories, and tangible savings result gives you strength,” says Wong.

Find cheaper pleasures

  1. Book flights for holidays in advance

Estimated resource Hopper, if even before Halloween you book tickets for flights for a family of 4 people for Thanksgiving and for Christmas or Hanukkah, you will save approximately $ 1 200.

  1. Travel by car instead of plane

Saving on early booking is not enough? There is a way out. The average cost of a two-way trip in the US is about $ 367, so if you travel a distance of less than 500 miles, it’s best to go by car. A family of four will save over $ 1 200, even if you stay overnight on the road.


  1. Look for the best accommodation option.

For the next trip, look for rental housing sites Airbnb, VRBO or HomeAway. According to a recent study, in 16 of 22, the largest US tourist cities, housing through Airbnb It is cheaper than a hotel, an average of $ 56 per night. Lovers traveling this way can save $ 1 000 per year. But in some cities, such as London and Paris, the savings can be even higher - up to $ 100 per night. In tourist spots like Toronto, Vienna and Madrid, you can save an average of $ 90-100 by renting a room in an apartment where guests use a shared kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Book family accommodation

When traveling with children for the weekend, consider staying in a non-regular hotel, where you need to book two rooms, and in a long-stay hotel TownePlace Suites or Candlewood Suites. On average, you will save $ 157 per night in this type of accommodation, where there is a small kitchen and a sofa for children.

  1. Use programs for regular customers

Frequent travelers can take advantage of loyalty programs. Pay for all your food and travel purchases with a card like Chase Sapphire Preferred or American Express Platinum, and your miles will help you save $ 1 000 and even more per year on flights.

  1. Stop playing the lottery

Americans spend more than $ 70 billion a year on lottery tickets. In some states, this figure is much more than $ 1 000 per family - for example, in Massachusetts $ 1 976, in Georgia - $ 1 211, according to Metrocosm. Chances to win at Powerball roughly 1 of 292 millions.

  1. Forget about gadgets

New iPhone X costs from $ 999. Do not buy it.

  1. Use all your beauty products.

The average American woman spends $ 8 per day on makeup and skin care products, according to a retail company. SkinStore. The good news is that many women have a huge supply of unused cosmetics at home - according to the website. escentual.comits value can reach $ 2 000.

  1. Get money back

«, a site that returns money (you can also try and, became part of my online shopping habits. Many brands offer ridiculous discounts, within 2-3%, which are not worth even paying attention to. But Sephora, one of the favorite sites, often gives 8%. Next year I am planning a family wedding celebration, and a discount in 23% from will result in a few hundred dollars. If you are shopping strategically and use different offers ($ 25 for each friend I bring), then you can get up to $ 1 000 back, which I wanted to do. ” Reviewed by Veronica Kvezada.

Let your hobby bring you money


  1. Create postcards

Publishers pay from $ 50 to several hundred dollars for a “finished concept” - text and an idea to illustrate, says Ron Canfi, president of the company of postcards Nobleworks. Do a detailed study of what the publisher is selling to create something in his style, and then send him the best ideas 6-10, recommends Canfi.

  1. Sell ​​your crafts on Ebay or Etsy

You may be embroidering a cross or making jewelry with your own hands, but in order to sell your products on the Internet, you need to promote them with regular posts in social networks with beautiful photos, says Debbie McClain, who has two stores in Etsy. “Sellers - the sea; it’s important to be seen, ”adds McClain, who has been selling crafts online for 19 for years.

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