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50 resources in English for women



In learning English, the main thing is not only motivation, but also interest. That is why the online English school “Inglex”Made a selection of 50 cool sites that will entertain women and improve their knowledge of the English language. Many materials can also appeal to men. In addition, with the help of these sites, you can find out all women's secrets.

Online magazines and sites for the beautiful half of humanity

One of the most famous worldwide magazines about the life of stars. If you have always been interested in what your idol lives and breathes, then here you will be given all his secrets.

Scandals, intrigues, investigations, fresh gossip - these words can be described as a magazine OK! The latest news from the lives of the rich and famous, their bad habits and failed photos - this site will give food for discussion in the company of close friends.

Women's magazine for a wide audience. Here you will find interesting articles on psychology, recipes, tips on caring for yourself, home, pets, and useful tips for parents on raising children.

Real Simple is a magazine that really just talks about all sorts of things. Here are easy guides on style, beauty, weight loss, simple recipes and ideas for traveling.

This is the site of the famous American writer and TV host Martha Stewart, who has become famous for her simple and effective home economics guidelines. The site contains fascinating articles on cooking, needlework and home care.

Better Homes and Gardens - A magazine for those who want to make their home a little more comfortable. Here you will find simple recipes for delicious dishes, tips on caring for plants, and life hacking self care.

Magazine for arranging a quiet and comfortable family life. You will learn how to cook the most delicious and healthy dishes, how to cut different foods, how to celebrate the holiday with the whole family. And find out what techniques and products will help you improve your health, how to communicate with a teenager, what things in the house should be eliminated long ago, and how to be the most stylish and fashionable.

A wonderful magazine for those women who are going to have or have already had a child. Here you will find a lot of interesting information about pregnancy and childbirth, raising children, as well as culinary masterpieces for the whole family.

Dear ladies, summer is just around the corner, so it's time to play sports in order to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the beach season. Women's version of the magazine Men’s Health designed specifically for this purpose. Be sure to take note of a few exercises and pay attention to the recommendations of celebrity coaches. Professionals certainly do not advise the bad!


Another great magazine that will help you to tidy up the figure and hit the surrounding seductive forms. The journal publishes variations of physical exercises, tips on healthy eating, weight loss, style, building relationships, etc.


It is difficult to find a woman who would not like to delve into herself and read articles on psychology. Psychologies - the world's most famous psychology magazine for a wide audience. He will help you understand yourself, get rid of the complexes, build relationships with others. Also in the magazine there are articles about culture and fitness and exciting online tests.


(Vogue - one of the most sophisticated and popular glossy magazines in the world. The site publishes articles on the latest fashion trends, reports from shows, news about beauty and make-up, interviews with famous designers and models.


Marie Claire - magazine for fashion girls. On the site you will find articles on fashion trends, on beauty and make-up, stories from the lives of stars, political news, as well as the horoscope in English.


Appetizing site for beginners and professional chefs. Unusual recipes and simple dishes in a hurry, detailed cooking guidelines and interesting ideas for decorating dishes - what else does a good housewife need?


Another great online magazine, from one glance at which you will slobber. You will learn how to cook delicious and dietary dishes, as well as learn how to make food not only delicious, but also healthy.


If you are a designer at heart and rearrange the furniture every quarter, you will love this site. You are waiting for hundreds of unique cool ideas for home decor. Each article is beautifully illustrated, so that you will not have difficulty understanding.

YouTube video channels for beautiful ladies

17. Womenshealthmag

Video version of the above magazine Women’s Health. The channel spread interesting materials about proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles, sports, losing weight, building relationships, beauty, style, career.

18. Womensworkouts

Another excellent video channel for active and sports. The author lays out videos with various complexes of physical exercises. These videos will help you not only to lose weight, but also to get beautiful forms.

19. Zoella

The channel of the most popular beauty blogger in the UK Zoella has already gained more than 10 millions of subscribers! Here you will find hundreds of video tutorials on fashion and style, beauty and makeup, hair and body care.

20. Pixiwoo

Another popular beauty blog is where you can listen to real British speech. The author constantly lays out new make-up instructions: every day is festive, extravagant and modest, in a hurry and requiring a couple of hours of free time - every girl will find what she is looking for.

21. Homecookingvideos

Home cooking adventure - A channel for those who want to surprise their loved ones with tasty and unusual food. Basically, the author puts video with recipes simple dishes that can be quickly prepared. I am glad that the ingredients for most recipes you can easily find in the nearest store. And no ostrich eggs or pini seeds!

22. Simplecookingchannel

This channel contains videos with very simple and at the same time appetizing recipes, many of which require you to have all the 3-5 ingredients and 20-30 minutes of free time. And you will learn how to beautifully serve even the simplest dish.


Do you develop yourself and always try to think positively? Channel video author tells you how to become more confident, feel the taste of life, get rid of depression and just be a little happier.

24. Hgtvhandmade

If your hands are not made for boredom, after watching these videos by hand-made you will find exactly what to do with yourself. The author will show you how to create a masterpiece from scrap materials literally in a few minutes, make a sweater for a dog without a single stitch, make a vase of pineapple and in the blink of an eye make something tasty.

25. Simple home art decor ideas

A channel that will help you make your home more comfortable and unique. Here are hundreds of videos on interior decor. By the way, you can use these ideas to make gifts for friends with your own hands.

Books every woman should read

26. "Woman in White" Wilkie Collins

Adaptation (Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate).

Original book

27. "Rebecca" Daphne du Maurier

Adaptation (Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate).

28. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

Adaptation (Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate).

Original book.

29. “Midsummer Night's Dream” by William Shakespeare

Adaptation (Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate).

30. "Jane Eyre" Charlotte Bronte

Adaptation(Upper-Intermediate and Advanced).

Original book.

31. “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

Adaptation (Upper-Intermediate and Advanced).

Original book.

32. The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Original book.

33. "Diary of Memory" Nicholas Sparks

Original book.

34. "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert

Original book.

35. The Secret World of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Original book.

36. "Memoirs of a Geisha" Arthur Golden

Original book.

Podcasts for lovely ladies


This American Life - One of the most popular among Americans is the podcast series. Every week, more than 2 millions of people download their new episode. Subject materials are quite diverse, and they are united by one thing: they all give food for thought.


Each podcast on this site is an interview with an expert in their field. Well-known psychologists will help you understand yourself, cooks will teach you how to cook delicious dishes, designers will tell you how to make your home beautiful and cozy, and stylists will help you find your own style.


The audio materials on this site are rather long, but the authors manage to cover each topic well. It covers issues of women's health and beauty, esoterics and hobbies, as well as other interesting topics.


Satellite sisters - a radio show hosted by 5 sisters. They discuss various issues in the life of a woman, give advice and share experiences.

41. WNYC Studios

The authors of these audio materials tell about interesting people, their success stories and defeats, and also give tips on how to build relationships in order to make them successful.

42. Woman's hour

These records raise themes of relationships, features of women's health, sports, as well as other interesting issues that concern many women.


This series of podcasts is designed to inspire and inspire action. In each episode, some successful woman tells how she managed to achieve her goals and achieve heights in her career.


Dear sugar radio publishes weekly podcasts for those women who feel lonely, lost, confused. These audio help ladies to find themselves, to believe in their own strength and get out of a difficult situation.


The authors of this series of podcasts have one goal - to support women who are depressed, cannot find themselves, have lost the taste for life. Audio materials on how to overcome all obstacles in life, get out of the swamp of gloom and feel like a Queen again are written especially for the desperate.

Interesting sites for women


The secret society of women is a forum where there is no place for men, because here the ladies discuss urgent issues, share their experiences, ask questions to each other and simply communicate on any topics that are impossible or uninteresting to discuss with men.


Do it yourself! - call us the authors of this site. Here you will find detailed step-by-step instructions for preparing beautiful and interesting dishes, making souvenirs of various subjects, decorating your home, etc. Thanks to the illustrations you will understand exactly what to do and in what sequence.


Did you have a hard day and you are not in the mood to read large articles in English? Then go to this resource: funny comics and funny tests will cheer you up. Moreover, the comics are rather non-standard and will definitely please the ladies: a lot of materials are devoted to cats, and some sketches make you think about the meaning of life.


Generator baby names - fun entertainment for future moms and girls who love to have fun. Take the test and determine which name is best for your child.


The National Museum of Natural History in Washington is known far beyond the borders of the United States. And you can visit him without leaving home. Follow the link to find a page that takes you on a virtual tour of the museum: you can see all the halls, explore some interesting items in detail.

You will not be bored for sure! Dear women, now you have 50 great sites that will help you to learn English. Bookmark at least a couple.

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