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5 worst mistakes immigrants make when applying for US citizenship

The dream of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the United States is to one day take the Oath of Allegiance during a naturalization ceremony and become a US citizen, notes Miami Herald.

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Immigrant lawyers recommend that those who are eligible to apply for citizenship do so now: before new rules aimed at limiting both legal and illegal immigration, and changes that tighten the criteria for considering immigration benefits, will make the process more complicated.

Once immigrants become US citizens, they can obtain US passports, register to vote, and update their Social Security records.

But applying for citizenship is a process that requires answering questions on a questionnaire, submitting documents and passing such a dangerous naturalization test, in which immigrants must prove that they can read, write and speak in basic English, and also possess essential knowledge of the history and government of the United States.

The US government web resources recommend avoiding five common mistakes in the citizenship application process:

1. Immigrants do not check the application before submitting

Many applicants focus on preparing for the naturalization test and often forget to review their answers on Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

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2. Do not provide confirmation of the spouse's citizenship

If a foreigner applies for citizenship through marriage to a US citizen, he must provide a copy of the marriage certificate, as well as proof that the spouse is a US citizen by presenting either a US birth certificate or a US passport.

3. Pay the wrong fees

Applications that do not indicate the correct amount of the paid fee are rejected and applicants must re-apply with the correct amount. The form must be submitted with a $ 725 payment, which includes $ 85 for biometric services (DHS proposal aims to raise the fee to $ 1170).

4. Do not provide documents on time

During the initial interview, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer may request additional documents to be submitted later, in addition to the letter received by the applicant during the interview. Failure to do this in time delays the process.

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5. Do not fulfill the requirements before submitting the application

Sometimes immigrants submit their applications before they actually meet the requirements, especially already having permanent resident status for 5 consecutive years or 3 years if they received a green card through a US citizen spouse and at the time of application they are 18 years old. Another important requirement is to have sufficient knowledge to pass the exam in English and the basics of civil law, as well as to answer all questions related to the application for naturalization in English.

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