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5 Questions You Can Ask at a US Interview

Finding a job is difficult. The hunt for the perfect job is a stressful, time-consuming and labor-intensive process that depends on a million different variables for success. The more you rehearse your speech on the eve of the interview, “Google” the reviews of the interview with this employer, wondering how to charm the HR manager, the sooner the coveted vacancy slips away. Maybe it's time to change the approach?

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Of course, you want to be ready for an interview. But instead of going through every rhetorical (or esoteric) question in the head, which the interviewer can ask in theory, isn't it better to focus on those answers to which you already know? Mary Abbajay, author of the book Managing Up and President of the Careerstone Group, told Time, how to answer the most common questions Eycharov.

According to Abbajay, there are only 5-10 standard questions, but they can be asked in a hundred different ways. Learn to recognize exactly what is being asked of you, and use the information you have prepared in advance.

"Tell us about yourself"

It usually starts with this question, and it is not as simple as it might seem. It's not enough just to show your resume - once. Second, they definitely don't want to hear about your love life. Instead, it’s better to rehearse a story in which you combine all your experiences that led you to this interview with the answer to the question - why are you here and what you expect from your new job. Gather information about the company and the position in advance.

People who create “compelling stories” always make a better impression than those who respond with a template. Remember to associate your ultimate goal with the accomplishments that you would like to achieve in this particular company, but try not to sound unnatural, too enthusiastic, or as if you memorized your speech like an exam.

"Why did you leave your previous job?"

Easy! You want to move on and achieve more in the type of work that this very company specializes in. All. Done. Do not need anything else. Do not try to trample your previous company or boss in front of a potential employer - this is always evaluated negatively.

"What did you do in your last job?"

A good interview, like a good resume, concentrates on specifics. Think in advance of several “success stories” from the previous 2-3 jobs, stories in which you took at least some part and got measurable results. Abstract thinking won't work here. You may have increased your company's revenue, doubled your productivity, signed many contracts, and received an award. Be that as it may, make sure you are not just memorizing speech, but actually speaking.

"What is your biggest weakness?"

Yes, hiring managers do ask about it. The question is necessary in order to understand how calmly and comfortably you answer it, whether you begin to praise yourself, be embarrassed, or, on the contrary, too clearly recognize your shortcomings. And they can talk about potential problems with such an applicant in the future, say Eychary. The actual answer is not so important.

How to answer correctly? Tell about something that can be "tightened up" and easily corrected. The weakness must be named, so make sure you have one beforehand. However, do not forget that it should be minor.

"Do you have any questions for me?"

Yes, yes, and yes again! Experts agree that it is important for HR managers that applicants ask good questions themselves. It is best to ask what the employer is looking for in the candidate, what he expects from him, regardless of the list of daily duties and tasks. For example, managers like it when a potential candidate asks about the culture and values ​​of a company, about how its role will help move the entire team forward.

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