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5 stages of coronavirus: a Russian-speaking doctor from the USA spoke about the reaction of doctors to COVID-19

“Imagine you are in a movie theater. I will show you a short video, where events, passing through the prism of my brain, will be displayed on the screen. Since the prism is mine, then what is shown will be purely subjective, not claiming to be an absolute opinion, ”writes on his page on Facebook Russian-speaking doctor from the USA Mike Mirer.

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Further - from the first person.

I have long been accustomed and reconciled that everything is now being done in China. Well, it’s done and done, they are hardworking guys, ate a bowl of rice and injected, according to the apt definition of Zhvanetsky, like diesel in the Arctic.

When the news from Wuhan began to arrive in January, or rather, the news began to arrive earlier, I first suspected that it could be a serious story, but it was New Year, current affairs, and, in general, they always have pork, then bird the flu, then something else purely Chinese, and I did not bother, putting these thoughts away.

Already in early February, while walking with a dog in Miami (Florida), I was talking on the phone with Alik. Alik is my close friend, a doctor. Once, many years ago, we were preparing to take exams in the USA, where, in fact, we became friends. Alik was the smartest of us, and for 30 years I can’t remember that Alik was ever wrong. He calmly said: “You know, this story with the virus really upsets me. I read that they write about him, and all this will end very badly. See for yourself, real mortality, high infection, no treatment. "

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I responded to him, “Come on, not the first time. Before that there were SARS, MERS, and all this ended in zilch, it really didn’t reach us. ”

Alik replied that this time we would not be carried, they say you will see. Had seen!

Further events began to develop rapidly, the virus crawled into Europe, Italy blazed, followed by Spain. There were videos from China, dying people on lung ventilation apparatuses, the construction of a hospital in a week, and other amazing things that I had never seen before. Here I realized that it smells like kerosene.

And then I saw morgues, crowded morgues, chaos and panic everywhere, bought up toilet paper and total fear.

I personally experienced several stages in two and a half months:

  1. 1. Yes, all this is nonsense;
  2. Damn, what is this ?!
  3. We all kapets !;
  4. Who am I and where should I be now, so as not to turn away one day when I see myself in a mirror;
  5. Ahh, how is it? Well, nothing else, wait and see who is who.

From March to the end of April, I worked thirty-one hours of duty for 12 hours each.

Although in our hospital there was no such influx as in New York, but I went all the way - from the first infected to the last patient discharged.

I will remember forever the feeling when you put on protection for the first time and go to look at the patient, not knowing exactly what it threatens you personally.

The second time is easier, the third is all the same, the work is like that.

The most difficult thing was that there was nothing to rely on. Neither the usual textbook, nor any reliable and proven recommendations. You ask for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and there is only one answer - there is no data, approximately like in Odessa in a hardware store - there is no kerosene, and it is unknown. Today you read and do one thing, and tomorrow - the opposite. Today we give Plakvinil, tomorrow - no. Who to believe ?!

The hospital administration also surprised me. Everyone - from the director of the hospital to the head physician - turned out to be on top. They also did not have any manuals and directions. They did everything to ensure the smooth operation of the hospital from saving protective equipment, and therefore everyone had enough until they brought them up until the ban on visiting patients and checking the temperature at the entrance to the hospital for all employees. In addition, everyone working in the hospital has free parking. They supported everyone with all their might and helped as much as they could. The entire hospital management did not go anywhere and was in place all the time until it began to improve.

I really didn’t see the authorities before in such critical conditions, and I am pleased that the captain, and not the parsley, was on my “ship”.

No, it’s not for nothing that they pay him money. This opus about administration is my personal assessment of what is called first-person. At the same time, mind you, they will never read this, because they don’t read in Russian, and they don’t need it.

My son said when it all started: “Dad, until I understood two things. The first is that we are idiots. The second is that I really like to touch my face. ”

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The pandemic, like a spotlight in the dark, highlighted long overdue problems. Each country has its own characteristics, and, therefore, many things will work only there, locally, but there are common problems.

Here are just a few that I wanted to mention:

  • medical science is a global thing, where Latin has long been replaced by English. English is essential for those who study or practice medicine;
  • recommendations should be given by professionals, not clowns. This applies not only to medicine. What I saw, heard, and read in recent months makes me wonder if universal literacy is so necessary;
  • instant proliferation of information thanks to the Internet mixes right and wrong together, turning it into a foul-smelling and well-known brown substance, so most people can figure out what to believe and what not to do without expert help. You need to have special knowledge. If I ever undertake to comment on the design of the turbine, do not believe me, I understand this in nothing. The only thing that can be advised is not to trust untrusted sources, and at the same time to conspiracy theorists, you will not be mistaken;
  • the richest people cannot defend themselves against the virus. The virus does not accept cash or credit cards, it does not matter to him. If the richest people and corporations do not throw themselves in medicine, one day they themselves will find themselves in clay shards, like a raja in a cartoon about a golden antelope.

And finally, I have at least 15 dead among my friends, mostly the parents of friends. 9 of my doctor friends got sick. 6 were very seriously ill, but, fortunately, there were no dead.

This pandemic may be the last rehearsal. We have to realize what happened, draw conclusions and change priorities and the whole paradigm in general.

Just imagine, the same pandemic, only mortality - 30%. It is interesting at what minute everyone deserts, and then everyone will remain for himself, and then not for long.

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