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6 ways to prevent a dentist from fooling you

Although there are a number of good dentists, Americans sometimes have to go through terrible diagnoses to find someone they can trust. One disappointed client, after being told a diagnosis, decided to go to different dentists to confirm it. Do not believe it, in the end he visited the 50 specialists, and the results shocked him. The price of services offered by dentists ranged from $ 1197 to $ 29 850.

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In reviews in ADA News, the official publication of the American Dental Association, a children's dentist, Jeffrey Camm, highlighted a disturbing new trend in dentistry - “creative diagnosis.” Kamm recognizes that the diagnosis of caries is subjective, but dentists who “conjure” over diagnoses are trying to make a profit even on children.

To prevent dentists from profiting from your fears, you must be proactive. Ask your dentist to show you the cavity so that you can see the problems. It can be shown through a dental mirror or x-ray. Of course, there are cases with a valid problem, even if you do not feel pain. But if you doubt the diagnosis, the opinion of the second specialist does not hurt. The cost of consulting another specialist can save you much more in the long run.

The list is far from complete, but these are just some of the most common warning signs that may indicate that your dentist decided to make money on you.

Here are the 6 reasons to think twice about trusting your dentist.

1. You probably don’t need to remove and reinstall all fillings.

Often when you visit a new dentist, you hear from him that you need to redo everything, that is, change all previous fillings with new ones.

Question the qualifications of such dentists, if you are not bothered by pain. And although sometimes the seals really crack and fall apart, this does not mean that they need to be replaced all at once.

Some argue that old silver fillings need to be removed for security reasons - this is just a myth.

2. Beware of free services

There are quite a few advertising moves that offer free dentist services, but on condition that a specific deal is made. This, for example, free brushing or whitening. By sitting in a chair and checking your teeth, a dentist can bill you for a job worth $ 3 thousands for a job that you may not need.

Mindy Wayne, a Buffalo dentist, recommends doing teeth brushing and bleaching without any bargains. In this case, you only pay for what you really need. Most dentists recommend looking for a dentist on the recommendations of friends and do not rely on advertising.

3. Fluoridation of teeth and prescription toothpastes are generally useless.

Unethical dentists want to "breed" patients for all kinds of procedures and drugs. Among them, the most common are teeth fluoridation and toothpastes, which are dispensed according to a special prescription.

These types of procedures are useful for those who have many voids in the mouth - especially for children whose teeth are able to absorb fluoride. For the vast majority of adults, procedures are completely unnecessary: ​​fluoride is sufficient in drinking water and in ordinary toothpastes.

4. Night protection and sealants are often not needed.

Two other products that are used for earnings: night protection (protects your teeth from grinding) and sealants (cover the surface of the tooth and do not allow to accumulate on the fly).

Naturally, some people really need to protect their teeth at night, especially with jaw pain. But not all. A dentist may even demonstrate to you visually the evidence of grinding your teeth, although it should be remembered that during life, everyone’s teeth wear out. Of course, if this happens very quickly, then something is wrong.

Sealants are also prescribed for children who do not brush their teeth. Of course, you should not assign them to all.

5. Dental crowns - cosmetic move

Many dentists recommend installing a dental crown (artificial tooth surface), because this work is very profitable. It is important to remember that a crown in most cases is nothing more than a cosmetic choice that costs thousands of dollars. It will suit you if your teeth look terrible and you want to improve their appearance.

In addition, if the shape of the tooth is not broken, and you do not like the color - it will be cheaper to whiten than to install the crown.

To install the crown, it is best to visit an orthopedist, and not a general dentist.

6. Dental insurance may end up costing you more.

Health insurance is very important, but often unprofitable for dentists with simple procedures. For example, when examining a dental cavity by a doctor and cleaning the teeth.

“In addition, there will always be treatment, because the dentist has to do something to avoid wasting money on cleaning,” said David Zilber, a dentist in Dalas.

Unfortunately, the only way to avoid such manipulations is to visit a dentist who is independent of insurance networks. If you get free dental insurance from your employer, you can try an honest dentist for a recommendation. Otherwise, just don’t buy insurance.

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