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5 ways to quickly improve written English

Speak well in English, but when it comes to writing texts, do you long look for the right letters on the keyboard? Do you need to develop English language writing skills in a short time? I suggest 5 ways to “boost” writing skills using tools language school Skyeng, and not only.

I remind that ForumDaily and online English school Skyeng conduct joint experiment, during which I will go through a series of classes at this school and find out whether online training can help me prepare for the work of a journalist in the American media. Every week I will share with you my impressions and life-related language learning hacks. Follow my progress and learn English!

Completed the seventh week of classes. After almost two months of daily independent workouts and weekly lessons with a teacher, I write texts in English at almost the same speed as in Russian, so I decided that it was time to start writing not only for my English-language blog. How to quickly improve writing skills, I will tell below.

Impressions of the 7 lesson

I looked at the vacancies on the websites of American publications and realized that I should start to go for a paid internship in a large media company, because the intern’s salary there is little different from the income of a staff journalist in editorial offices smaller, and the intern’s job experience without Media get a lot easier.

However, there are also high requirements for interns, and first of all I need to write such a motivation letter so that the editor wants at least to look at me personally. As always, I was supported by Will, my teacher from the online school. Skyeng. He helped me to remove from the text what is not clear for Americans, to give the text a more American sound, advised how to arrange the parts of the motivational letter so that it made the greatest impression.

So, here are the 5 ways to quickly learn to write well.

1. Read newspapers before lunch and after

American newspapers, unlike Soviet ones, make sense to read at any time of the day, at least for educational purposes. Why newspapers, not books? Newspapers are more sensitive to the emergence of new words in the language and closer to everyday speech, so if you need to develop writing skills and lexicon, it is better to turn to the press. To make the process of reading online publications faster and more enjoyable, the browser extension from Skyengwhich will not only promptly prompt the translation of an unfamiliar word, but also add it to your personal dictionary, words from which you can train in the application Sword.

By the way, articles selected for each level are in the base of the school itself.

2. Maintain dating

If a new English-speaking friend has been added to you as a friend on your social network, this is an excellent reason to practice your English on it. Or have you not met any of your old acquaintances for a long time? It's time to write to him! People will be pleased that you remember them, and you will practice in a letter without fear that you will be reprimanded for mistakes.

3. Write letters, especially motivational

Often for a potential employer a motivation letter becomes more important than a resume. Why? Because similar experience and education will be at least 50% of applicants for the vacancy, and of paramount importance is how you will be able to express their achievements, skills and abilities in a cover letter.

It is worth practicing for a start by sending resume with motivation letters to companies that are not of interest to you. By their responses, you will understand whether you were able to attract attention to yourself. After about the fifth letter of motivation written, you will understand what details of your work history to include and how to convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate.

Of course, if your English is far from perfect, mistakes will spoil the whole impression, so it’s still advisable to send the letter to someone who is in this position before sending it. For example, a school teacher Skyeng. When you get a great job, it definitely pays off.

4. Blog English

It is not necessary to write lengthy arguments about life, it is enough just to regularly publish photos on Instagram or Facebook with expanded captions so that visitors to your page know whose sausages are their legs and on which beach they sunbathe. And their comments will motivate you to write more often.

5. Leave feedback

Do not skimp on the praise or claims, if any product or service did not leave you indifferent. So you will practice English and help other consumers make their choice.


I will keep you posted as my classes progress!

If you decide that it is time to tighten up English, sign up for free introductory lesson.

Additional motivation to start right now. To readers ForumDaily - FORUMDAILY promo code for two additional free lessons on the first paid training cycle.

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