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Personal experience: 5 tips for those who are thinking about emigration

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Anatoly Letaev has been living abroad for most of the time for almost a year now and shares his observations on emigration.

More and more of my friends either move to other countries, or want to do it; most of the parents of my friends and clients have sent their children to study abroad or are about to do so; some view the crossing as an “alternate airfield”; but the absolute majority live in their own country and only think or speculate about moving, or do not think about it at all ”.

And I decided to share tips on what to do and how to prepare to move.

1. Write a minimum of 15 rational reasons why you should move

In this case, it is worthwhile to write in a positive way, i.e., what I would like to receive, and not from what to escape.

For example:
- quality medicine;
- the ability to scale the business;
- safety;
- lack of winter;
- similar culture;
- high level of education, etc.

2. Choose a country to move

Criteria from the prepared list will help determine the choice. Some countries that you thought about before will definitely disappear.
Only by the criterion of a warm climate, half of Europe and Canada will be eliminated, and Thailand and the Philippines will not be suitable for security and culture ... This is how the list works, if we apply the theses of the above reasons.

3. Live in the selected country 2-3 of the month

It is necessary to choose the place where really would like to live, and not a hotel in the tourist center, because a beautiful picture does not reflect reality. Also recommend driving in non-season. For example, having visited New York three times during the cold season, I changed my mind about moving to Manhattan, although on the first visit New York struck me and such a desire arose.

4. Status

For permanent residence you need to issue a residence permit or a special type of visa in a new country.
Here are the main questions when choosing a status:
- for how long is it issued, the cost of registration and maintenance of a residence permit;
- requirements for renewal, the cost of all renewals up to obtaining permanent status;
- Does the status give the right to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in the future;
- whether the country recognizes dual citizenship;
- Does the residence permit give the right to work;
- is it possible to leave the country during registration;
- is there a requirement for permanent presence in the country;
- percentage of refusal for registration and renewal;
- which family member can receive the status.
When choosing a lawyer, ask him about the last five cases in detail and try to agree on the payment of most of the fee for the fact of work.

5. Expenses

It is worth calculating the cost of 5-7 months in advance, here are the main articles:
- rental housing (first, last month and a deposit in the amount of a monthly fee) + possibly furniture;
- products, household chemicals;
- cafes / cinema / restaurants;
- medical insurance and the cost of medical care without insurance;
- local language courses;
- transport costs (Uber, car rental or petrol / insurance if you have your own car);
- clothing, equipment;
- mobile communications and the Internet.
Add all costs, add 40% and multiply by 6-8 months. This amount will be considered more or less comfortable for the move.

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