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5 reasons to learn English online

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If you want to move to the United States and do not plan to live in Brighton, then without a language it will be difficult: you will not be able to find a good job or an American education. About the expansion of cultural horizons, too, can be forgotten. If you already speak English and consider that you have reached the limit, you will have to be upset - this language does not know the limit.

To justify yourself with the lack of time to learn a language in our time is just a shame: Internet makes it easy to choose the necessary learning process. It is also a good way out for those who, for example, have not yet mastered themselves after moving to the States, have not received the right and do not go out on their own.

If self-discipline is your strong point, then use the training sites and videos from the Internet. There are many programs for self-study online.

If learning to English alone seems to you a dreary and unpromising venture, then you need to look for something else. In any training, you need some kind of class schedule and for many it’s important to have a live communication with a teacher. In this case, suitable online school.

ForumDaily decided to conduct an experiment together with an online school of English Skyengto understand all the pros and cons of this format of training. Our author Eva Reznik will take a cycle of classes with teachers Skyeng and after each of them will share his impressions with readers ForumDaily. Eva is already fluent in English, so now she has set herself the task of learning how to write in the language of Shakespeare so that in her English-language articles it was impossible to understand that English is not her native language. Follow Eva's progress and join the training in Skyeng and leave your feedback on the classes in the comments below the articles. Further - a word to Eve, who has already passed the first lesson in Skyeng.

Why do I need this?

Although I have not experienced any problems with everyday communication in the US for a long time, I do not feel as confident when I write texts in English, but for a journalist this is a serious obstacle to finding employment in the American media. So I decided to seriously study and improve my writing skills so that my articles were not only literate, but also had an American sound.

Of course, you could go to study at a community college or attend free courses at the library, but I live in a town in New Jersey, there is nothing suitable near my house, and I do not drive a car. Getting somewhere by public transport in “one-story” America - you know, is not an option. So online learning was the most logical, convenient and modern way to improve English, so I signed up for a trial lesson in Skyeng.

5 reasons why I like to study English in an online school:

  1. Convenience

As I said above, the fact that you don't have to go anywhere to get another portion of knowledge is a huge plus for me. Skyeng conducts classes on his own video platform, so you do not need to spend time on the road. For example, when in Russia I was engaged in a language school, I was terribly tired of traveling to the other end of the city after work, and this deprived me of the motivation to study.

  1. Individual approach

Classes at school are individual, all the time of the teacher is devoted only to working with one student, moreover, it is aimed at achieving his personal goals: entering the university, passing an interview, and in my case - improving the skills of writing texts in English. In my opinion, group lessons at a level above the beginner do more harm than good: you get bored when all the vocabulary and grammar are familiar, and uncomfortable when you don't know too much. And worst of all, there is a risk of starting to repeat other people's mistakes.

  1. Positive experience in the past

To be honest, even before this experiment, I already knew about school. Skyeng and has long been subscribed to their free newsletter. Their letters have always been devoted to some topical issues: the release of a new film, elections, the start of sales of a new iPhone, so that on occasion it was possible to flash before acquaintances with one’s awareness. At the trial lesson I learned that this is only one of the many school newsletters. When I was told about everything, I signed up for several more: for example, in business English. And they are also free. And not only for students of the school, but for everyone! I advise.

I also already knew about the webinars of this school - I used them when I was considering going to an American university and preparing for job interviews. These webinars (also free) discuss topics ranging from the rules of business correspondence in the United States to common slang. By the way, before arriving in the United States, I did not understand why I should learn American jargon. But when I waited an hour for the bus at the train station in Trenton late in the evening, I acutely realized that I would rather know what the suspicious guys gathered around were talking about.

  1. Pleasant teachers

On webinars, I noticed that teachers in Skyeng - not strict teachers, ready to punish for ignorance of the third form of some irregular verb, but lovely and enthusiastic people, moreover, fans of the language.

You can ask the administrator to find you a teacher with a certain professional experience. For example, I would not have approached a teacher without the experience of living abroad, so the main condition was just that. If your goal is business English, then a tutor with an economic education will not interfere. Administrators always ask your wishes for the teacher.

  1. Additional features

In addition to paid classes with a teacher, Skyeng provides the opportunity to free and unlimitedly “pump up” different skills with the help of materials and training on your video platform. Here you can take tests on the knowledge of grammar, and then eliminate the identified gaps in knowledge with the help of exercises. You can watch videos with English subtitles and add unfamiliar words to your dictionary. By the way, it is synchronized with the application Sword, allowing to train knowledge of words with the help of interval repetition, contributing to long-term memorization. By the way, the school has another mobile application - Listening, for training speech perception by ear. Free on any day of the week, you can visit a conversational club - also via Skype.

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First impressions

During a trial lesson, the methodologist estimated my current knowledge, identifying what problems I had, and I said that I wanted to write large complex English texts competently and at the same time so that they were in the spirit of American journalists, and not tracing from the Russian version . According to the methodologist, in order to achieve the level to which I aspire, with my level of English, I will need half a year of hard work. At the end of the lesson, I was asked to do my homework, which I did directly in my account on the site. Skyeng. The system checks it for errors itself, so the teacher does not have to spend on this lesson time.

A few days later I had already takenThe first lesson with a teacher. Elena turned out to be a girl of my age with an economic education, extensive work experience in America and a calm character. We met, discussed the goals that I set for myself, and outlined a plan to achieve them.

For example, in order to practice more writing skills and more quickly create texts in English, I decided to start a blog and publish several posts a week in it. I already wrote the first text in English for the lesson, and we, together with Elena, took it apart. She said how to make the text more American: some words can be replaced with phrasal verbs, a few synonyms will look more appropriate, and in some places it was necessary to abbreviate.

I will keep you updated on how my studies are progressing!

If you decide that it is time to tighten up English, sign up for free introductory lesson.

Additional motivation to start right now. To readers Forum Daily - FORUMDAILY promo code for two additional free lessons on the first paid training cycle.

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