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Five good habits that can extend life by decades

Do you want to extend your life by more than ten years? A new study says you can do this if you develop 5 good habits: don't smoke, maintain a correct body mass index, do moderately vigorous exercise, don't drink too much alcohol, eat a healthy diet. CNN.

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If you start following these healthy habits at the age of 50, you can extend life by 14 years for women and 12,2 years for men. Such data are cited by scientists in a study published in the journal Circulation. These habits reduce the risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 610 people die from cardiovascular disease in the United States each year, or about one in four deaths. In addition, approximately the same number of Americans die from cancer each year.

“These are some of the leading causes of premature death, so preventing or reducing the risk of disease contributes to longevity. We can improve our quality of life by making these minimal changes, but only 8% of American adults adhere to these principles, ”said Dr. Meir Stampfer, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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Globally, the United States is ranked 43rd in the Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook life expectancy ranking with an average life expectancy of 80 years. Higher life expectancy in Monaco - 89,4 years, Japan - 85,3 years and Singapore - 85,2 years. The lowest life expectancy is in Chad - 50,6 years, Guinea-Bissau - 51, Afghanistan - 51,7 years.

As part of the study, scientists analyzed the relationship between the above good habits and premature death. The data were taken from 1980 to 2014, 122 thousand people took part in the study. They concluded that in 2014, people aged 50 who followed all 5 habits had 43,1 extra years for women and 37,6 for men. For adults who did not adhere to the habits, life expectancy was only 29 extra years for women, and 25,5 for men.

Among women aged 50, adherence to 5 healthy habits led to a 30,8% decrease in the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, 21,2% from cancer and 48% from other causes. For men, these percentages were distributed 34,1%, 22,8% and 43,1%, respectively.

The conclusions reached by the scientists in the study should motivate people to agree to change their lives and lead a healthier lifestyle. Although the study showed that adherence to all 5 healthy habits prolongs life, doctors note that adherence to even some of these principles significantly reduces the risk of premature death.

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