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5 phrases that cannot be pronounced at the interview

Try not to use these phrases during the interview, so as not to deprive yourself of the chances of a successful job placement.

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“My current company is terrible”

Your boss can be a real monster, and your office can be in a terrible industrial area. But if you want to get a good job, in no case do not complain about the interview - this will only harm your chances to get away from those unbearable conditions. No one will want to listen to negative or groans about how you feel bad. Try to turn your reviews into positive ones: better tell us about the experience of overcoming difficulties, writes Asia One.

“Can we reschedule today's meeting?”

Each person’s time is valuable - not only yours. Therefore, if there is no real force majeure situation, by all means avoid the request to change the time appointed for the interview. Last-minute changes not only show a lack of dedication, but also give the impression of disinterest in a job or company. Tardiness belongs to the same place, therefore, if you understand that you do not have time to meet, immediately write a message or letter with explanations and apologies.

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“If I do not receive an answer before Friday, I will accept another offer”

Of course, waiting for a response from a company can be extremely tedious. And yet: an attempt to deliver an ultimatum in a passive-aggressive form will never work. If you choose between two companies and you need to make a decision, write an email. Explain in simple words that that company is preferable for you, but you will really appreciate the prompt response, if possible.

“I can start anytime, but I have a vacation soon”

Yes, you cannot choose when you will be invited for an interview. But the employer is not ready to hear that the candidate is going on vacation right after he starts new duties. This may lead him to a decision not in your favor. Think about whether you can postpone your vacation to another time. If you are determined to go on vacation, then this may not be the best time to look for work.

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“I wanted a higher position, but so far this one will suit”

If you were invited for an interview, then most likely because the recruiter considered you a suitable candidate for this vacancy and company. Of course, everyone wants career development. The recruiter also expects to see the applicant energetic and purposeful. But no one wants to think that the candidate sees his role only as a pit stop. Why is the company an employee who decided to take a temporary respite? Such an applicant will hasten to quit if he is not offered a promotion. Or he will find something more suitable.

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