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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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5 free sites to memorize English words

How to learn new English words without cramming and boring exercises? Edition Englex pointed out several interesting sites for memorizing English words on which you can expand your vocabulary for free and even ... help those in need without spending a dime from personal funds.

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Interesting resource - a site for learners of English, which contains hundreds of colorful visual collections of flash-maps that will be understandable even to beginners. The section for learning new words can be found as follows. link. In addition, there are a variety of tests for learners of English. Beginners will be interested in vocabulary tests, which are also presented in the form of colorful flash cards. For higher levels, the site has exercises for searching for synonyms and antonyms for words, testing knowledge of all forms of irregular verbs, as well as testing vocabulary for those who are preparing to take exams. At this simple and beautiful resource, you can work not only with the vocabulary, but also at the same time improve grammar, listening, speaking and reading. All skills need to be developed simultaneously, and you can do it on one site.


pay attention to - a site for learning English words, extremely easy to use, but no less interesting from this. In subsection First words words for levels Beginner и Elementary broken down by topic. Most of the exercises presented in the form of a visual dictionary. The plus is that you are not given a translation into Russian, so an association will arise in your memory: a certain picture is associated with a word in English. Many linguists believe that this way of learning vocabulary is the most productive, because in this case you give up the habit of mentally translating the word into Russian from English: a certain image will be clearly associated with a specific word.

In addition to visual exercises, you will find equally interesting developmental tasks for searching for synonyms and antonyms to the word, as well as tasks-questions that test your knowledge of the vocabulary of a particular subject. There are also exercises on the use of prepositions, on the breakdown of words into various categories, filling in the missing words in dialogues, eliminating unnecessary words from a group of concepts, etc. All tasks are fascinating, diverse, presented simply and clearly.

Subsection Harder words intended for level Pre-Intermediate and higher. Here the tasks are no less diverse and interesting. There is a visual dictionary and the choice of the right word in the sentences. In addition, here you will find an unusual task of finding errors when replacing one word with another, similar in sound (the phenomenon is called Malapropism).

In both subsections there are special exercises aimed at practicing vocabulary. They give you 15-20 words to learn and 15 various tasks designed to work out these words. We advise you not to complete all 15 exercises in one sitting: “stretch” them for three days on 5 tasks. Thus, during this time you will thoroughly fix the new vocabulary in memory.

In addition to these sections, on the website you will find exercises for the study of phrasal verbs, idioms and proverbs, a variety of grammar tests and educational articles for learners of English.


Do you think that the study of words on the cards - the last century? Online You can find flash cards in electronic form and learn English words online: progressively and conveniently. You are offered three stages of learning new words:

  • At first you just look at the words and try to remember them by associating with the picture.
  • Then they show you a picture for a while, and you try to remember the word.
  • At the third stage, you test your knowledge: write a word next to the picture in English.

Exercise is quite simple, but for beginners, this is exactly what you need.

On the same site in the Mistakes section, you can work on exercises with words that are often confused in English, for example, any and some, borrow and lend, etc. On the Word Games page, you will find various games for vocabulary expansion and development: crosswords, memory games (games for training memory), an unusual sea battle, etc.

In general, the resource is simple even for beginners, the graphics are somewhat outdated, but you will not be distracted by beautiful pictures with cats while working with the dictionary.


Not such a colorful resource as the previous ones quite useful for learning English. It contains several sections for learning the most used words, as well as sections with spoken phrases where you can learn new words in context. The site will suit even beginners: you need to mark Russian in the list of languages, then you will see instructions in your native language and translations of words and phrases. "Continuing" you can try to deal with the English version of the site. In this case, the meaning of unfamiliar words can be found in the English-English dictionary, just click on the word you need to get help.

On the site you will find a section of 1500. Most Common English Words and Vocabulary. It will help you to expand lexical inventory. All words are voiced by speakers, teach them and repeat after the speaker.

After that, go to the 1000 Most Common English Phrases section. Here you can learn new words in context. All phrases are voiced by native speakers, and the recordings are presented in two versions: at normal speed and in slow motion. You can sort them by subject, for example, if you are preparing for a trip, select the phrases of the desired subject and study them.

Then go to the 100 Free Lessons section. It is presented in the form of short dialogues of various subjects. You can take phrases from there and memorize them: they will definitely be useful to you in the future. Dialogues are also recorded in the normal and slow modes: listen and repeat. Each phrase can be listened to separately and try to pronounce it the same as the announcer.


The most unusual of all resources Just say, it will not work for beginners, but from the Pre-Intermediate level you can try to practice it. Here you are given only one exercise: you must specify what a particular word means, while offering four answers. That is, in fact, you need to find a synonym for the word.

What is the "trick" of this game? All the salt is in the so-called "reward". For each correct answer, you "earn" 10 grains of rice. At the end of the game, the sponsors of the site recalculate the amount of grains earned in cash and transfer this amount of funds to the account of the World Food Program, the largest organization providing humanitarian aid to the hungry (usually African countries). The motto of the site is “Play and feed hungry people” - “Play and feed hungry people”.

We’ll reveal all the cards at once: according to the calculations of foreign experts, the approximate amount of money you can earn for starving for 10 minutes of the game is equal to only ... 3 cents. Yes, not much, but if millions of people will play like this?

Summing up, we can say that this is not the best resource for charity, but you can combine the pleasant and the useful: practice vocabulary and help the needy a little.


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