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40 states and territories will get money to fight the Zika virus



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) system is committing more than $ 16 million to forty states and territories to combat the effects of the Zika virus. These funds will be channeled to local health departments to establish information-gathering systems that, in turn, will enable the rapid identification of health problems caused by the virus on the ground. It is mainly about microcephaly, a serious brain defect that affects newborn babies.

As reported in press releaseThe CDC, released today, will help states and territories provide medical and other services to newborns and their families, as well as monitor the health and development of children affected by the Zika virus.

The eve of Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that the number of people infected with Zika virus in the state increased to 14 people. Immediately thereafter, the CDC dispatched a task force to Florida, and also warned pregnant women and their partners about the undesirability of visiting the area in Miami, where all reported cases of infection were detected.

View the list of states and territories to which financial aid was sent, available on CDC website

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