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40 Air Travel secrets from experienced travelers

A trip to the airport is often stressful — long lines, extra baggage fees, delayed flights, and so on. Go banking rates compiled a list of secrets to help you save time and money when you next visit the airport.

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1. Get a credit card rewards
If you often fly a certain airline, then order a special credit card. Usually such cards come with generous registration bonuses and other benefits.

2. Register for the rewards program
If you do not fly often, you can apply for a subscription rewards program from airlines. After several flights, you can accumulate enough miles and points to get nice bonuses.

3. Take advantage of airport lounges
If you have accumulated a sufficient number of benefits, you can spend them on additional amenities, for example, use the comfortable halls in the airport building.

4. Fly off season
In the off season you can save on the cost of tickets. Before planning a trip, check which dates are considered a “low season” for a particular country.

5. Fly tuesday or wednesday
If you want to get a ticket at the best price, then pay attention to on Tuesday or Wednesday. Usually these days a week you can find cheap tickets. The most expensive tickets are sold for the weekend.

6. Clear your cache before booking
Browsers usually remember the search history, and some ticket booking sites track your online activity and may increase the cost of tickets depending on demand. Therefore, before booking tickets, clear the cache and cookies.

7. Interfere with and compare flights
Check all available options. Sometimes it may happen that one airline has a profitable offer in one direction, and the other in the opposite direction. Compare different airlines and ticket prices before making a purchase.

8. Track airlines on social networks
Sometimes airlines leave promotional codes or special offers on their pages on social networks.

9. Download your airline's application
The airline app is a convenient way to store tickets, check for updates and information about flight delays or cancellations. In addition, having a mobile boarding pass can help you save time at the airport.

10. Early Check In
Many airlines allow early check in. This service will save time spent in line at the airport.

11. Use the MyTSA app
The MyTSA app contains all the latest travel information, including delays or cancellations.

12. Check flight status
Before leaving for the airport, check the flight status online. Sometimes there are delays in the flight, and instead of waiting in the terminal, you can find out about it in advance and leave the house a few hours later.

13. Find your airport code
Check your airport code before you go there. In many cities there are several airports, and you should check that the tags on the baggage match the name of the airport you are flying to.

14. Consider traffic
During the day, the number of travelers varies. Consider airport traffic and traffic density.

15. Take with you only the essentials.
Those who fly frequently know that traveling light is always more profitable, as it saves time and money at the airport. You do not have to overpay for baggage or wait for his arrival in the queue.

16. Check your bags
Pack only the most necessary and in accordance with the rules of the airline. Competently folded hand luggage will help to avoid unnecessary checks and save you time when passing through the inspection.

17. Wear everything you can
If you do not want to overpay for luggage, then think about putting on some of the things. Some travelers put on jackets in their pockets, shove some of their luggage. And the company Jaktogo, for example, has developed a jacket that turns into a bag, which can be useful when traveling.

18. Do not wrap gifts
If you are carrying gifts, think carefully before you pack them in gift paper. The search may require unpacking convolutions.

19. Make your luggage unique
On the luggage tape a lot of the same type of suitcases. In order to know your luggage for sure, think of something that will set it apart from the crowd. This will save you time and protect against the risk of confusing suitcases.

20. Four wheels are better than two
Four-wheeled suitcases are more convenient and reliable during transportation.

21. Use Global Entry and TSA PreCheck
To avoid long queues and waiting at airport screening, use the Global Entry (100 dollars) and TSA PreCheck (85 dollars). Membership in these programs allows for faster inspections.

22. Do not wear jewelry
When you are checked at the airport, you may be asked to remove jewelry or leave them. Therefore, it is better not to wear jewelry that may cause problems when communicating with airport security.

23. Footwear
You can ask for your life and wear comfortable shoes that can be easily removed. It will save you time and effort when passing through a search at the airport.

24. Keep your laptop ready
Many airports are asked to get all electronic equipment. So try to make sure that you can get your gadgets in a short time.

25. Pack your toiletries
Note that many airports have specific rules for toiletries. So buy special travel containers and make sure your toiletries are packed according to the rules.

26. Take a spare plastic bag
Take with you a special plastic bag that can be sealed.

27. Pack an empty bottle
Instead of throwing out the water during a search or buying it at the airport, take an empty bottle with you that you can fill with water from a special drinking fountain that many airports usually have.

28. Freeze liquids
You can carry aboard more than normal fluid if it is frozen during the inspection.

29. Spend money to save
Check your tax laws before you travel. In some places, you can return money for purchases.

30. Do not miss Starbucks Line
Occasionally, Starbucks offers free coffee for certain airline travelers.

31. Free wifi
To kill time while waiting for a flight, you can spend it in your phone. Check in advance to the airport site to find out if it has free Wi-Fi.

32. Take a portable charger
A smartphone is an indispensable thing when traveling. It contains boarding passes, timetable, route map. Make sure it is always charged and take a portable charger with you when you travel.

33. Give up your seat
Sometimes there are situations when the planes are full. And if you are not in a hurry, you can voluntarily give up your place. Often airlines offer generous vouchers for such volunteers.

34. Choose a seat at the aisle
Often in the cabin is cold. The most comfortable temperature places are located at the aisle.

35. Take with you an extra jacket
Take a jacket with you. It can save you if the plane is cold.

36. Bring food
Meals on board sometimes leaves much to be desired. Think about taking your food on board, but before that read the safety rules.

37. Take the disinfectant
Aircraft can be hotbeds for germs. Do not forget to bring wet wipes or other disinfectants to protect yourself.

38. Bring your headphones with you.
Many airlines offer free in-flight entertainment, but not all provide passengers with headphones.

39. Make copies of important documents.
No one is immune from force majeure, so be sure to make copies of important documents, including air tickets, passport, hotel reservations and travel route.

40. Plan ahead
The sooner you plan your trip, the less money you spend. The sooner you leave the airport, the more comfortable your journey will be. Also, do not forget to check the schedule of transport and the weather in your places of destination, and do not forget to print important documents.

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