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4 bargain August purchases and 3 things not worth buying

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Each month of the year is distinguished by certain features on the market, when the purchase of certain things is profitable, and there are goods whose acquisition is better to be postponed.

Edition Time collected a list of four things worth buying in August 2016, and also picked up three things, the purchase of which is better to postpone to autumn or spring.

Best shopping in August

1. School supplies

August is the month of sales for school supplies, in many states in August they even abolished the tax on the sale of school supplies, which will further reduce prices. Please note that prices for these items will be constantly decreasing, so you can get the best deals towards the end of the month.

2. Summer clothes

In August, the prices for shorts and T-shirts are the lowest of the year, in addition, these clothes can still be worn for several weeks. Towards the end of the month there will be discounts on jeans. But here it should be borne in mind that the choice of these goods will be rather poor, because in August stores do not buy new batches of summer clothes.

3. Bed linen and bedding

Not only schoolchildren, but students also return to school in September, so in August there are also sales of goods for dormitories: bed linen, towels and other bath accessories. They can be bought with good discounts.

4. Laptops

At the end of the summer, many new notebook models come out, so companies are trying to sell off old ones cheaply. Good models for work and study can be found for $ 350-500.



Things you should not buy in August

1. Smartphones and tablets

Unlike computers, new models of popular smartphones and tablets usually come out in September-November, so discounts on old models will be closer to this period.

2. Autumn clothes

If you can wait before renewing your autumn wardrobe, then wait until spring, when you can buy autumn items at a significant discount.

3. TVs

TVs are best purchased on “Black Friday” (this year sales will be held on November 25-27), in addition, usually the lowest prices for them are observed in November, so it's better to wait a few more months and save.

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