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4 main features to consider while choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan

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For those who are eligible for Medicare plans. The coverage will begin January 7, 1. People can only plan for aEP or during specific lifetime events, such as when they turn 2018.

Consider the following four features while choosing Medicare plans:

1. Price

Medicare Advantage plan can vary, based on needs and income. Create a “health care budget” that you’ll find out.

— Key questions:

— What is the plan's monthly premium?

— Is there a deductible you must meet first before coverage begins?

Are there copays for doctor or specialist visits?

2. Products

In the case of health care needs. Sometimes, it’s not necessarily be the best.

Key questions:

— Is there dental or vision coverage?

— Can members receive help managing their chronic conditions?

— Are in-home services or care covered?

3. Providers

You shouldn’t help. See here for doctors within a provider network. If you have any plans, then these plans usually cost more.

Key questions:

— Are the preferred doctors “in network”?

— If the primary care provider is in network but specialists are not, is it possible to still get specialist visits covered by referral?

— How close to home are the nearest in-network doctors?

4. Prescription Drugs

It's important to know which medications are covered. Make a list of your medications, then check the Medicare prescription drug formularies of the plans being considered. A formulary is a list of medications covered by a health plan.

Key questions:

— Which prescriptions do you need?

— Will the Medicare plan cover these prescriptions, or will they cost more?

— If any medications are not covered, is there an acceptable alternative in the formulary?

You can apply for Medicare Advantage Plan through Fidelis Care. Fidelis Care's Licensed Sales Representatives are ready to provide more information and answer all questions. They are available to meet with in the comfort of your own home or at one of their many community offices. To schedule an appointment or for more information, you can call 1-800-860-8707 (TTY: 1-800-695-8544) or visit the site fideliscare.org/medicare.

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