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4 quarantine medical advice online services available

During the coronavirus pandemic, the thought of seeing a doctor can be overwhelming and downright dangerous. The waiting room is the perfect place to catch an infection or infect others. In addition, in the face of medical scarcity and lack of equipment, avoiding clinics, emergency rooms and doctor's offices can save precious resources for those who need them most. The Penny Hoarder.

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Of course, this does not mean that you will not need medical attention during quarantine. There are several excellent telemedicine services that offer comprehensive online services at affordable prices - even for uninsured patients.

It is important to know that none of these telemedicine platforms conduct testing for coronavirus. However, they can help you solve another problem.


Amwell offers consultations to a wide range of medical professionals, including general practitioners, medical specialists and mental health experts, who you can contact 24/7. You can access services such as nutrition, pediatrics, and breastfeeding support, and even talk to a licensed psychiatrist.

The cost varies depending on what services you need, and starts at $ 69 for a doctor’s consultation as a matter of urgency. The cost may be less if you have an appropriate insurance plan and you can access medical care through a web browser or smartphone application that is available for devices Android и Apple.


Teladoc Is another telemedicine platform that offers anytime access via phone, video, or app for consultation with doctors and mental health professionals.

Although your expenses may be reduced if you have adequate insurance, uninsured patients will pay the following amounts for common services:

  • Daily Escort: $ 49
  • Dermatology: $ 75
  • Licensed Psychotherapist: $ 90
  • Psychiatrist: $ 229 for initial consultation and $ 99 for systematic consultation

Teladoc also has useful resources and answers to frequently asked questions about coronavirus.

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Doctor on demand

Company Doctor on demandFounded in 2012, is one of the pioneers in telemedicine. She offers consultations with general practitioners, as well as licensed therapists and psychiatrists.

Although lower prices may be available for patients with insurance, self-paid patients benefit from transparent prices and can rely on these amounts:

  • $ 75 for a 15-minute general practitioner consultation
  • $ 129 for a 25-minute psychologist consultation
  • $ 179 for a 50-minute psychologist consultation
  • $ 229 for a 45-minute psychiatrist consultation
  • $ 129 for a 15-minute follow-up psychiatrist

Doctor on Demand also created a useful COVID-19 Resource Center.


In the service MDLive There are medical consultations 24 hours a day, although a pandemic has to wait longer than the standard time. The company offers emergency medical care, as well as consultations with dermatologists, general practitioners, psychiatrists and pediatricians.

MDLive does not publish information on emergency medical care costs because the exact cost will depend on your insurance, but a dermatologist will cost $ 65 or less, a GP consultation $ 99 or less, and a psychiatrist $ 259 or less, depending on your insurance. cover.

In addition to using telemedicine platforms, you can arrange with your doctor about distance options for interaction. Many specialists and general practitioners are starting to offer telephone and video consultations during quarantine, although the cost may vary, especially if you are not insured and visit a private clinic.

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