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Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

3 ways to have fun learning English at Skyeng School

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Want to have perfect English, but the idea of ​​cramming is disgusting to you? Well, you have outdated ideas about language learning techniques. In a language school Skyeng have done everything to turn this process into an exciting game. Today I will demonstrate this to you.

I remind that ForumDaily and online English school Skyeng conduct joint experiment, during which I will go through a series of classes at this school and find out whether online training can help me prepare for the work of a journalist in the American media. Every week I will share with you my impressions and life-related language learning hacks. Follow my progress and learn English!

So, 6 weeks have passed. By the current moment, I began to write in English quickly and practically without mistakes, understand speech well and understand the subtle differences between British grammar and American grammar.

Impressions of the 6 lesson

In the sixth week of training, I was somewhat bored. First, fatigue affected. I spent an hour or two in English every day, not only communicating with the teacher and doing voluminous homework, but also studying outside Skyeng: I mostly wrote for my blog and read newspapers and magazines. Secondly, as in the process of reading and writing texts, I, using the browser extension from Skyeng, added many new words to the dictionary, more than a hundred of them accumulated in a few weeks, and they had to be learned, and the need to memorize a lot always causes internal resistance. Third, the lessons were already going well, they became familiar and did not cause any special emotions.

Then I decided that it was worth a little to diversify the learning process, and instead of traditional reading I started watching videos on the channel Skyeng on Youtube, listen to songs and watch videos on the school's interactive platform. Today I will tell you about these free features.

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So, here's a 3 way to have fun while studying English at Skyeng School

1. Learn English in Youtube

In the selection of videos from Skyeng on Youtube You can find a variety of materials - popular phrases for communication, analysis of songs and films, phrases from favorite TV series and much more.

I prefer videos in which the use of phrasal verbs is considered on the example of situations from serials. This helps me to understand not only the meaning of the phrasal verb, but also its emotional coloring, relevance in different cases and compatibility with other words. At the same time, I’ll find out which strangers I don’t like and which I don’t like.

2. Listen and sing along

On the interactive school platform Skyeng There is an opportunity to watch clips and monitor the understanding of the text of songs, performing tasks. The first task is to write the missing words by ear. Honestly, with a song it turned out to be even harder than with the traditional dictation from my homework, but much more fun. The second task is to assume what some phrases from the song mean, where the words are used in a figurative sense. The third is to match the phrasal verbs from the song with their meaning. The fourth task - to answer questions on the text of the song. Fifth - to tell what you remember.

By the way, listening to songs and singing along is the best way to learn the correct pronunciation.

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3. Watch your favorite shows

Base video platform Skyeng constantly updated with new videos - fragments of talk shows, comic shows, advice from business gurus, materials on self-improvement, etc.

I usually watch evening shows with my favorite actors. This is a great way to simultaneously improve English and learn something new about the personal life of stars. Alas, girls, Keith Harrington is busy.


I will keep you posted as my classes progress!

If you decide that it is time to tighten up English, sign up for free introductory lesson.

Additional motivation to start right now. To readers ForumDaily - FORUMDAILY promo code for two additional free lessons on the first paid training cycle.

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