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Online shopping loved by Americans during the pandemic

Due to the coronavirus, we increasingly shop from home. Consumers say these stores are best at meeting customer needs online. MoneyTalksNews.

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Even if online shopping was not your favorite pastime in the past, chances are good that you are used to shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, Americans are relying more than ever on the convenience and now security of online shopping.

Three online stores have become leaders in customer service quality: Costco, Etsy and Nordstrom.

These are the only companies to achieve an average score of at least 80 in the latest American Online Shopping Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) rankings. These ratings are based on interviews with over 30 clients, collected from April to September.

In fact, the news for online stores in general is not very good. Retailers' customer satisfaction scores plummeted 4,9% over this six-month period compared to 2019. No online retailer raised its rating during the pandemic.

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Some of the nation's largest retailers - Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Macy's, Staples and Target - scored a mediocre 77, the industry average for online retailers.

Listed below are the online stores included in the latest ACSI report and their score on a scale from 0 to 100:

  • Costco: 80
  • Etsy: 80
  • Nordstrom: 80
  • Kohl's: 79
  • Newegg: 79
  • HP Store: 78
  • Nike: 78
  • Amazon: 77
  • Best Buy: 77
  • eBay: 77
  • Macy's: 77
  • Staples: 77
  • Target: 77
  • Home Depot: 76
  • Apple: 75
  • Dell: 75
  • GameStop: 75
  • Gap: 75
  • Groupon Goods: 75
  • Lowe's: 75
  • Overstock: 75
  • Walgreens: 75
  • Wayfair: 75
  • Walmart: 73
  • Sears: 72

According to ACSI, the decline in retailers' ratings indicates a "widespread decline in customer experience." The organization believes Amazon's 7% drop in rankings since 2019 deserves special attention.

“The biggest cuts in online giant Amazon were in inventory, navigation, variety, shipping and customer support. In comparison, Etsy has significantly improved customer support, while Sears, with the lowest overall score, has had significant shipping success, ”ACSI said.

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