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Skyeng 3 tool for training the perception of English speaking by ear

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It is critical for members of a number of professions to understand what their English-speaking clients or partners are saying - and not in general terms, but literally. And this skill can be developed using special methods that the school offers its students Skyeng.

I remind that ForumDaily and online English school Skyeng conduct joint experiment, during which I will go through a series of classes at this school and find out whether online training can help me prepare for the work of a journalist in the American media. Every week I will share with you my impressions and life-related language learning hacks. Follow my progress and learn English!

Last week I decided to focus on listening to English. For this, I tried to talk more with the teacher in our fourth lesson, visited a conversational club and practiced using a mobile application Listening.

Impressions from the fourth week of training

After a month of classes, it became clear that I could write texts in English well and quickly, and minor tweaks are easily fixed by installing an extension in the browser that automatically checks text for grammatical errors.

In addition, my teacher Elena said that with my high level of knowledge and rich vocabulary it is worth going to an English-language tutor, since only a native speaker can help me to make a written speech even better and “more natural” from the point of view of the American reader. Therefore, from next week I will start studying with an American teacher.

At the same time, I thought about another problem related to the knowledge of the language, which can have the most negative impact on my career as a journalist - listening comprehension. When communicating with well-known people, you get used to their voice and easily catch what they are saying. When talking with people on the street, when you cannot make out every word, it is not scary, it is enough to understand the general meaning of the phrases. But when you take a commentary for an article, the speaker is unfamiliar to you, but it is critically important to record his speech verbatim - a mistake can be costly.

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Therefore, it was no less important for me to train my hearing than to improve my writing skills. I do this in three ways.

So, 3 tool from Skyeng for training the perception of English speaking by ear.

1. Mobile app Listening

This application is designed specifically to train the understanding of speech by ear. It includes a collection of various audio recordings for any level of language proficiency, of different lengths and on a wide variety of topics - from business to humor.

First, you listen to the selected track, and then you answer questions that make it clear that you have captured all the details correctly. By the way, to take advantage of this free training, it is not necessary to study at school. Skyeng.

2. Conversation Club

Free on any day from Tuesday to Saturday, registered students of the school can use Skype to attend a speaking club. Each day, the topics are different, and at the same time, each of them is focused on a certain level of knowledge, and the words necessary for a class are laid out in advance on the site.

Last week was Halloween, and on Tuesday the themes for all levels were somehow connected with the traditions of this holiday, legends, ghosts, etc.

In the classroom of a conversational club, you can not only practice your hearing, but also “pump over” communication skills by communicating with other students in a close circle (at the same time, a maximum of 6 people are allowed).

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3. Exercise "dictation"

This exercise is part of my homework. First, I listen to a two-minute audio recording, and then I listen to each sentence individually to record it word for word.

Of course, for me this is the most difficult task, because, as you know, in English, “Manchester” is pronounced, and “Liverpool” is written. However, my results are gradually improving.

I will keep you posted as my classes progress!

If you decide that it is time to tighten up English, sign up for free introductory lesson.

Additional motivation to start right now. To readers ForumDaily - FORUMDAILY promo code for two additional free lessons on the first paid training cycle.

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