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25 the happiest cities in the USA

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American scientists have estimated the level of happiness in the United States. The researchers took into account 15 various indicators, including financial security, availability of medicine, healthy food, level of civic engagement, and time spent on vacation.

Scientists also conducted surveys of almost 250 000 people in 190 metropolitan areas across the United States and made a list of 25 of the happiest American cities, it was published Time-out.

Top 25 of the happiest cities in the USA:

1. Boulder, Colorado

2. Santa Cruz - Watsonville, California

3. Charlottesville, VA

4. Fort Collins, Colorado

5. San Luis Obispo, California

6. San Jose, California

7. Provo, UT

8. Bridgeport - Stamford - Norwalk, Colorado

9. Barnstable Town, Massachusetts

10. Anchorage, Alaska

11. Naples - Immokale - Marco Island, Florida

12. Santa Maria - Santa Barbara, California

13. Salinas, CA

14. North Port - Sarasota - Bradenton, Florida

15. Honolulu, Hawaii

16. Ann Arbor, MI

17. San Francisco - Oakland - Hayward, California

18. Colorado Springs, CO

19. Manchester - Nashua, New Hampshire

20. Oxnard - Southend Oaks - Ventura, California

21. Washington - Arlington - Alexandria, DC / Virginia

22. Minneapolis - Saint Paul - Bloomington, Minnesota / Wisconsin

23.San Diego - Carlsbad, California

24. Portland, Man

25. Austin, Texas.

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