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25 professions that may soon disappear due to automation

John Pugliano, author of Robots Coming: A Guide to Human Survival for Profit in the Age of Automation, highlighted the many professions that automation will threaten. The publication told about them Work and money.

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“As a result, any routine work that can be easily done with a mathematical or logical equation will be at risk,” Pugliano wrote. "There will be opportunities for those who can create new products / services or solve / fix unexpected problems."

Thus, an accountant may not have a job in the future, but plastic surgeons and emergency room doctors will make good money. And plumbers, as Pugliano said, will always find work.

Pugliano and other experts have highlighted a list of professions that are likely to disappear completely in the future.

Travel agent
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 40 660

Online travel booking sites make everyone their own personal travel agent these days. BLS (Basic Life Support) predicts that the number of travel agents will decline by 12% over the next 10 years.

But travel agencies may not disappear entirely. According to Skift, a global provider of travel information, "the benefits agents can bring to travel will be difficult to fully offset through automation."

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The Professional Perspectives Guide predicts a growing need for people who are experts in specific destinations or specific types of travelers. This can be business, luxury, study abroad, or travelers over 55.

Mortgage Brokers
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 55- $ 000

The number of traditional mortgage brokers fell by 80% during the Great Recession, and the average wages of those who were able to keep their jobs fell by 30%.

According to Timothy G. Widman, a retired professor of management and human resources at Doane University in Nebraska, the profession has never recovered due to online brokers such as Rocket Mortgage and Guaranteed Rate, which provide fast online quotes.

Add to that millennials, the homebuyers of the future who have grown up doing everything online, and the outlook for mortgage brokers looks bleak at best.

“However, many of the numeric and financial skills that people who might be interested in this profession have can be used in other areas of the financial services industry,” said Widman. "So, having received different professional skills, these people will not go hungry."

  • Average salary in 2020 (accountants and auditors): $ 41 230

Artificial intelligence is also to blame for the decline of the accounting profession, says Dmitry Arshinov of DMA Financial Management LLC in New York. Sites like QuickBooks Online and Receipt Bank can automatically download your bank account information and prepare a simple 1040 form.

Arshinov believes that taking into account the constant improvement of technologies, accounting will be eliminated within ten years and replaced by automated technologies.

BLS predicts a decrease in the number of accountants and auditors by just 1 percent from 2016 to 2026, but adds that "technological change and automation is expected to reduce the demand for these workers."

  • Average salary in 2020: $ 122 960

There will always be lawyers in the world, but much of the work they do or have done before is quickly taken over by technology.

Pugliano notes that much of the work that lawyers once did can now be done using increasingly complex algorithms. His recommendation for aspiring professionals is to focus on non-standard areas related to human emotion, such as jury selection or witness profiling.

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BLS takes a different view of the legal profession, projecting an overall 8% increase in the number of jobs in this area by 2026.

Media broadcasters
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 43 490

It is expected that by 2026, one in ten of the 33 radio and television announcers in the country will have their jobs gone. Industry consolidation as well as increased use of syndicated content is driving the decline.

There is also an explosive growth in streaming music services.

BLS predicts a 9 percent reduction in the category of reporters, correspondents and broadcast analysts, with a total of about 4 jobs cut.

Middle managers
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 75 246

The work done by middle managers is increasingly being done by enterprise software such as Oracle and Salesforce.

According to Pugliano, people in these positions should focus on income-generating functions such as customer relationships, sales, or new product development.

Casino cashier
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 24 880

There are many possibilities in gaming as more and more states legalize gambling, but the cashier is not one of them. Casinos are increasingly turning to automatic machines to keep their labor costs down.

Growth in the industry is expected to boost demand for dealers. But there is a downside: while the number of dealers is expected to grow by 8,7% over the next 10 years, they earn significantly less than cashiers ($ 19 per year versus $ 552).

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Overall, BLS predicts a 2026 percent growth in the gaming service worker category by 2, below the average for all occupations.

IT support
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 54 760

Or, as they are also called, system and server administrators.

As much of computing goes cloud-based, the IT professional is becoming less and less relevant to today's job market, according to Nicholas Fiorentino, CrediReady's CEO. Changes are already taking place in smaller companies that believe outsourcing work is cheaper and more efficient.

“The good news is that it enables programmers, freelancers and sysadmins to deploy to manage their client servers remotely and profitably and at the best possible scale,” Fiorentino said.

BLS predicts that the employment of network and computer system administrators will grow by 6% from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Financial Planner
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 87 850

Pugliano said tasks previously performed by low-level financial planners in retail are quickly being outsourced to planning software, applications, robotic consultants and investment algorithms.

Investopedia puts it this way: “Robo consultants are also likely to be hired by each firm in some capacity. In 10 years they will probably be able to follow very sophisticated strategies based on evaluating buying and selling decisions. ”

  • Average salary in 2020: $ 28 040

The number of florists declined by 25,6% between 2005 and 2015 and is projected to decline by another 16,6% between 2015 and 2025.

Blame can be attributed to the internet and its growing flower delivery business, as well as the desire of supermarkets to strengthen their flower departments and sell flowers directly to customers.

However, the visual design skills florists use can easily be transferred to the higher-paying interior design and product display professions, for which demand is growing.

Postal workers
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 52 060

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of postal workers, including postmen and office workers, will decline by 28% by 2026. Paying bills online and staying in touch with friends on social media are major culprits in the gloomy prospects for workers at the United States Postal Service. According to BLS, mail sorters will be hit hardest, with vacancies down 50%.

Yes, many online retailers use postal services to deliver parcels, but this demand does not fully offset other areas of decline. According to the Employment Prospects Guide, "Automated sorting systems, clustered mailboxes and tight budgets will negatively impact employment."

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In 2017, the Postal Service delivered 149 billion postal items, up from 212 billion a decade earlier. And if you think Amazon will save the US Postal Service, think again. The company is actively building its own delivery network in an effort to reduce costs and improve delivery availability to better compete with mainstream retailers.

Photo editor
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 32 280

Digital photography continues to make it difficult for people who work with film to find work. There are only 23 photo editors left in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the number is expected to decline 853 percent by 2026.

Fear not, photographers: the need for photographers is on the rise. This profession is expected to grow by 2026% by 12. Portrait and commercial photographers - people who take photographs for businesses and advertising firms - are expecting the most growth over the next decade.

Data Entry Specialists
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 33 490

These workers are expected to be hardest hit as a result of the overall reduction in opportunities for the broader category of office and administrative workers. Once again, we can thank - or blame - technology.

Word processing, voicemail, and the internet mean that we end up doing a lot of tasks that were once delegated to a data entry specialist.

Phone operator
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 30 086

Yes, there are still a few people who work as operators, but that number has been declining for decades and is projected to decline another 33% over the next 10 years.

By 2030, only 109,3 thousand people will be operators.

Once again, technology is to blame. There is even an office that uses Amazon Alexa to route phone calls to the right recipient. Text messages, voicemail, and other artificial intelligence systems can render this work obsolete even earlier than planned.

Farmers and ranchers
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 71 160

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of agricultural workers dropped by 2020 percent in 8 compared to 2010 levels.

This is not because people eat less, but because farmers are becoming more efficient, replacing workers with machinery and getting more crops from small plots of land.

However, with the world's population growing by 2050 billion by 2,3, according to the United Nations, agriculture will remain a widespread and indispensable profession.

Fast food chef
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 23 510

Technology promises to make low-paying jobs obsolete. And there is nothing more emblematic of the food chain of employment than a fast food chef, which is one of the few positions on the list that requires less than high school education.

BLS reports that there are about 2020 fast food chefs in the US in 511, down 400 percent from 3,6.

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The reason is that fast food is increasingly turning into an automated industry. The chains found it cheaper to cook off-site and simply have employees reheat food in their stores.

Newspaper reporter
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 41 260

With circulations falling for 17 straight years, and circulation of national Sunday newspapers is at their lowest level since 1945, when there were significantly fewer people, it's no wonder the people who fill the newspapers with news are losing their jobs.

According to BLS, nearly one in ten reporters will lose their jobs in the next 10 years.

  • Average salary in 2020: $ 40 870

As more and more jewelry is produced overseas, fewer jewelers are working in the United States. BLS predicts an 11% reduction in the number of jewelers by 2024.

A 2014 McKinsey & Company report on the jewelry industry states: “There are corresponding changes in consumer behavior and the industry itself. Jewelers cannot simply do business as usual and expect to prosper; they must be attentive and react quickly to important trends and events, otherwise they risk being left behind more flexible competitors. "

Textile workers
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 29 980

Work requiring minimal education, low-skilled work on machine tools, is increasingly performed abroad. The downturn is taking its toll on installers, operators and workers in textile knitting and weaving machines.

But workers who have slightly more specialized skills, such as skilled producers, will see a slight increase in the number of opportunities available to them.

BLS predicts a 7 percent job decline in the presses, textiles, apparel and related materials categories.

Furniture finishing specialist
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 46 567

These craftsmen shape, process and repair damaged and worn-out furniture. But with furniture prices steadily declining, it is now often cheaper to replace than to repair a broken chair or table.

Furniture craftsmen who work in production - making new furniture - do not improve the situation as the process becomes automated.

BLS predicts that by 2026 the number of furniture finishers will decline by 0,7% to 20113.

Door-to-door sellers
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 34 120

According to BLS, roughly one in five of these jobs will disappear by 2026. Targeted online advertising is much more effective.

However, sellers still have many options. Insurance salespeople earn more on average and their number will grow: the number of people working in this area will increase by 10,6% to 651 by 215.

Specialists in binding and finishing of printed matter
  • Average salary in 2020: $ 32 040

While this work is expected to decline at a slower pace over the next decade than in the previous decade, this is not the best time for the printing business.

The people who bind books will be hit hardest in the industry, thanks to increased automation and declining demand.

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According to BLS, the number of people involved in bookbinding and finishing will decrease by 2026% by 10,6.

  • Average salary in 2020: $ 65 631

CCTV cameras, spyware, and DNA databanks make it easier to solve crimes, which is why Pugliano, in his book on the coming age of robots, said he sees the demise of the traditional detective.

BLS is not forecasting a drop in the number of private observers or investigators anytime soon - in fact, BLS is forecasting 7 percent growth.

Pugliano predicts that in the future, police work will focus more on rehabilitating criminals and reducing recidivism, rather than solving crimes.

  • Average salary in 2020: $ 80 750

Jim Molinelli is a licensed architect who taught architecture at the University of Texas. But he does not see a bright future for people who want to work in this area.

It takes five or six years of college and another three to five years of internship to become a licensed architect. “All this in order to earn much less than society thinks and to provide services that are not exclusive or in demand,” said Molinelli.

Molinelli points out that many of the services provided by architects can be provided by unlicensed people.

“In the corporate world, engineers can perform the same tasks, and in living quarters, anyone can draw plans for new homes or renovation permits as long as they meet current regulations,” he said. "With the ability to do it yourself or hire other unlicensed alternatives to work with housing, the public almost never sees the point in the cost of hiring an architect."

Primary care physicians
  • Average salary for 2020: $ 208 000

As Pugliano said, the primary care physician you go to for your annual check-up or when you feel unwell may soon disappear. The usual diagnostics for diseases such as sore throat and ear infections will be replaced by cheap home tests.

“The alternative is that doctors will spend less time diagnosing diseases and more time looking at the human factors that improve health: counseling for obesity and addiction, coaching or treating emergencies,” he said.

Don't worry, artificial intelligence (AI) isn't going to replace your doctor anytime soon, but it could change the job market and change the day-to-day work of many doctors.

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