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25 2017 best inventions of the year

Фото: Depositphotos

Edition Time annually compiles a list of the best inventions of the year, selecting them from hundreds of new achievements from around the world.

In the year 2017 this list includes such inventions.

The robot with whom you can communicate

Lisa Edicicco
(Djibo, 899 dollars)

Personal robots such as Echo company The Amazon и House company Google, in recent years have progressed substantially. But in essence, they are still stationary speakers, the main expression of which is the light that turns on when you start talking.

Djibo is not like that. And the point here is not at all that he (I say “he” because Dibo calls himself that way) looks like the hero of a film studio Pixar - with a big round head and a face that conveys emotions with the help of animated icons. And it is not that the body of this robot at the time of speaking is swinging and bending, as if he is talking with his non-existent hands. And it is not that Djibo can giggle, dance and turn to you, wherever you are, as soon as you call him: "Hey, Djibo." The fact is that thanks to all this, Djibo is very similar to a person, unlike all his predecessors.

The robot may seem just a funny toy (or nasty, depending on your point of view), but it can significantly change the nature of our communication and interaction with machines.

Djibo still has a lot to learn. Although this robot is capable of helping users in many ways by creating news bulletins and taking photos, it is still not able to play music on demand and work with third-party applications like Domino's and Uber. And since this new 899 dollars worth, it will be quite difficult to sell it. However, Matt Revis, vice president of sales management, is confident that Djibo will develop and improve. “There was a certain threshold that we had to reach in order to start mass production,” he says. “We have now embarked on this path.”

Glasses that give sight to the blind
Alexandra Sifferlin
(eSight 3, 9 995 dollars)

There are millions of blind people in the world who find it very difficult to move around. They are helped by canes and guide dogs, but they cannot imitate real vision. BUT eSight 3 can. This device is a kind of the most powerful glasses in the world. When a person puts it on eSight 3 records video in high resolution, and then with the help of magnification, contrast, and various algorithms converts these images into something that a blind person can see. Thus, he can engage in diverse activities, including sports, while the rest of the blind is not available. This device was launched into production in February, and it costs 9 995 dollars. therefore eSight 3 not everyone is available (although the manufacturer helps potential buyers to find sources of funding, including grants). But eSight 3 cheaper than previous versions, as well as faster, easier and has more advanced features for focusing distance. According to the company, today the device eSight 3 used by over a thousand patients.

Ice cream that does not add weight

Mahita Gajanan
(Halo Top, 5 dollars 99 cents)

This is somehow too good to be true: ice cream with different flavors, low in sugar, in which the total 360 calories (per half liter of volume). But this is exactly what the company promises. Halo Top, inviting customers to "not be afraid and eat the entire portion entirely" in one sitting. The head of this company, Justin Wolverton, invariably calls his product “healthy.” However, in this regard, you can argue a little. Ice cream Halo Top enriched with proteins, but its low calorie content is provided by the sweetener Steviain which zero calories. It also has cane sugar and sugar alcohols. It can be pleasant to consume these ingredients, but they can hardly be called a model of a healthy diet. Again the goal Halo Top it’s not about replacing fruits and vegetables, but about thinking about the diet that consumers get “the opportunity to try ice cream again,” says Woolverton. For this reason, the success of Halo Top (it is sold in retail at a price of five dollars per pint) is simply overwhelming. Last year, the annual sales of this product jumped by about 2 500%, and recently Halo Top became the best selling product in America per pint, overtaking products Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's.

Foundation for all colors and skin tones

Cady Lang
(Fenty Beauty, 34 Dollar)

“Make-up is a secret weapon,” says pop star Rihanna. “He can make subtle and elusive changes in the face of a woman, or maybe completely transform her.” But for many, this secret weapon turns out to be too secret: the companies that make the foundation produce products and advertise it mainly for women who have light to medium skin tones. In this case, women with darker shades remain on the sidelines. But not those who buy products from the Rihanna line. Fenty Beauty, which she launched in September. In her set of 40 shades of tonal creams that advertise the most diverse racial models. “It is important that no woman be left aside,” says the singer, noting that in the process of product development (together with the parent company Kendo) provided for "100 percent involvement." Almost immediately, deeper and darker creams began to sell the network. Sephora, and soon after that brands like Make Up For Ever and L'Oréal started their own advertising campaigns aimed at women of color. Now Rihanna intends to launch new collections. Fenty Beauty, raising your brand to a higher level. “I like challenges,” she says. “Therefore, I will continue to enjoy myself pushing the boundaries in this industry.”

A mug that heats your coffee to the right temperature.

Melissa Chan (Melissa Chan)
(Ember Mug, 79 dollars 95 cents)

Anyone who ever drank coffee knows how its temperature can affect the taste. If the coffee is too hot, they can burn the mouth. If it is cold, then you should not drink it. According to one estimate, you have just 37 seconds to enjoy this drink at the ideal temperature. “It seemed illogical to me,” says the CEO and founder of the Los Angeles firm. Ember technologies Clay Alexander. Therefore, he found a solution to the problem by inventing a mug ember from stainless steel. It has a white ceramic coating, and within an hour it keeps the desired temperature of coffee or tea, from 49 to 63 degrees Celsius, which is set through a special application. In addition, the mug can maintain the desired temperature indefinitely if it is put on a saucer-charge. This is the second product of a series of smart drinking devices. ember. Last year, the company created a temperature-controlled wine glass. It is possible that the new mug will be a sales hit and an essential attribute of the desktop. 9 was launched in November, and today it is already sold in 4 600 establishments. Starbucks

An elevator that not only drives up and down

Julia Zorthian
(Thyssenkrupp MULTI)

What if the elevator moves not only up and down, but also in different directions? It will be something from the category of miracles - just like from the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". However, the German company Thyssenkrupp Already gave a very real answer to this question, having designed and created the MULTI elevator system. Designers abandoned the old-fashioned cables and blocks, preferring the magnetic suspension, which drives high-speed trains. The cabins of such elevators can move in different directions and even pass by each other inside the elevator shaft. This will not only shorten the waiting time, but will also fundamentally change the structure of buildings, says the company's general director. Thyssenkrupp Elevator Andreas Shirenbek. Imagine horizontal branches from vertical elevator shafts in high-rise buildings. This year, MULTI has been very successfully tested, and the first elevators of the new design should debut in Berlin by the year 2021.

Smartphone that will be even smarter
Lisa Edicicco
(Apple's iPhone X, 999 dollars)

Senior Vice President, Hardware Engineering Apple Dan Riccio (Dan riccio) believes that iPhone X - this is no less than a dream come true. “I look at his design and understand that we wanted to do it literally from day one,” he says. The reason is clear: iPhone XProbably the most sophisticated and advanced smartphone in the world with a screen from edge to edge. Its processor is optimized for augmented reality, and the camera is smart enough to unlock the phone when it sees the face of its owner. (True, some of these characteristics first appeared on smartphones from Samsung and LG.)

But to make it all possible, Apple had to abandon the button Home, which is a very popular navigation tool. As the company's decision to abandon the 3,5-mm headphone jack on iPhone 7, the elimination of this button is a “look to the future,” says the director Apple by Jonathan Ive Design (Jonathan Ive). "In fact, I believe that the desire at all costs to preserve those elements that have proven effective, leads to failure." iPhone X worth 999 dollars and is the most expensive for today iPhone. “As might have been supposed,” says Ive, “this is a financial consequence of the inclusion of enormous computing power in such a small device.”

It is easy to imagine a future smartphone with a screen that wraps the entire device like a candy wrapper, or with a camera that can distinguish gestures. But Ive and Riccio are in no hurry to share plans for the future. “We have a clear concept for the next generation of iPhones,” says Ive. - iPhone X - this is in a certain sense the completion of a chapter. ”

Hijab, giving strength to Muslim athletes

Sean Gregory
(Nike's professional hijab, 35 dollars)

Playing sports in the hijab is difficult. If the material is too heavy, it causes an increased amount of sweat. If it is too light, the headdress may well fly off from the head during competitions. And if it is incorrectly fixed, “there is a feeling that you are about to suffocate,” says Egyptian runner Manal Rost, who lives in the UAE and is the creator of the group Surviving Hijab on Facebook. There are almost half a million members in this group. Professional hijab company Nike, developed after the meeting of the company managers with the weightlifter from the United Arab Emirates Amna al-Haddad in 2016, should change this situation. Unlike the traditional hijab, a professional hijab is made from lightweight, breathable fabric that absorbs liquid. The athletes who used them say that he helps to cope with sweat. But for women such as Growth, who experienced one of the first professional hijabs, this is not just a headdress. It has its own symbolism, which gives weight to investments Nike. “I am an athlete, I speak openly about everything, and a large company gives me extra strength,” she says. “I imagine what Muslim women can do.”

Clinic taking a fresh look at prevention

Alexandra Sifferlin

In the US, patients usually go to the doctor when they get sick. But what if both the patient and the doctor begin to interact in order to avoid health problems? It was with this idea that a prophylactic clinic of a new type was created. Forwardwhich works like a high-quality sports hall. For 149 dollars per month, the patient gets unlimited access to procedures such as genetic scans, blood tests, weight loss measures, scheduled visits to doctors and much more. All this helps the clinic to “better assess the patient’s health for the future and look for problems that may appear in the long term,” says the founder and head of the clinic, Adrian Aoun, who in the past worked in Google. (Forward also deals with the usual treatment of diseases, including unlimited medicinal treatment at no extra charge.) Critics say that most clinics cannot afford such clinics, especially because they do not accept insurance policies. But how the Forward experiment brings its results. This San Francisco-based company earned 100 millions of dollars to fund its work and recently opened a new clinic in Los Angeles. In the future, she intends to open her medical and preventive treatment facilities in other cities.

Sneakers that improve the result

Julia Zorthian
Futurecraft 4D, Adidas

Imagine running shoes that allow you to run faster, jump higher and spin better around your own axis. This is the idea behind the design of new sports shoes. Futurecraft 4D from the company Adidas The intermediate sole of such sneakers can be tailored exactly to the requests of who wears them, not only in size and shape, but also in flexibility, in the strength of softening the blow, in the nature of the coating, and so on. The key to success in this case is 3-D printing, which allows Adidas “Take a look at every square millimeter of intermediate sole and fit it to the needs of the athlete to ensure a better result.” This is indicated by the project manager. Futurecraft 4D Al Van Noi. To fit the shoes using traditional methods, you need a few weeks. And with the help of 3-D printing, an intermediate sole can be made in just a couple of hours. Thus, the company will be able to manufacture them directly in stores. At least this will be possible in the future. Meanwhile Adidas Starting in December, it will start selling a standard version of sneakers with an intermediate sole, created on the basis of data collected for 17 years.

Machines that will make electricity the main fuel

Alex Fitzpatrick (Alex Fitzpatrick)
Tesla third model

An electric car usually has one of two problems. Either he is too expensive, or he has too little range between charges. In the electric car Tesla The third model plans to eliminate both of these problems. This is the most interesting car in the price range 35 thousand dollars or more with a range of one charge of more than 320 kilometers (the same characteristics of an electric car Bolt company Chevrolet). Buyers are clearly intrigued. The demand for cars of the third model is very high, as 1 800 applications arrive every day. The manufacturer is unable to meet growing demand. "We have a real hell on the assembly line," co-founder and CEO Ilon Musk told Twitter on Twitter in October. but Tesla I'm sure that will increase production and satisfy demand. This is good for both shareholders and the environment. Machines like Tesla The third model, which does not run on gasoline, but on electricity, can play a crucial role in combating climate change.

Portable breast pump that can be worn

Emily Barone
(Willow Breast Pump)

Breastfeeding is not easy, especially for moms who have a lot of worries. Most electric breastpumps use containers to collect milk in the form of horns, connected to loud humming machines. California company Willow headquartered in Mountain View is trying to make changes to this design. Her battery-operated breastpumps are noiseless and small enough so that women can insert them into their bras and suck milk as needed. (Each breast pump has a collection tank.) “Instead of planning your day in connection with a breast pump, a woman can play with older children or make video calls,” says the company's president and CEO. Willow Naomi Kelman. But for such convenience you have to pay, and a lot of money: 480 dollars plus 50 cents per bag per 120 grams. It is much more expensive than traditional models. According to Kelman, the company is making changes to the design of the breast pump, listening to the reviews of moms who are currently experiencing an experimental batch. If a Willow By fulfilling its promises by the time production begins next year, this could be a real revolution in breastfeeding, which is in dire need of change.

Simple home security system

Lisa Edicicco
(Secure, Nest, 499 dollars)

Most home security systems are designed to deter intruders. A subsidiary of the parent company Google Alphabet called Nest created my system Secure "completely different," says Matt Rogers, director of manufacturing. She focused on making it easy for the owners to get home. What is it about? System Secure You can deactivate by waving the key fob instead of typing the code. Keyfob can be programmed so that it works at a certain time. Thus, a nanny sitting with your child will be able to enter your house only during working hours. The smartphone application allows users to control their system remotely. (Similar technologies are offered by Abode, SimpliSafe and other firms). Naturally, Secure can effectively guard your home. If an attacker tries to get inside or in some way disable the system, an alarm signal of 85 decibels will sound. And motion sensors will warn the owner about an open door or window.

The device that will study the insides of Mars

Jeffrey Kluger
(Mars Insight, NASA)

The train to Mars departs only once every two years. It is at these times that Earth and Mars line up in such a way that it takes a minimum of time to travel from one planet to another. NASA plans to make the most of this window in 2018, intending to send a descent vehicle to Mars in May InSight. Judging by the name, it will give scientists the opportunity to take a closer look at the insides of the Red Planet. (Originally InSight planned to launch in the 2016 year, but failures in the seismic survey station caused a delay.) Unlike Curiosity and other rovers, this unit will not move anywhere, remaining in one place. But he has enough work and in a fixed state. He will drill a hole in the Martian surface to a depth of five meters to study the thermal history of this planet. In fact, it will measure its geological temperature. In the meantime, seismographs will study the composition of Mars, and the X-ray radiometer will analyze its wandering (the way Mars rotates around its axis and is attracted to other celestial bodies of the Solar System). The cameras will transmit panoramic and three-dimensional images to Earth. This unit will work for 728 earth days (708 Martian days), or until the time when you can fly in the 2020 year.

A virtual reality helmet that is completely autonomous

Lisa Edicicco
(Oculus go)

Despite all this futuristic hype, virtual reality is a rather cumbersome technology, since even the best helmets need additional devices like smartphones or computers to work. But with Oculus Go company Facebook everything is much easier. This head-mounted computer works completely autonomously. (HTC and Lenovo work on similar devices.) The ability to maintain it is worse than that of more expensive devices, but this is inevitable, because an increase in computer performance entails a decrease in physical space. When you need to do something light that can be fixed on your head, you always have to compromise, says Max Cohen, who leads the development of this mobile product in the company Oculus. Next year Facebook will launch a virtual reality helmet Oculus go, and the main goal of this helmet will not be to bring the virtual and the real as close as possible, but to make the feeling of virtual reality as accessible as possible. “We want people to say:“ No, I don’t need to sacrifice anything to get into virtual reality, ”says Cohen.

Electronic assistant in the kitchen

Lisa Edicicco
(Tasty One Top, 149 dollars)

Channel cooking various dishes Tastywhich the media company opened BuzzFeed, can be called the most popular kitchen channel on the Internet, because more than 100 millions of people watch it. He describes in detail the most complex recipes, giving step-by-step video presentations. But there is a “big difference between viewing a recipe in Facebook and real cooking, ”says Ben Kaufman, who heads in BuzzFeed production laboratory. Therefore, he and his colleagues decided to eliminate this difference. As a result, the device was born Tasty one topwhich through the application Tasty gives new cooks instructions on how to cook various dishes. The built-in sensor with a thermometer monitors the temperature, and therefore the application will prompt the user at the right moment when, say, you need to turn the steak over so that it is medium roasting. Other companies such as FirstBuild, Hestan and Pantelligent In recent years, offer similar items to buyers. Advantage Tasty in that there already is a rich arsenal of recipes, starting with onion rings for cheeseburgers and ending with ice cream in baskets. Such recipes require deep-fried cooking, which causes confusion for many people, Kaufman says. But when they get a device that makes the cooking process simple and predictable, people will probably want to cook more often.

Drones that can shame monopods

Alex Fitzpatrick (Alex Fitzpatrick)
(Spark, 499 dollars)

Unmanned aerial vehicles in recent years have gained widespread popularity, facilitating a variety of human activities, from cartography to rescue operations. At the drone Spark a more mundane goal: to help people take photos and videos. These drones are easy to control (gesture recognition allows you to control your flying photographer with a wave of your hand), it’s harder to break (a set of sensors helps avoid air collisions), and they are pretty cheap (499 dollars). True, the maximum flight time they have is 16 minutes, and this is less than the higher-quality and expensive models. "We believe Spark a starting point for a whole series of new drones, ”says Paul Peng, who works as a senior product manager. So far, such a strategy gives good results. Thanks in part Spark, which went on sale in June, the Chinese branch of the manufacturer DJI sells half of all drones purchased in the United States.
Air filter that destroys pollutants

Lisa Edicicco

(Molekule, 799 dollars)

Most air filters improve air quality by trapping harmful contaminants. Filter Molekule goes much further - it completely destroys them. Its key element is a nanofilter with a special coating that reacts with light in such a way that it prevents the growth of toxins, such as mold and bacteria. “This is similar to how light falls on a solar photocell, and as a result, electricity is generated,” says Jaya Rao, who founded the new company with her brother Dilip Goswami, who became its director, and her father, PhD Yogi Goswami, who heads the Center clean energy research at the University of South Florida. The price of the filter, which is almost 800 dollars, plus 99 dollars per year on new filters, is a little bewildering, but enthusiasts say the cost is worth it as air quality improves. Investors agree with them, highlighting the project Molekule almost 15 million dollars.

Easily adaptable airless wheels

Lisa Edicicco
(Michelin concept)

In the future, our cars will be smart, and their wheels will be even smarter. At least the company thinks so Michelin . This year, she presented her new concept in an attempt to demonstrate the potential of tire production technologies. The concept seems very convincing. For starters, the wheel will become airless, so you will not have to worry about whether it is sufficiently inflated. In addition, the wheels will be made from recycled materials to reduce production waste. But the most impressive is the wheel protector printed on the 3D printer, which can be changed depending on the nature of the road. The wheel itself does not need to be changed. The hardest thing is to figure out how to do it quickly, says project manager Terry Gettys. “The thing is, the consumer wants the new protector to be ready for the trip in a few minutes.” At the rate Michelin , it will take about twenty years to develop and start production of such an ultramodern wheel. However, some of their elements, say, an airless design and sensors warning the driver about tread wear, can be widely used in a few years.

Wi-Fi router guarding your smart home

Alex Fitzpatrick (Alex Fitzpatrick)
(Core, Norton, 279 dollars 99 cents)

There are many advantages in online gadgets, one of which is that you can make yourself coffee without getting out of bed. But in this new reality, any of our devices, from the toaster to the washing machine, may be hacked. Wi-Fi router Core company Norton will be able to neutralize this threat. Unlike most wireless routers that simply provide connectivity and connectivity, Core it is also intended to detect disruptions in normal operation. If signs of a virus are seen in one of the devices, Core disconnect it from the rest of the home network. It looks like a quarantine for a patient. In addition, he regularly updates his software, outperforming all new threats and “providing security and peace of mind for homeowners,” says the company's vice president. Symantec on the safety of consumer networks of physical items Amir Karim. Looks like a Star Wars ship? This is for you as a bonus.

Bracelet, saving children

Belinda Luscombe

Children really need fat. Without it, their body temperature quickly drops, hypothermia begins, breathing problems occur, and so on. But where there are few resources, where children are often born premature or with low weight, hospitals and clinics often have more than the means to keep their children warming their incubators, and most parents find out too late that their children are in danger. And here a bracelet can come to the rescue. Bempu for 28 dollars, which are put on the handle of the child to control the temperature. If the baby cools too much, an alarm will sound and an orange light will flash. In this case, the mother can take the child, warm it with the warmth of her own body, or swaddle. Today, this device helps approximately 10 thousands of newborns, mainly in India, as well as in 25 other countries. This year, the manufacturer received from the program Saving Lives at Birth a grant of two million dollars, which will help further expand sales. “Our goal is the company’s CEO Bempu Ratul Narain, is to significantly reduce early child mortality. ”

Game console that allows you to play anywhere

Lisa Edicicco
(Nintendo Switch, 299 dollars 99 cents)

“If you have a good and interesting game, there comes a moment of disappointment when you need to stop it,” the president says Nintendo of America Reggie Fies-Eme. But if you have Nintendo Switch, the game can not stop. If it is installed on a special tablet, the user can continue it indefinitely. And there is also an option with two joysticks, which are mounted on the sides, which makes it possible to play several users. After returning home, the user can put the tablet on the stand and continue the game as usual. Video game lovers like this kind of mobility. Since March, when sales began, Nintendo 7,63 has sold a million of these consoles Nintendo Switch. According to forecasts, the new prefix in terms of sales ahead of its predecessor Wii U by the end of the current fiscal year.

More durable and safer American football helmets

Jenny Vrentas
(Zero1, VICIS)

For decades, American football players wore the same type of head protection: solid plastic helmets. About four years ago, neurosurgeon Sam Braud thought about what can be done new in this direction. What if you make the outer part of the helmet from an elastic polymer? Thus, the helmet will act as a bumper of the car, softening the force of impact at the moment of collision. He drew a prototype on a napkin and took his sketch to acquaintances at the University of Washington. Together, they created a VICIS startup to put their vision into practice. “We wanted to make the most reliable and secure helmet,” says VICIS CEO Dave Marver. The result of investments in the amount of 40 million dollars was a helmet Zero1, which received the highest marks on the annual trials of the National Football League, where the ability of helmets to weaken the impact force and prevent brain injuries is tested. Today helmets Zero1 NFL teams 18 players, including Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith Smith, and football players from 20 university teams.

Supersteady catch

Julia Zorthian
(GreenWave Ocean Farm)

In the future, farmers will switch to growing oysters, mussels, edible mollusks and algae on ropes attached by anchors to the seabed. So says professional angler Bren Smith, who became the director of a non-profit organization. Greenwave from Connecticut, which is exactly what this does. The idea is not as crazy as it may seem. There are more and more problems with agriculture because it accounts for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. And in the oceans because of overfishing is becoming less fish. Therefore, a person needs alternative sources of nutrition. Aquaculture Greenwave It has compelling advantages: seafood is rich in proteins, they do not need fertilizers, and they even help fight climate change (consuming carbon as it grows). Of course, it will not be easy to accustom the people of the West to a new diet of mollusks and algae. However, Greenwave He sees great potential in his work. Since 2013, this organization has helped fishermen to create 14 farms along the coast of New England, and now plans to expand its activities, drawing attention to California, the northwest coast and Europe.

Incredible toy for fun

Sean Gregory
(Spinner, 5 dollars 87 cents)

If you ask different people, then you get the opposite answers about spinners - these turntables with bearings in the middle, which are all spinning, spinning and spinning - endlessly. Someone will say that this is harmless entertainment, and someone will call them a catastrophe, causing chaos in the American classes. One way or another, spinners have become ubiquitous. Last year, she debuted a similar toy, called the “magic cube”. Therefore, manufacturers flooded the market with such cubes and spinners. By spring, they had already become a market sensation, only in April, by increasing sales of this type of product in US toy stores on 20 thousand dollars. Retailers began chartering aircraft to deliver spinners to the store shelves in sufficient quantities. In the midst of all this turmoil and general insanity, some manufacturers began to make dubious claims about the therapeutic effects of spinners, claiming they are ideal for treating attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders and autism. Science has not yet confirmed their conclusions. It is better for sellers to adopt another advertising slogan: “Many hours of exciting pleasure.”

Text translation prepared edition Inosmi.

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