The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.
Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

25 free online services for easy learning English

For a long time already think about pulling up your English, but still there is not enough time and money. Edition MC Today prepared a selection of online services that will help you master the study of English.

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Duolingo offers to learn fun and interesting. You earn points for the correct answers, solve problems for a while and increase your level. Prizes and bonuses are awarded for each lesson. You can also invite friends and compete with them. Suitable for those who want to start from scratch. There is a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Puzzle English. Choose your level, the purpose of learning the language, register - and immediately start learning. The technique is based on watching videos and series with subtitles, which allows you to expand your vocabulary and train your listening comprehension.

Busuu insists that you can learn a foreign language by doing just 10 minutes a day. In the free mode, flash cards are available, thanks to which it is easy to memorize new words and move to a new level. There is a mobile application for iOS and Android.

FluentU. There are clips, films, series in the original - everything that helps to get as close to the language environment as possible. You can also use the mobile application for iOS and Android.

Real english - A site with video lessons, interactive exercises that allow you to memorize words, phrases and their pronunciation not by banal memorization of the rules, but in the format of live speech. A mobile version is available for iOS and Android.

Memrise - More than 200 rich courses, intelligent learning technology, 20 000 videos with native speakers and chat bots. This is enough to make online learning English a pleasure. There is a mobile application for iOS and Android.

Bbc languages. Brief videos, life hacks, lessons in vocabulary, grammar, transcription, pronunciation and everything that is useful for both beginners and users with a level above the average.

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LinguaLeo. Your virtual lion cub motivates for daily activities, which you need to feed meatballs - achievements in language learning, whether replenishing your vocabulary, watching videos on various topics or pronunciation training. There is a mobile application for iOS and Android.

The site Situational English articles are collected that offer ready-made expressions, idioms, and robust speech constructs so you can use them in everyday life, at work, or on travel. All materials are written in a simple and accessible language.

LearnEnglish available in english. Here you can find lessons, games, books, dictionaries, courses, songs, radio, chats. If we learn the language, then in all its manifestations at once.

Learn American English online. All materials on the site are labeled with all the colors of the rainbow corresponding to different levels. And teacher Paul teaches free English lessons online in video format.

Learnathome focuses on 5 effective tools: warm-up, writing, grammar, speaking, listening. You get a personalized job plan for 30 minutes per day for any level from Elementary to Advanced. - A service for learning English while watching a video. This can be films, popular TV shows, TED performances with Russian subtitles or with several at the same time.

Learning a language with short films is quite an exciting experience. The site works on this principle. Film-english.

Training your vocabulary on FreeRice, you earn your bread. Not literally, of course, but virtually so precisely.

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Free online English courses

On the EDX you can easily and absolutely free to study grammar (English Grammar and Style), write an essay (How to Write an Essay), comprehend spoken English (Conversational English Skills), prepare for IELTS tests (IELTS Academic Test Preparation) and TOEFL (TOEFL Test Preparation: The Insider's Guide).

Ukrainian site Prometheus offers to take an online course "Business English". It helps to learn key business vocabulary and some elements of grammar, and also includes practice for working out situations common in the business environment.

On the Coursera in category "Learning English" You will find dozens of courses to improve your spoken and written English: to prepare for tests, for business, for journalists, for beginners and those who want to write scientific texts in English. The authors of the courses are teachers of foreign universities.

On the platform Futurelearn the course is popular Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests. It is intended for those who want to prepare for the IELTS exam - a test that is necessary for work and study abroad. Also useful other courses from British Council.

Telegram channels for learning English

There is always time for instant messengers. So why not spend it profitably? Subscribe to useful channels - and get a portion of new information every time you look at your phone.

Slang Bang! daily publishes English expressions that cannot be found in textbooks. If academic English is too boring for you, I want to expand my knowledge of colloquial, to learn unbroken words and expressions, then subscribing to this channel is the best solution. 73 000 subscribers will not be allowed to lie.

English from scratch - A find for those who can’t get themselves to understand the English language in any way and at the same time want to improve the existing level. Here you will find inspiration and motivation to learn the language, as well as useful information on grammar, analysis of sentences, new words and expressions, tips for independent language learning.

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English in polls. The name of the channel speaks for itself: you take part in polls and discreetly learn new English words day after day. Exciting, useful and no cramming.

English of the day created so that you learn more spoken English phrases, idioms and slang. They enliven speech and bring it closer to that which can be heard from the lips of a native speaker.

English. When you first get to the channel, you feel like at a linguistic flea market: pictures, tables, phrases, individual words with translation, audio lessons, useful articles - complete chaos. But over time, you will understand the value of the material and do not want to miss new publications.

Neperevodimoe. The author of the channel in an easy manner shares stories from his life, adding to the text one English idiom that corresponds to the topic. Most of the phrases are not literally translated into Russian, which explains the name of the channel.

English for Life - A good modern English tutorial. There will be no artsy language constructs that you will never need. All phrases are applicable.

Miscellaneous English study Educational program online service

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