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20 Highly Paid Professions That Don't Need Higher Education

Currently, less than half of the population older than 25 years have a bachelor's degree, and this figure decreases with increasing education. Some jobs may require higher education, but there are plenty of opportunities available only to those with experience. If you are looking for a new job, but you do not have a diploma of higher education, publication NYDailyNews has collected the top highly paid jobs for which you do not need a bachelor's degree.

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In 2018, the average annual salary for an electrician was 83 020 dollars. Depending on the company, the daily work of an electrician can range from maintaining power in homes to guaranteed coverage of city lights. This post requires a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as on-the-job training.

Commercial pilot

If you have ever seen a helicopter or a cargo plane in the sky, then this commercial pilot was doing his job. In 2018, they were paid an average annual salary of 82 240 dollars. To do this, you will need the same certificate or its equivalent and the license of a commercial pilot of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Computer programmer

Programming may seem like an occupation that can only be done with a bachelor’s degree, but, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers also hire employees with a junior specialist degree or extensive experience in this field. Programmers write code that ensures the smooth operation of computers and programs. In 2018, the average annual salary for this work was 84 280 dollars.

Lift installer or repairman

The role of the installer or repairman of the elevator is not for the faint of heart. Workers are often located in confined, cramped spaces or suspended at high altitudes. But the hard work involves high wages: the average annual salary in 2018 was 79 780 dollars. Elevator installers and repairmen are trained, and 35 states are requesting a license.

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Casino manager

Casino managers monitor the daily activities of the business, ensuring that guests and players have an equally good time. The average annual salary for this position in 2017 was 83 460 dollars, but in states like Nevada, casino manager annual earnings can reach more than 100 000 dollars. Customer service skills and previous industry experience are required for this position.


Postmasters are responsible for ensuring that your postman comes to you every day with your mail in hand. They are hired by the federal government to plan and manage the United States Postal Services, while distributing daily work between employees. In 2018, the average salaries of postmasters were 77 040 dollars.

Postal service worker

Postal workers collect, sort, and deliver mail. Post office employees work at the post office, while postmen are the friendly faces we see at our doors. A high school diploma or its equivalent and a written exam are the only requirements for this position. Postal service workers received about $ 58 760 in the 2018 year.

Correctional officer

A correctional officer oversees individuals who are arrested and awaiting trial or are serving a term in prison. The average fee for such work is approximately 44 400 dollars, and for qualification you need a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers have a very important job. They coordinate aircraft movement and ensure that a safe distance is maintained before and after take-off. This is a difficult role, which requires constant concentration and attention. To get this job, you need to have an associate’s degree in the Air Traffic Learning Training Initiative program. In 2018, air traffic controllers earned 124 840 dollars on average.

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Funeral worker

A funeral worker may not seem like a good job, but this role provides an opportunity to help a mourning family find peace. Funeral workers manage the details of the funeral and work in funeral homes and crematoriums. There are many requirements for this position, but higher education is not required. Funeral service workers must be at least 21 years old, have an associate degree in the field of funeral services, on-site training and passing the state licensing exam. The average salary in the 2018 year was 57 580 dollars.


Railway workers can control trains, coordinate their actions or signals at a railway station. They also provide safe and timely train traffic. On-the-job training, a high school diploma or its equivalent - this is what is needed for this role. In 2018, railroad workers earned an average of 61 480 dollars.

Customs Broker

A customs broker is an individual who is licensed by the US Customs and Border Protection Service to assist importers and exporters in accordance with federal requirements. Fewer 15 000 people have this job in the United States. To become a customs broker, you must be a US citizen who is at least 21 years old, pass a licensing exam, apply for a broker license, and “have a good moral character.” The average annual salary for this role in 2018 was 76 960 dollars.

Shipping Manager

Transport managers are responsible for the safe transport of people and goods by air, rail, sea or road. An associate’s degree in logistics or supply chain and industry certification is a plus when considering hiring. The average annual salary for individuals in this profession in the 2018 year was 102 850 dollars.

Private investigator or investigator

Popular television shows, such as Magnum, P.I., incorrectly cover what life of a private investigator and investigator might look like. Investigators do exactly what their name implies: they obtain legal, financial, and sometimes personal information. Most private detectives and investigators have a high school diploma and many years of experience, as well as a license in this area. In 2018, the average salary for this work was 50 090 dollars.

Traffic inspector

Transport inspectors check railway, cargo and aviation equipment to ensure the safety of cargo or people during transit. For this role, a certificate of secondary education is required. Transport inspectors, as a rule, start from a lower position, for example, from maintenance staff, and move up the career ladder. Their average annual salary in 2018 was 75 330 dollars.

Gas plant operator

The gas refinery operator works with utilities to monitor gas compressors and maintain pipeline pressure. The highest paid states for a gas plant operator are California, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Washington and Maryland, with California having the highest average annual salary of 101 610 dollars. A high school diploma or its equivalent and experience in this field is all that you need for this position.

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Power line installer

During large-scale power outages due to storms, the power line installer has to work on high poles to troubleshoot. Therefore, the installation profession requires the applicant to feel comfortable at high altitudes, where it is extremely dangerous. Installers are paid an average of 65 880 dollars per year. In order to qualify for this position, you must obtain a high school certificate or its equivalent.

Railroad repairman

If you have ever traveled on a complex train system with several lines intersecting 24 hours a day, you can thank the railroad repairman for your safety. They install, test, test and, of course, repair electrical equipment for the railways. These California employees earn 80 380 dollars, while the national average wage is 65 750 dollars.

Police officer

A description of the work of the policeman can be found on each vehicle of the Police Department: protect and service. Police officers must receive strict physical training, graduate from a training academy and undergo training at the workplace. The average police salary in the United States in 2018 was 63 380 dollars.

Claim Examiner

Claim examiners earned an average of 2018 65 dollars in the year 670. They evaluate and verify insurance claims prior to payment distribution. For entry-level posts as a claims examiner, a high school certificate or equivalent and previous work experience are required.

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