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20 universal sites for learning English

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The first step in any business is the hardest, so 22 is the best site for learning English for beginners. You will learn what resources you need to use to learn how to speak, read, write in English and understand it by ear. All presented sites can be used for self-study, and when learning a language with a teacher, they are ideal for independent work outside the classroom.


The famous resource with many people remembered by Leo the young lion who needs to be fed with meatballs while completing various tasks. This site for learning English is remarkable in that it is Russian-speaking, so on it you will understand everything for sure. The resource allows you to learn words and make phrases, read articles, listen to songs and watch videos with lyrics to them, simultaneously translating unfamiliar words, etc. However, we recommend focusing on learning new words. It is important for beginners to form a decent vocabulary in order to subsequently build sentences from these words.


Another Russian-language universal site for learning English for beginners. Duolingo invites you to learn words immediately in context, in short, simple sentences. This is very convenient: you learn not just 10 new words, but 10 new phrases, even if they are simple, but you can use them in your speech.


This resource presents the most common words and phrases that English speakers use in everyday speech. In the “100 English Lessons” section, you will find 100 situational dialogues with helpful phrases voiced by native speakers. Also on the site there are collections of the most necessary English words from 1500 and 1000 useful phrases in English. Each word and phrase has a Russian translation, so it’s convenient to study on this site without a dictionary.

Learn new words online


Here you are offered cards of words that can be learned by doing a few different exercises with them. There is also a library with books, audio and video materials classified by levels of knowledge. Any word is translated by a mouse click, and you can add it to your dictionary for study. In addition, you can add your own text or an interesting YouTube video to explore. This is convenient if you want to parse the material not with the help of a translator, but on your own, using the built-in dictionary on the site. At the same time, you can add the words you are interested in to your own vocabulary for study. On the site, you can install a free browser extension, which will allow you to translate English words on any site by a mouse click and add them to your dictionary.


This site contains a frequency dictionary of English. You can select the first thousand of the most frequently used words in the menu and study them. When you hover on a word or a black square next to it, a window pops up with a Russian translation and transcription, and when you press it, you will hear the sound of the word. The only disadvantage of this site is the lack of context. That is, you are learning individual words, not the rules for using them. However, if you need to work on vocabulary and you prefer Russian-language sites, then you will like this resource.


You will find English language tests for beginners at this link. With the help of these tasks, you will check how well you know the basic words, and you will be able to learn a new vocabulary, guessing its meaning from the explanations. The tests on this resource are quite simple and allow you to repeat the basic words of the English language. Try to complete tasks, even if you do not know all the correct answers, and when the system gives you the right word, try to remember it.

Learning to understand English by ear


This English-language resource is convenient because it offers to listen to groups of words, classified by topic. You will need to find the translation yourself, but working with a dictionary is even useful: this is how you quickly memorize useful vocabulary. With this site you will get used to how English speech sounds, and will be able to learn how to pronounce your first words correctly.


Under the heading For Beginners you will find collections of light short texts with an audio track to them. We advise you not to read the text, but first turn on the audio recording and try to understand what it is about. If it didn't work out the first time, read the text, and then listen to the recording again. At the same time, write out new words and learn them, because the texts contain only basic vocabulary that everyone needs to know.


The news in English for beginners is well-read by a professional speaker in slow motion, so it will be easy for you to understand them. In each news, open Level-1 and work with the material in the same way as with listen, read, learn new words. Only the most frequently used words are included in the news texts, so it is useful to learn them by heart.


Here you can find excellent cartoons for learning English. They use simple phrases that every beginner should know; the characters speak slowly and clearly.

Learn the basics of grammar


The indicated resource is a Russian-language guide to grammar of English for beginners. The lessons for the elementary level are presented by the methodologists of our school in a logical sequence, so we advise you not to miss a single lesson so that you can understand everything. In addition to the available theoretical explanations, practical tasks are waiting for you: after each article there is a test for understanding the material. Do you have any questions? Ask them in the comments, our teachers will help you understand any question regarding the study of English.


And this site is a short English grammar manual. Despite the fact that all the information is presented in English, we advise you to try to learn the grammar on this resource: all the rules are stated briefly and clearly, without unnecessary theory. In addition to theoretical explanations with examples, there are also tests with answers for each grammatical topic; you can complete the tasks online or print them out and write them.


This site provides grammar tests for beginners and advanced students. Especially the beginner will like this resource, because it is Russian-language, so everything will be clear to you. Choose those topics that have already passed, and test your knowledge. Have you made a lot of mistakes? Go back to the previous resource and repeat the theory again.


This is also a site with grammar tests for beginners in English. Try to pass the tests marked Beginner, in which the tasks are focused just on the initial level of knowledge.

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Two similar English-language sites with grammar tests in English for beginners. Work with it in the same way: perform tasks on topics that you have already studied, sort out errors and, if necessary, repeat the theory.

We read texts in English for beginners.

1. Adapted literature

Adapted books are simple texts in English for beginners. Free books for your level can be found at (choose books in the Starter and Beginner tabs) and All texts are very simple, the adaptation consists in the fact that compound words are replaced by simple, more frequently used and understandable beginners, and long ornate sentences are broken into several short ones with simple grammar.


This site contains very easy texts in English for beginners. In addition, you can not only read them, but also listen to an audio track read by a native speaker. So, here you can practice at the same time the skill of perception of English speech by ear.

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We already mentioned these sites in the section on listening. The texts in the For Beginners section and news for the first level are simple and short, so reading the English texts for beginners will not bother you. Read the text, listen to the audio and try to pronounce the sounds in the same way as the carrier, so you will practice the pronunciation.

We train pronunciation


One of the most famous dictionaries boasts not only good reference material, but also the presence of audio with American and British variants of the pronunciation of each word. Therefore, when learning a new vocabulary, we recommend using just such a dictionary: listen several times to how the word should sound and try to pronounce it in the same way.


Another site where you can listen to the pronunciation of any word. It is English, but easy to use.

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