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20 ways to make money in an hour

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

There are different situations in life. Sometimes money is urgently needed, and you have an empty wallet, brute force credit card and an empty account.

Edition The Penny Hoarder Gathered a few ways to make money in an hour.

1. Sell ​​your gold and silver

You can turn gold and silver coins or jewelry into cash very quickly. For these purposes, it is better to choose local stores, and not sites or pawn shops.

2. Do some work for relatives or friends.

If your friends or relatives are ready to help, invite them to do some chores that will not take more than an hour. For example, remove the leaves in the garden or wash the windows in the house for $ 20.

3. Use TaskRabbit

The TaskRabbit site can offer some decent job opportunities in your area.

4. Arrange a preliminary sale of your labor.

If your help and family do not need your help now, they may need it in the future. Therefore, print several certificates for the hour of your work and sell them to your friends at $ 10- $ 15 or at any other price you set.

5. Find the lost nest egg

Often we create small stashes of cash or accidentally forget where we put the change after the pizza delivery. So check out the pockets of clothes, chest drawers and other places where you could put money.

6. Sell ​​free stuff

Some people make good money selling items that they have received on Craigslist for nothing. To meet an hour, choose free offers on Craigslist, which are close to you.

7. Sell ​​scrap metal

Collect drinks cans in the garage, other metal things that you do not need, and sell them at the scrap metal collection point. Most can be obtained for copper and aluminum.

8. Sell ​​your clothes

Some stores pay cash for used clothing in good condition. Check whether there is near your home Plato's closet or Buffalo exchangewhere you can quickly exchange clothes for money.

9. Sell ​​Gift Cards

Gift cards that you have not used can be sold online, but then you will not receive money within an hour, so it is better to contact your friends - they will be happy to buy cards for $ 50 for $ 40.

10. Sell ​​your neighbors junk

Sometimes people throw away items that can be sold at a pawn shop or in a used furniture store. Check to see if your neighbors have thrown away something that could bring you money.

11. Return the purchased item

If you have a thing that you purchased in the past few weeks and have not used it yet, you can return this product (it is advisable that you keep the check). Some stores offer a fairly generous return policy.

12. Earn on empty cans and bottles

People 10 stateswho have a tax on bottles can return empty cans and bottles to the store and receive a refund of the money paid for them - 5-10 cents per unit.

13. Argue with somebody

Here you need to be very careful and argue only when you know that you will win. But this is a quick way to win a few dollars.

14. Sell ​​furniture

There are stores selling used furniture, they can buy your old sofa or table for cash.

15. Sell ​​other things

If you're on your way to a pawnshop or used furniture store to sell your belongings, check with friends and family if they have anything to sell. After you discuss with the store the price that he will give for their item, call and offer them to sell this item to you a little cheaper - then you can make money on the difference.

16. Collect debts

If you have debtors, call them and ask for repayment. Sometimes you can motivate them by making a discount, because sometimes $ 40 is now much more necessary than $ 50 later.

17. Sell ​​Books

Try offering your books to your local library or bookstore. If that doesn't work, you can post them on Craigslist.

18. Sell ​​wheels

Most pawn shops will buy your CDs and DVDs, but they will not pay a lot (no more than $ 1 per disc) and will choose those that interest them.

19. Ask the boss for an advance

He may refuse you, but you will never know it until you ask. You can get a pretty good amount, which then parts will be deducted from your salary.

20. Get a credit card advance

If you contact the bank, you can get a cash advance by credit card. But for this, payments on it should not be past due, and, of course, you will have to pay interest on this amount when you will pay off the credit card debt.

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