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20 best deals at walmart

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Before Walmart was the only large retail retailer selling products with big discounts. However today Target, Costco and online store The Amazon made him competition by offering consumers low prices for a wide range of products.

But Walmart still remains the leader of the best deals on certain categories of goods, writes GO Banking Rates.

Discounts on merchandise when pickup

Walmart's Pickup Discount - is not a separate category of goods, but you will definitely get a discount by taking advantage of the special offer of self-pickup from the store for goods pre-ordered online.

It is not only about saving on delivery, but also about the possibility to purchase goods at a lower price than when buying it in a store.


Prices for car tires in Walmart lower than Sears or even in the store Discount Tire. For example, a tire Goodyear Wrangler in Sears worth $ 123, and in Walmart - $ 72.


Walmart Offers rebuilt TVs that can be purchased at 40% cheaper than other stores.

Camping equipment

According to experts, camping equipment in Walmart will cost three times cheaper than in other stores, including specialized ones.

Clothes and accessories

Prices for clothes and accessories in Walmart Radically low, which can come in handy when you need clothes for a specific purpose, not requiring high quality.


В Walmart LEGO designer kits can be found cheaper than in stores Toys R Us, Target and Amazon. It is especially profitable to buy a designer in this retailer if you prefer expensive popular kits, such as Minecraft, Ghostbusters and Marvel Super Heroes.

Bath towels

Set of six bath towels in Walmart will cost $ 17,82, while Target such a set will cost $ 43, and at Amazon - $ 22.

Brand detergents

Brand laundry detergents in Walmart will cost 20-30% cheaper than competing retailers.

Organic food

Brand products Walmart's Great Value Organic usually 20-30% cheaper than a similar brand Target's Simply Balanced Organic.

Starbucks coffee

Coffee Sumatra dark roast during sales in Target costs $ 7,99, with the same packaging in Walmart without a sale will cost $ 6,98.

Paper for printer

Walmart Offers low prices on many office supplies, especially for printer paper. For example, 20-pound paper packaging Universal worth $ 27,23, same packaging in Target will cost $ 57,99, on The Amazon - at $ 31,29.


For people who prefer to print their photos, Walmart Offers very low prices, at least 10% cheaper than in competing stores.

Beauty products

If you are looking for affordable cosmetics, then Walmart is the best choice. Ink L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original at Walmart worth $ 5,84, and in Walgreens - $ 8,49.


Walmart It offers some of the best prices for movies and CDs available for $ 3,74.

School supplies

Walmart Is a great place to buy school supplies, which are cheaper in this store than in Target. Also pay attention to special discounts and offers that the retailer often puts on school goods.

Children's clothing

Walmart offers school uniforms for as little as $ 4, making this offer more profitable deals in Target and Kohl's. You can buy a short sleeve shirt for a boy or girl for just $ 4,47, and pants or a skirt for only $ 9.

Baby clothes

Prices for clothes for newborns and babies in Walmart much lower than in The Amazon or other retailers.

Also, Walmart offers baby boxes for only $ 5, in which parents can find samples of different products for kids.

Disposable razors

Prices for this product in Walmart 50% lower than competitors.

Wedding Cards and Invitations

Wedding Invitations Walmart You can buy just 99 cents per piece, which is cheaper than other stores.


Buying medicines in Walmart allows you to save up to 50% cost of this product compared to purchases in other stores.

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