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20 free sites for learning English

For everyone who is tired of monotonous cramming and incomprehensible grammatical tasks, there are free sites for learning English. They are focused on different users and are built in different formats. We hope you find something for yourself.

Free sites can help in learning English. Photo: Depositphotos

1. "Inlex" Is an online English school that is known for its serious approach to learning. It's safe to say that this approach applies to everything here, including creating free content.

Here's what you can do for free:

  1. Пройти test to determine your English proficiency level knowledge of English. This is a comprehensive test of your knowledge in four areas: grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension. You will not only find out your level, but also get a detailed analysis of the mistakes made.
  2. Follow to weekly newsletter... Once a week, you will receive helpful emails with articles, videos, conversational phrases, grammar parsing and quizzes.
  3. Пройти e-mail course All Times of English. 7 letters with breakdowns of all times, tables, infographics and tests.
  4. Watch video on YouTube channel schools. The permanent hosts of the channel are real gurus of the English language. They will clearly explain and put on the shelves everything that you have not been able to fix for many years.
  5. Follow to Instagramgroup VK or school channel on Yandex.Dzene... Word presets, helpful resources, and easy flashcards make learning English easier and more enjoyable.
  6. Пройти free introductory lesson - get to know the teacher, evaluate the online format, find out your level of English and get personalized recommendations.

Photo: Shutterstock

2. Engblog - for 10 years, the authors of the blog have written a lot of articles on various topics in the English language. Read grammar materials, learn word collections, pass tests, and follow tips on preparing for international exams. You can study the articles of individual authors if you like this or that style of presentation.

3. EnglishDom - An online English language school that has been known for more than 10 years for its innovative approach to teaching students and highly qualified teachers who, with their unusual methods, inspire the study of English.

Classes at the school are held on its own learning platform. Ed class, which can be found before the start of training.

The school also suggests learning your current level of English with free online test.

In addition to courses with a teacher, EnglishDom offers other learning methods:

  • Free online simulator, in which you can practice grammar, expand your vocabulary and increase the level of perception of English by ear;
  • Online Courses for self-study in various areas;
  • Conversation Clubs, where you can not only learn to speak English fluently, but also have fun;
  • ED Words - A convenient mobile application that will help to significantly expand your vocabulary in just 10 minutes of classes per day.

Special attention should be paid to YouTube school channel. There you can find many interesting secrets and useful language learning tips.

Photo courtesy of EnglishDom

4. Duolingo - another service for learning foreign languages ​​from scratch, writes Financially, the project is supported by Google Capital, Ashton Kutcher and other good investors. The program is built in the form of a "tree of achievements": to go to a new level, you must first collect a certain number of points, which are given for the correct answers. There are applications for iOS and Android.

5. Situational English - offers to learn English through the situation. The site contains about 150 articles in which, depending on the context, ready-made expressions and reactions are offered. Materials are available in Russian.

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6. - a site with lessons, articles and videos. Also available in Russian.

7. - Users are invited to work with podcasts, they are all available in iTunes for free. It is also possible to work with podcasts and dictionaries.

8. Learn American English online - all material is distributed in levels and highlighted in a certain color for convenience. And teacher Paul explains the grammar in a video format.

9. Learnathome - Russian service, convenient because a student has a lesson plan every day that can be completed in 30 minutes. Before starting, the user is recommended to take a quick test that will determine the level of knowledge of the language. If the test is skipped, the service will install the program for the elementary level.



10. - service of learning English in the process of watching movies and popular TV shows. A translator is built into the video player, in which you need to select Russian.

11. Film-english - The site for learning the language with the help of short films was created by the English teacher Kieran Donahue - winner of several prestigious educational awards in the UK.

12. TuneintoEnglish - the site offers to learn English with the help of music. Here you can record the lyrics under the dictation, sing karaoke, find exercises to the texts and guess which song is being talked about using diagrams.

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13. FreeRice - simulator to replenish the vocabulary of English with grammar exercises and tests. The service is supported by the United Nations World Food Program, so the lessons are built in the form of a game — for every correct answer you get some rice to feed the hungry.



14. Memrise - the site is available in English. During the training, the user is offered to choose a meme for better memorization of a word or to create his own associative image. Then you need to perform exercises to choose the correct answer and the perception of the word by ear. The service is also available for iOS and Android.

15. Myspelling - A useful site for those who want to improve spelling in English. The user is invited to listen to the word, then write it.

16. Manythings - The site is aimed at those who are preparing for tests or exams in English. There are sections for practicing pronunciation (American, English), idioms, slang, and more.

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17. ExamEnglish suitable for preparing for the international exam in English (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.).

18. Babeleo - here you can read books in the original with a professional translation before your eyes. To familiarize the book is available for free, but to get access to the full version, you need to subscribe.



19. Begin-English - English for beginners. A large collection of a variety of educational materials, which on a voluntary basis collected undergraduate and graduate students of Moscow State University.

20. List-English - selection and classification of materials for the study of English: online dictionaries, schools, forums, translators, tutors, tests, school textbooks, video courses, games, YouTube channels, podcasts and more. New users are invited to download the plan from the 10 steps, following which, it will be easier for them to learn.

21. - All English textbooks are available here and are available for downloading or reading online.

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