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18 questions to ask at the end of the interview

When going through an interview, a person often experiences, and this can affect the quality of the conversation. But there are phrases that show your interest in the vacancy, help to learn more about the employer and distinguish among other applicants. Writes about it Lifehacker.

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1. Did I answer all your questions?

Before you start asking your questions, find out if the other person has them. You can say something like: “Yes, I have a few questions for you, but first I would like to make sure I answered yours. Perhaps you want me to explain something or give examples? ” If he says, “No, I have no questions left,” it means that you are on the right track. If he decides to clarify: “Could you tell me more about ...” or “Explain what you had in mind when you said ...” - this is your second chance to make the right impression.

Your interlocutor will certainly appreciate such a proposal, and you can understand how interested he is in your candidacy.

“Just remember to evaluate the situation before asking a similar question. Yes, on the one hand, so you can understand the interest in you as a candidate. On the other hand, if before that you had an extremely active interview, during which you were bombarded with questions at a rate of six per minute, such an appeal may sound like inappropriate irony or even sarcasm, ”says headhunter Alyona Vladimirskaya, one of the largest experts in recruiting areas.

2. What are the mission and values ​​of the company? How would you describe your corporate culture?

These questions will give you a general idea of ​​the company's philosophy and whether you are ready to follow its principles. You can also understand how priority is employee satisfaction in the organization’s overall value system.

3. Who do you consider your main competitors? What is your advantage over them?

This question will illustrate your ability to see the big picture on the market and think critically.

4. How do you rate me?

“Given that you most likely already know the criteria for an ideal candidate for a position, according to the recruiter’s response, you can understand whether he considers you a suitable candidate or not. Do not expect to rush to praise you. Criticism is likely to be anyway. However, by how it will be submitted, and by a general assessment, you will be able to understand whether you need to continue to ask smart questions to the recruiter or whether to end the conversation early, ”says Alena Vladimirskaya.

5. Do you have any doubts about my candidacy?

If you feel that the employer is hesitating, take courage and ask this question. He puts you in a vulnerable position, but you will show that you are confident enough in yourself and ready to openly discuss your weaknesses. You will be able to assess the current situation and work out the objections that may arise with the recruiter, while you still fully own his attention.

6. What do you like most about working at this company?

This question allows you to get closer to the interviewer, because he, like all people, probably likes to talk about himself and about what he understands well. Also, the answer will give you the opportunity to look at the company from the inside.

7. Is there someone else I need to meet with?

Getting to know potential teammates or a boss is essential for any interview. In addition, if the recruiter informs you that you will need to go through four more stages of interviewing other employees, you will get an idea of ​​the timing of the hiring process.

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8. How do you help your team grow professionally?

This question will illustrate your willingness to work hard to grow with the company, and will convince the interlocutor that you are interested in long-term cooperation. And you will learn about possible advanced training programs, which can be an additional advantage of the vacancy.

“This is a really good and correct question, especially for young candidates who need to grow in their first positions and not get stuck in the daily routine,” Vladimirskaya is convinced.

9. What are 3's most important tasks for an employee in this position for the next six months?

Think of every open position as a problem that the company hopes to solve with the help of a suitable employee. The more you know about the recruiter's expectations and success metrics, the easier it will be for you to demonstrate your suitability for this position and prioritize.

10. What was the most interesting project of the company?

By asking about a specific example, you will become better acquainted with the working conditions and the role of employees in it.

11. Why did the previous employee leave this position?

This question may seem uncomfortable, but the desire to find out why someone was dissatisfied with this work, of course. In addition, it demonstrates your analytical skills. If the previous employee left due to an increase, this information is also important for you.

12. How long is the trial period and on the basis of what will its results be summed up?

“You need to think for the future, and if you see that your candidacy is close, it’s better to understand in advance what will be expected of you and to warn yourself of possible mistakes,” comments Alena Vladimirskaya.

13. I read an article about the CEO / project of your company. Could you tell us more about this?

Such questions show that you are well prepared for the interview and are sincerely interested in the company and its leaders. The main thing is to make sure that these are not rumors.

14. How are things going with staff turnover and what do you do to reduce it?

This is a reasonable question, demonstrating that you are aware of the importance of stable work.

15. When are you planning to decide on my candidacy?

This knowledge should be the ultimate goal of the interview after determining your attitude to the position and culture of the company.

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16. Can I do something else to help you make a decision?

This is a simple polite question that will allow you to make sure that you have done everything you could, and to the interviewer that you are full of enthusiasm and zeal for work.

17. Is there something in my resume that could prevent me from getting this position?

“Even if you are not eventually accepted into this company, use the interview as much as possible, in particular, to receive feedback on your resume. If there are any errors or brake lights in it, you better find out about it. And then correct the resume and continue the job search, presenting yourself in a more favorable light, ”says Alena Vladimirskaya.

18. Is there something that we have not discussed, but, in your opinion, is it important for me to know?

This is a good closing question that requires you to just relax and listen. In addition, you can get answers to questions that you didn’t think of asking, and they are likely to be really important.

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