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18 things that Americans can't live without

Many of us have noticed that in almost every Hollywood film or series one can see the same things, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of the US residents. There are many stereotypes about this behavior and habits of the inhabitants of the States, who actually turned out to be true.

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AdMe.ru made a list of things without which no American can live.

1. Netflix


The service, which allows you to watch the most popular TV shows and movies, is used by about 148 million subscribers around the world. Of these, more than 60 million - in the United States. Netflix is ​​so popular in the States that back in 2017, the number of its users in the country overtook the number of cable television subscribers.

2. Chips


One of the most popular snacks in the USA is potato chips. They are consumed by about 86% of the country's population, and this is one of the highest rates in the world. Every year, residents of the States spend more than $ 16 million to purchase these snacks. In local supermarkets, you can sometimes find completely unusual variations of your favorite American snacks, such as potato chips with a taste of white chocolate.

3. Peanut butter

Every American consumes about 1,3 kg of peanut butter annually. If you put together all the portions of this sweet treat eaten in a year in the USA, it would be enough to cover the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a thin layer. According to statistics, an ordinary American child eats about 1,5 thousand. Peanut butter sandwiches by the time high school ends.

4. Toaster


It's hard to imagine an American morning without hot toasts, because on average, every day, residents of the state eat more 300 million sandwiches. Therefore, a toaster there is one of the essential electrical appliances in the kitchen.

5. Milk in a canister

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The United States ranks second in the world in terms of milk production. According to surveys, 58% of Americans use milk and dairy products as a source of protein. In supermarkets, it is often not sold in cartons, but in huge 2 — 3-liter cans.

6 Starbucks

Every month, more than 37 million US residents visit Starbucks and consume a variety of coffee drinks, regardless of the time of day. There are even more of these coffee houses here than McDonald's restaurants. Americans love to come to Starbucks not only for an invigorating drink, but also to work at a computer, if you are, for example, a freelancer. And no one here will look askance at you if you sit there all day.

7. Fast food

Every 3 resident of the United States prefers fast food as a daily meal, as it primarily saves time. Therefore, on the streets of large cities, you can easily find even an ATM with cupcakes, and Americans can keep a holder for french fries in the glove box of a car. Although in the shops you can buy not only semi-finished products, but also any vegetables and fruits that have already been washed, cut and nicely laid out in vacuum packaging - again with the goal of saving you time.

8. Motorized Shopping Trolley


In every large American supermarket one can easily find such a self-propelled trolley on wheels. It was created primarily to help people with disabilities to conveniently move around the store and make purchases. But it is also used by people who do not have any health problems, just to save their time and energy.

9. Turkey

Turkey is not only the main dish on Thanksgiving, but not a single large family party in the United States usually does without it. Every year, Americans spend about $ 8 billion on this treat, and each citizen on average eats up a little more than 8 kg of turkey per year.

10. Huge portions

Those who were in the United States may have noticed that in restaurants they will bring you such a huge portion of food that it is sometimes problematic for two to eat it together. A soda cups with a volume of 1 a liter and sometimes even more - this is a common phenomenon for American fast food chains. And in the stores you can easily find 5-liter cans with juice, 2-kilogram buckets of ice cream and cola in 3-liter bottles. All this does not come from the irrepressible appetite of Americans, but because of the desire of business owners to sell a little more in order to earn more.

11. Lots of ice

Americans love ice and are happy to buy it in huge bags at any time of the year. In every store and at every motel in the USA, you can find a huge refrigerator, which will only have ice. In restaurants in any drink you put it by default, if you do not warn the waiter in advance.

12. Check books

Many will probably say that checks are an outdated payment method. But in the USA, in some cases, a personal check can be not only the best way, but also the only way to pay the bill. This is especially true of people who do not have the opportunity to complete a transaction via the Internet, they simply send a check by regular mail in an envelope. And some American companies may charge extra for credit card payment, while there is no check fee.

13 Amazon

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Why leave the house when you can easily buy any thing on the Internet, and even cheaper than in a store? According to a recent survey, 75% of all online purchases in the US is done on the Amazon website. And most of all, Americans appreciate that purchases are delivered free of charge and directly to the door of their home.

14. Credits

It is hard to imagine an American who would not use a credit card, and it is necessary not only for shopping. For example, in the USA even renting a house will be problematic if you do not have a good credit history. According to a report published by the American Banking Association, 2017 million credit cards were opened in the country in 364, although the total population of the country was 330 million.

15. Drying machines

Balconies or bathrooms, in which clothes are dried on cords, are a real wonder for Americans. American homeowner associations even introduced rules against hanging clothesline, because some consider them unsightly. Therefore, in each house there is a special laundry room where several washing machines and dryers are installed, or there is a small storage room with these two appliances in the apartment. Who lives in a very tiny apartment, goes to wash and dry clothes in the nearest laundry.

16. American football

American football is the most beloved sporting event in the United States, and the price of match tickets starts with a few hundred dollars. About 37% of US citizens prefer to watch American football on TV, while only 9% of the country's population are attracted to broadcasts from baseball games.

17. Picnics

"Do not walk on the lawn" - such a sign you rarely find in the United States. Here, all the lawns are designed for people to rest on the grass, and therefore there is even their own culture of picnics. In the States you will not meet people with prefabricated barbecues and barbecues. In large parks and campgrounds you can always find a large stationary grill with a grill for cooking steaks. And for dessert, Americans love to fry marshmallows over coal.

18. Superheroes

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and dozens of other superheroes are an important part of the young American culture and an alternative to mythological characters. They always stand on the protection of ordinary citizens of the United States and never lose, so they are so loved and trusted by all Americans.

And what else would you add to this list or exclude from it?

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