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17 professions that allow you to earn money from home during the crisis

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have faced, or are still facing, unexpected leave or dismissal. Although the pandemic has led to the creation of vacancies in some areas of healthcare, retail and delivery, the country is preparing for a record number of unemployed, writes GOBankingRates.

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However, over the past few years, the so-called "giganomics" has arisen. These are jobs that attract people earning a living by contract work. Given the increase in the number of unemployed to millions, professions that allow you to work remotely can cause increased interest. Most of the contract work is done online. This type of work is used in various professions, so you can perform this work regardless of your specialization. If you want to earn extra money or decide on a full-time career, one of these online jobs may be exactly what you are looking for. Note that salary data is available for 2018.


  • 2018 Revenue: Variable

Bloggers make money by developing and promoting a personal blog. This can be not only a text online magazine, but also video, audio or graphics. Some of them work for large media companies to attract interest in a particular site or company. Others engage in individual work on the Internet, create a blog from scratch and gain audience. Independent bloggers often make money selling ad slots on their blogs. As readers are attracted, the advertising space of a blog becomes more valuable. The blog can be run on relatively inexpensive web hosting with a platform for creating a site.

Accountant accountant

  • Income in 2018: from $ 25 to $ 260 per year

Businesses always need help with financial control and documentation. The accountant helps enterprises to register debts, create accounts, prepare financial reports and so on. Moreover, thanks to accounting software and the Internet, accountants can take on responsibilities such as payroll, purchasing or tracking past due accounts.

Accounting will require a certain level of education and mathematical skills. You may also need to invest in accounting software and a website. However, maintaining a website, advertising on the Internet, and building communication networks can help you attract customers and increase revenue.

Training Creator

  • Income in 2018: from $ 36 to $ 360 per year (training coordinators)

The course creator is an independent version of the learning coordinator. At the remote level, this is usually work directed towards the lesson or curriculum level if you are creating a course for certification. Course creators assess the requirements and propose course materials to achieve a learning goal, often for companies wishing to train their employees.

A master's degree and relevant teaching experience are desirable, although some specialists in this field have only a bachelor's degree.

Data entry operator

  • 2018 revenue: from $ 22 to $ 460 per year

Data entry operators usually do this online work from a personal computer. Work may include checking data or preparing data for printing. These tasks usually do not require experience and responsibilities are, for the most part, simple. Data entry specialists can also work on a flexible schedule. Therefore, it can satisfy your income needs, as well as offer additional work.

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Freelance writer

  • Income in 2018: from $ 31 to $ 700 per year

Freelance writers develop written content for various types of media, including commercials, books, articles, blogs, or scripts in fiction or non-fiction genres. They should conduct research, as well as write understandable texts. They also work with editors who review and edit material.

Most employees in this profession have a bachelor's degree in journalism, English, or communication. However, depending on which niche or field of activity you choose, work experience in areas such as finance or healthcare can also contribute to your freelance writing career. You can also get a certificate in writing grants.

Graphic Designer

  • Income in 2018: from $ 29 to $ 610 per year

Graphic designers are involved in creating visual concepts. They usually create their designs on the computer - logos, illustrations, flyers, advertisements and online images. Graphic designers also present their concepts either to art directors or sometimes directly to clients. Jobs in this area are expected to grow by 24% between 2018 and 2028 as companies seek to increase their digital presence.

Graphic designers, as a rule, achieve a certain level of post-secondary education, to which they can create a portfolio. Certification programs are often conducted through software vendors.

Medical Transcriptionist

  • Income in 2018: from $ 21 to $ 840 per year

Medical transcriptionists, often referred to as medical records specialists, create written reports based on voice recordings of medical professionals. They should also be familiar with medical terminology. For this reason, healthcare providers often prefer to hire people with a degree in medicine, transcription, or work experience, such as a nurse's assistant or medical secretary.

Online Sales Manager

  • 2018 Revenue: Variable

Online selling is another profession well suited to work from home. Some people may be selling existing products; others may try to sell what they have invented themselves. Successful work of this kind requires confidence in your product and the ability to differentiate your product from the millions of others sold on the Internet. This requires a variety of skills. You may also need marketing, writing, graphics, web design, and bookkeeping skills. Sellers must also set up the platform and decide how much to charge for the item. Payment depends on how well your items are selling.


  • Revenue in 2018: $ 9,54 to $ 36,71 per hour

Photographers produce images through technical and artistic expertise. They use photographic and lighting equipment and often software to edit their photographs. Technologies such as digital cameras, editing software and drones have expanded their capabilities. Since many are self-employed, they may also need to master social media, advertising, planning, and accounting. Photographers can do most of the editing and administrative work in the home office, although photography can take place elsewhere. The photographer does not need special education, although some take courses.


  • Income in 2018: from $ 23 to $ 220 per year

The proliferation of written online content has increased the need for proofreaders. Proofreaders read and check content to find errors in grammar, typography, or composition. The media are one of the areas of demand for this service. Proofreaders may also find work in the legal, scientific, technical or business fields. Customers generally prefer the corrector to have a bachelor's degree, especially in areas such as journalism, communication, or English. While work does not require experience, a sharp look at the details is important.

Social Media Manager

  • Income in 2018: from $ 33 to $ 690 per year (PR specialist)

Social media managers design social media programs to connect with followers and shape the public perception of the company. Often seen as the “voice of the company,” a social media manager can work like a public relations specialist - social media turned this into an online job during the crisis. They can also perform copywriting duties. Researching, SEO support, and customer service are among the other responsibilities of a social media manager. The manager usually has a bachelor's degree in marketing, public relations, or a similar field.


  • Income in 2018: from $ 27 to $ 230 per year

Translators make words in a foreign language understandable to those who speak another language. This work may include translating written materials or acting as a simultaneous translator for two people who do not speak the same language. Translators must also understand cultural references and slang in both languages ​​in order to convey practical meaning. Translators usually have a bachelor's degree and are fluent in at least two different languages. However, clients generally do not require formal training or certification.

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  • Income in 2018: from $ 18 to $ 670 per year

Tutors give students extra attention, helping to consolidate the lessons that teachers give in the main educational institution. They can work with students in the special education system or with students with disabilities. Tutors work at the K-12 level, and even in the higher education system. They may also specialize in areas such as adult literacy.

Tutoring usually requires a bachelor's degree, and people working at the post-secondary level may need a master's or doctoral degree. However, given that as of 2017 more than 76 million students are enrolled in schools, tutors will most likely not have a shortage of students in need of academic assistance.

Video editor

  • Income in 2018: from $ 31 to $ 940 per year

Sometimes called videographers, video editors create visual and audio content for various clients. They usually shoot videos, arrange filming, solve technical problems and work with customers to create the final product. They can also apply, draw up contracts, and get permission to shoot in specific places. Video editors often earn a bachelor's degree, especially in areas such as communication or cinematography. They also need to understand how to work with digital cameras and edit software.

Virtual Assistant

  • Income in 2018: from $ 24 to $ 690 per year (secretaries and administrative assistants)

Virtual assistants perform secretarial and administrative functions online. This can include a variety of functions, ranging from answering phone calls to scheduling meetings and meetings, maintaining data and performing accounting tasks. Since virtual assistants perform these duties on a contractual basis, they can work with more than one client. Although this work may not require post-secondary education, knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets and databases will help. Virtual assistants will also need to learn industry terminology if they work in medical offices or law firms.

Virtual call center operator

  • Revenue in 2018: $ 10,65 to $ 26,59 per hour

Another type of work that is increasingly done at home is customer service through a virtual call center. Responsibilities performed include answering questions, handling complaints, or receiving information. Some can also generate sales using this technology. Most people learn these skills on the job, although representatives in specialized fields may need additional training. Companies today often turn these positions into work from home. If you take one of these positions, keep in mind that they may require a change early in the morning or late at night. However, you may have some flexibility in your work schedule.

Web Designer

  • Income in 2018: from $ 37 to $ 930 per year

Web designers design and create sites. They handle both the visual and technical aspects of the site. Web developers also create content, and ensure that the site can handle the necessary load. Requirements vary. An associate degree in web development is the most common way to enter this industry. However, a bachelor's degree may be required. E-commerce continues to accelerate the growth of the profession. Because designers can do work from anywhere in the world, web design easily adapts to the remote work format.

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