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15 things that only New Yorkers can boast

If anyone ever asks you why you like living in New York State, the list of answers can be endless.

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Edition Only in Your State I was able to reduce it to 15 things that New Yorkers can really brag about without a twinge of conscience.

1. Green Lake is one of the twelve meromictic lakes on the planet.

One of the most prideful reasons New Yorkers are proud of, Green Lakes Park is arguably the most unique body of water found in the state. The meromictic lake is capable of maintaining abnormally clear water due to the fact that there is no movement of water in it.

2. New York has its own North Pole.

There is a city in New York called the North Pole. There you can find the Santa Claus office and the official post office, where you can send postcards or gifts with the post office stamp at the North Pole.

3. One of the last “5 & 10” stores in America is located in New York

Fortunately, many of our favorite stores are still open in New York. One of America's favorite stores that no longer exists in many states, 5 & 10, is still open in New York. This is one of the many reasons to visit East Aurora.

4. New Yorkers are on hand to America’s largest park.

Adirondack Park in New York is bigger than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier and Grand Canyon combined.

5. In the Adirondack Park there are at once 46 mountains

What other state can boast the presence of 46 amazing high mountains ?!

6. In New York you will find the smallest church in the world.

The smallest Church in the world is located in the city of Oneida. The miniature chapel can accommodate a total of three people - just enough room for a priest and a couple looking to get married.

7. The state boasts a truly magical castles.

Some kind of castle can be found in almost every state of the United States, but in New York there are several castles where you can spend the night or even have dinner. Moreover, they hit the complexity of the architecture and how well they survived.

8. In New York, there is such a terrible house that at the legislative level it was recognized as a house with ghosts.

Known as Ghostbusters Ruling, the house is located along the Hudson River in the city of Nike. He had such a disturbing history that he was officially declared home with ghosts as a result of a court session.

9. New York has some of the most unique waterfalls you have ever seen.

New York is known for having a large number of waterfalls throughout the state, but some of them are simply extraordinary impressive. Such places include Secret Caverns, where you can find waterfalls underground; Dover Stone Church, where you can find a waterfall falling in an aboveground cave; and Eternal Flame Falls, which keeps a real eternal fire burning.

10. Many New York Towns Appeared in Movies

Some of your favorite television shows use campuses in New York as scenery for filming.

11. New York is the world's largest kaleidoscope

Located at Mount Tremper's Emerson Resort and Spa, Kaatskill Kaleidoscope is one of New York's most unique attractions.

12. Marble Cave

Natural Stone Bridge & Caves is where you can find the entrance to the largest marble cave in the eastern United States.

13. Unusual Hotels

There are many amazing places in New York State where you can spend the night. The most bizarre of them is Roxbury Motel. In this hotel you will find that each room is decorated in its own unique style, which is often devoted to popular films and television shows.

14. New York serves a pizza sandwich with ice cream

New York boasts delicious pizza - everyone knows that. But this state also has an amazing ice cream sandwich pizza.

15. New York is the oldest attraction in America

Opened to the public in 1870, Ausable Chasm is America's oldest natural landmark and is located in New York City.

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