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15 fun and inexpensive alternatives to Disneyland

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Disneyland is a popular, but not cheap place to stay. A four-day meeting with Mickey Mouse for a family of four, on average, will cost more than $ 4000.

If you live far from Anaheim, California, where Disneyland is located, a flight for four people will cost about $ 1600. Tickets to Disneyland for four days will cost about $ 1000 - so you've already spent almost $ 3000, and that's without accommodation. And hotels near Disneyland aren't cheap. A family of parents with two children can spend around $ 2000 for four nights at a hotel. Naturally, the cost of living can be reduced by staying at a hotel further from Disneyland.

However, for those who want to have a good time and not spend a fortune, there are at least 15 cost-effective alternatives to Disneyland in the USA.

  1. Cedar PointOhio
  • Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie.
  • An admission ticket costs $ 65 in place or $ 45 if purchased over the Internet. The price is the same for children and adults. Seasonal tickets can be purchased for as low as $ 132.
  • Parking costs $ 15 per day.
  • If you have a seasonal ticket, food costs $ 14 for one lunch or dinner. You can also buy a full-day meal for $ 32.
  • Staying in one of the park's hotels for one night for a family of four people costs from $ 300 to $ 600, depending on the dates. You can get a package, which also includes a ticket to the park and the Soak City Waterpark.

An affordable alternative to Disneyland - Cedar Point - is called the "world capital of roller coasters." Some of the trains reach speeds up to 120 miles per hour and have slopes of incidence down to 80 degrees.

2. HersheyparkPennsylvania

  • Hersheypark is located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Ticket prices start at $ 62,95 for adults and $ 39,95 for children. Children under 3 are free. You can also buy season tickets from $ 160 for adults and $ 145 for children.
  • Parking costs $ 15 for one-time visitors and is free for those who have season tickets.
  • Food stamps cost $ 15 and give visitors a 30% or more discount for lunch or dinner at one of the park's restaurants.
  • Hotel Hershey costs around $ 640 per night in mid-July, and rooms at The Hershey Lodge will cost, on average, $ 350 in June. You can also rent a two-bedroom cottage at Hershey Camping Resort for $ 149.

The chocolate world in Hersheypark is a favorite place for family holidays. Here you can see the process of making Hershey's chocolate, starting with the cultivation of cocoa beans and ending with the packaging of a popular delicacy, as well as trying a free treat after the tour.

3. Knott's Berry Farm, state California

  • The park is located in Buena Park, California, south of the 91 and 5 tracks.
  • Entry tickets cost $ 72, but a family can save $ 29 on a single ticket if they buy in advance. Season tickets cost from $ 96 to $ 204.
  • Parking costs $ 18 per car, free for season ticket holders.
  • Lunch will cost about $ 15, and a daily meal voucher is $ 32.
  • A room at Knott's Berry Farm Hotel in July will cost from $ 150 to $ 477. The price usually includes breakfast.

Knott's Berry Farm celebrates its 75th anniversary this year - in honor of which the park is launching a new interactive program, Ghost Town Alive! In June, the restored GhostRider also opens with wooden slides 1350 meters long.

4. LEGOLAND, different locations

  • LEGOLAND is located in several locations - in Florida, California, as well as Holland, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Malaysia and England.
  • Online tickets for LEGOLAND in California start at $ 93 for guests over 13, while tickets that also allow you to visit Sea Life Water Park are only $ 10 more. Annual tickets range from $ 149 to $ 269.
  • Parking - $ 15 per vehicle.
  • According to TripAdvisor, a number in LEGOLAND California at the end of June costs about $ 450 per night.

Due to the lack of a roller coaster, LEGOLAND is one of the most peaceful amusement parks, making it an ideal option for holidays with small children. In 2016, new items such as the 4D cinema in the Kingdom of Knighton, Merlok 2.0 and the heroic Nexo Knights appeared.

5. Kings Island, state Ohio

  • Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, 24 miles northeast of Cincinnati is the largest amusement park in the Midwest.
  • A day ticket, which can also be used on a weekend, costs $ 46 when you buy online, and a general ticket, including this park and Cedar Point, costs about $ 65. Season tickets will cost from $ 111 to $ 204.
  • Parking costs $ 18, but with some seasonal tickets it is free.
  • A daily meal ticket costs about $ 30 per guest.
  • Family planning a vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge in mid-June can count on $ 300 per night. Local hotels offer rooms for $ 66 per night on the same dates.

Guests of Kings Island can visit the Soak City Waterpark, which has a new Tropical Plunge slide. At this attraction there are six slides with a height of seven-story house, as well as the floor, which goes under the feet.

6. SchlitterbahnTexas

  • Schlitterbahn Waterparks & Resorts is located in New Braunfels, South Padre Island, Corpus Christi and Galveston Island, Texas, and Kansas City, Kansas.
  • A day ticket to the park in New Braunfels costs about $ 50 for adults and $ 39 for children older than 2. Tickets can also be bought online and save $ 12 on the ticket.
  • Parking is free of charge.
  • The park allows visitors to bring their own picnic baskets.
  • A family room in The Riverbend Cabins at the end of July will cost about $ 500.

In Schlitterbahn Park in New Braunfels, there is a water slide with a slope under the Master Blaster mountain, repeatedly referred to as the best water slide of the USA, as well as many slow-moving rivers and heated pools for relaxation.

7. Universal studios, state Florida

  • Universal Studios amusement parks are located in Orlando, Florida, Hollywood, California, in Japan and Singapore.
  • In Orlando Park, a day pass with World of Harry Potter passes costs $ 155 for adults and $ 150 for children. Admission to Universal Studios Park alone costs $ 105 for an adult and $ 100 for a child.
  • Parking space costs $ 20 per day.
  • Lunch will cost about $ 20 per person.
  • The cost of hotels in the park is from $ 230 to $ 400.

In a recent article for Travel + Leisure, author Christine Harmel named the Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts attraction the best attraction of all Orlando parks. According to Harmel, after visiting the attraction there is a feeling that he was in a Harry Potter film.

8. KnobelelsPennsylvania

  • Knoebels is located in Ilisburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Entry to the park is free, however, visitors need to buy tickets for attractions worth $ 5, $ 10 or $ 20.
  • Parking near the park is free.
  • Main dishes in the restaurants of the park cost from $ 12 to $ 18.
  • Camping costs $ 48 per night, and a room in the cottage starts at $ 140. Local hotels with breakfast will cost approximately $ 150 per night.

Knoebels is a family amusement park with an atmosphere like the good old days. Due to the fact that all tickets are bought separately, no one forces you to pay for adrenaline descents, which you may not use. You can also visit the Knoebels water park - Crystal Pool. Swimming in a pool costs $ 7, and a swimming pool with slides costs $ 14,50.

9. Busch GardensVirginia

  • Busch Gardens is located in Williamsburg, Virginia - a city that is part of the historic colonial triangle of Williamsburg-Yorktown-Jamestown.
  • A daily ticket costs $ 77 for an adult and $ 67 for a child from 3 to 9 years, children up to 3 years are free. A Fun Card with unlimited visits costs $ 77 dollars.
  • Parking costs $ 15 per day.
  • If you buy food stamps, you can save 35% on food — it costs $ 23 for an adult and $ 15 for a child.
  • The hotel will cost $ 200-350 per night.

Busch Gardens offers wildlife safaris, as well as educational exhibits with wolves, bald eagles and Clydesdale horses.

10. Clark's Elioak FarmMaryland

  • Clark's Elioak Farm is located in Ellicott City, Maryland.
  • Entry costs $ 6, but for walks on a pony and on a train with cows you need to pay extra $ 2 per person. A season pass for a family of four costs $ 130.
  • Parking is free of charge.
  • The farm only sells baby snacks and drinks.
  • Rooms in local hotels cost from $ 90 to $ 190 per night.

Such entertainment is ideal for a family that does not like a roller coaster, and instead it prefers a fabulous amusement park. In addition, families with small children will surely enjoy the farm, where you can communicate with animals.

11. Holiday world и Splashin 'safari state Indiana

  • Holiday World is located in Santa Clos, Indiana.
  • A day ticket costs $ 39 and a season ticket costs $ 110-170.
  • Parking is free, as well as Wi-Fi, and sun visors.
  • A typical meal at one of the restaurants in the park costs from $ 10 to $ 15.
  • Local hotels offer rooms from $ 80 to $ 160 per night in mid-June. On the territory of the campsite there are houses, cottages and vans for rent.

According to TIME magazine, Voyage slides are recognized as America’s best wooden roller coaster. The guests of the park are also entertained with stories from Santa himself and vivid musical shows.

12. Six Flags Great Adventure, state New-Jersey

  • Six Flags Great Adventure is located in Jackson, New Jersey, between New York and Philadelphia.
  • Day ticket prices start at $ 46,99 when you buy online. Seasonal tickets cost from $ 72 to $ 92 when purchased before June 12, after that - within $ 150-170.
  • Local hotels cost $ 140 to $ 180 per room.

Six Flags Safari in Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey - 10 acres more than Disney's Animal Kingdom. This park also has the world's highest rollercoaster ride, Kingda Ka, made of steel and reaching 139 meters.

13. Six Flags Fiesta, Texas

  • Six Flags Fiesta is located in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Daily admission starts at $ 52 when purchased online. At the entrance, tickets are sold for $ 72 for an adult and $ 57 for a child shorter than 120. See Children up to 3 are free. Season tickets cost from $ 88 to $ 160.
  • Parking costs $ 18 per day, and a seasonal parking ticket costs $ 65.
  • Local hotels cost from $ 94 to $ 260 per night.

In 2016, the park features new products: virtual reality Superman Krypton Coaster, Fireball Loops, Hurricane Force 5, Spinsanity and Batman: The Ride - 4D free fall slides. The entrance ticket price also includes a visit to the water park.

14.Universal's Wet 'n Wild Water Park, state Florida

  • Universal's Wet'n Wild Park is located in Orlando, Florida, close to other Universal and Disneyland amusement parks.
  • Parking costs $ 15.
  • Universal Orlando offers a meal plan ranging from $ 22 to $ 28 per person, but it is only available with a Universal Orlando tour package.
  • Prices for hotels within the park range from $ 200 to $ 400 per night.

In this park is Blastaway Beach - the largest water park in Florida, which is open all year round.

15. DollywoodTennessee

  • Dollywood is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
  • A daily ticket costs $ 65 for an adult and $ 52 for a child from 4 to 11. Entrance to the water park is $ 48 for an adult and $ 43 for a child.
  • Parking costs $ 10.
  • Lunches and dinners at Aunt Granny's Buffet cost about $ 17 for an adult and $ 9 for a child.
  • The hotel will cost $ 150-300.

Dollywood Park claims that they have the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world. If the surrounding Gray Smoky Mountains are not exciting enough, then try the Lightening Rod, which at 73 miles an hour will take you to the height of the 20 floor.

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