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Florida's strange 15 laws, the reality of which is hard to believe

Strange laws and prohibitions are not only in New York, but also in other US states. Florida is not lagging behind in this matter - here, too, you can count at least 15 unexpected prohibitions and laws, the reality of which is hard to believe.

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Think twice about whether it is worth falling asleep under a hairdryer in a hairdresser if you are a woman, and walking down the streets in a strapless evening dress if you are a representative of the stronger half of humanity. Find out what other things are prohibited in Florida Only In Your State.

1. If you suddenly decide to tie an elephant to a parking meter, you will have to pay for its parking just as you would for a car.

Photo: Flickr / Paul Williams

Is it true that you also hate that moment when a great spot becomes vacant - and there’s already an elephant standing there?

2. Skateboarding without a license in Florida is prohibited.

Photo: Flickr / David Goehrin

Have you ever heard of the existence of such licenses?

3. Men should not wear a strapless evening gown in public.

Photo: Flickr / Huzzah Vintage

That is, men can wear evening dresses with straps? What is so offensive about strapless dresses?

4. In Miami, it is illegal to sell oranges on the streets.

Photo: Flickr / Wesley Hetrick

Strange, but this is Florida - and that says it all.

5. Women who fall asleep under a hair dryer can be fined, and salon owners too.

Photo: Flickr / Luca Volpi

Have you ever come to the salon in a sleepy form? This rule is really hard not to break.

6. Husband is forbidden to kiss his wife's chest.

Looks like it all gets too personal.

7. The Constitution of the State of Florida prohibits locking pregnant pigs in cages.

Photo: Flickr / thornypup

Sure, pigs are grateful for this law, but is it really to be in the constitution?

8. Sale of children in Florida is illegal.

Flickr / Donnie Ray Jones

It is sad that for this you need a special law.

9. Stealing a horse is a crime punishable by hanging.

Photo: Flickr / Bill Gracey

Do not try. In some parts of Florida, people take horses very seriously.

10. It is forbidden to sing before the public in a bathing suit.

Probably too many beach parties have become annoying to someone.

11. All doors in public buildings should open outwards.

Photo: Flickr / Bill Rogers

This is supposedly due to strong winds that can tear the doors off the hinges.

12. You cannot have sexual relations with a porcupine.

Photo: Flickr / Aleksandr Kavun

Sometimes the law protects you from yourself.

13. Wash in the shower naked is prohibited.

Photo: Flickr / Kevin McShane

We are sure that many residents of Florida at least once and broke this rule.

14. Unmarried women are prohibited from parachuting on Sundays under the threat of arrest, fines and even imprisonment.

Photo: Flickr / Amanda Salm

All one can ask is why? And why is this normal for married women?

15. In one city in Florida, chickens are considered a protected species.

Photo: Flickr / Dasha Galan

Will you try to guess? This is Key West (a city where roosters and chickens roam the streets freely, like cats or dogs - editor's note).

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