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15 ways to increase your income

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Regardless of whether you started working recently or if you have 20 years of experience behind you, you probably would like to earn more. We cannot guarantee that your salary will be increased in 2017, but we will describe some simple ways that will allow you to increase your monthly income.

15. Check your paid subscriptions

Check the settings of your phone, maybe you pay for those applications that do not need. Also, consider whether you are not overpaying for a telephone connection, it may be worthwhile to choose a mobile operator that offers more advantageous tariffs. Also check the power consumption. Some providers offer cheaper late night electricity rates. Perhaps you could postpone any household chores for this particular period. In addition, if you live on the sunny side, then investing in solar panels in the long run can save you a lot of your electricity costs.

14. Isolate the windows

Paying utility bills can eat up the lion's share of your earnings. And oddly enough, window insulation will save you money. According to the US Department of Energy, hanging curtains can reduce the amount of heat lost through windows, up to 25 percent. You can also insulate the windows with a special film. Insulation of windows reduces heat loss from the room, thereby saving you the cost of this type of utilities.

13. Sell ​​your opinion

If you already actively use such social networks as Facebook and Twitter, you can earn money by trading your authoritative opinions. You can work with brands directly and get paid for the advertising content of different companies placed on your page. As the famous blogger Morgan Timm writes, even beginning bloggers can take at least 100 dollars per post.

12. Automation savings

Proper account management can significantly increase your average monthly income. Set up an automatic transfer of a certain amount to a savings account, with time the money will start working and generate additional income. You can also invest in securities and real estate. Dividends on some stocks can be a good help.

11. Declare your home office

If you use part of your property for commercial activities, you have the right to deduct from the tax the cost of rent, electricity, water, gas, Internet and telephone bills. In addition, the state will be able to compensate you part of the cost of repairs, if it was necessary for your business.

10. Monetize your blog or website

If you have a website or channel YouTube, you can make money by monetizing it. One of the quickest ways to make money online is by placing ads on your website - you'll make money anytime someone views or clicks on an ad. Your earnings depend on the platform and the contract with the advertiser. But if you run the channel YouTubewhich receives 1000 hits per day, you can earn an extra $ 440 per year, according to SocialBlade, a research and consulting company specializing in social media marketing.

9. Claim Charitable Costs

If you are doing charity work, you are entitled to tax breaks that can improve your well-being. So, you may have to cover the costs that you incurred in helping the American Red Cross or a non-profit school or hospital.

8. Pay off your debts

The common phrase - "you need to spend money to earn money" - is actually not about paying off debt, but it is also suitable for this case. According to a 2017 study Northwestern mutual47% of Americans have a debt of at least $ 25 000, with the exception of mortgage loans. And 45% spends half their salary on debt repayment. If you are dealing with consumer debt, especially credit cards with a higher interest rate or credit lines, then try to cover debts on them as quickly as possible. The faster you pay off debts, the less you will pay for interest.

7. Holiday to care for the child

If you are lucky enough to work in a company that offers childcare services for employees, these benefits can significantly affect your salary. Full-time pay costs average $ 12 781 in Massachusetts and still fluctuate at $ 3 997 per year in the least expensive state of Mississippi. Thus, getting free or low-cost child care can be a big incentive for increasing your salary. Even if your company does not offer day care in place, you can get benefits that can increase your wages. For example, Yahoo pays employees $ 500 on essentials for a newborn.

6. Work on holidays

Of course, those who work more earn more. But it is not necessary to spend many hours at work, sometimes it is enough to choose the right shift. If your employer pays double the rate for work on holidays, then think about the option of working on weekends. Not always work on holidays will prevent you from relaxing and having fun. On long holidays, it is possible to allocate several days for work that is paid at a double rate.

5. Renting an apartment

If you live in an expensive city and travel frequently, consider renting a part of your house or apartment, for example, via the website Airbnb. In addition, if a guest stops at 14 for less than a day, you do not need to declare the amount as taxable.

4. Create and sell

If you have a delicate taste or enough adventurism, you can sell products on Etsy or eBay. It can be both hand-made or refurbished old things. In addition, you can put up for sale and you unnecessary things. Thus, you clean the house of rubbish and earn some money. If you photograph, you can sell your work in stocks, which will also bring you a small income.

3. Subtract business expenses

If you have business expenses that cannot be reimbursed, they can be taxed, explains Josh Zimmelman, founder Westwood Tax & Consulting. Eligible costs may include fees for continuing education. If you plan to use this method of saving, be sure to keep receipts. You will need to demonstrate that everything you spent was a legitimate business expense if you have ever come across an IRS audit.

2. Exercise at home

Good physical fitness is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life. However, gym membership can be expensive. Statistics Brain reported that the average membership to a fitness club costs $ 58 per month; if you live in more expensive states, this amount may be more than $ 100. You can increase your average income by selling your subscription and starting to play sports at home. Run in the parks and surroundings, ride a bike on weekends. Do fitness using rollers on Youtube.

1. Work from home

Getting to work every day is not only difficult, but also quite expensive. Study Citigroup found that Americans' travel costs averaged $ 2600 a year. That's about $ 216 a month - a significant chunk of that money you could save if you cut back on travel or work from home. Ask your boss to let you work from home a full week or a few days a week. Programs such as Skype, Slack and others greatly facilitate the work in a remote format. In addition, home mode may be more productive than office.

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