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15 interesting tricks of Google Maps that you might not know about

This week, Google Maps is 15 years old, and many of the more than 1 billion people who use the Google app every month around the world are not just for navigation. Most likely, you are among them, writes USA Today.

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Google has actually changed the Google Maps icon to emphasize the evolution of Maps. Over the years, more than 220 countries have been mapped.

As part of the birthday celebration, Google has updated the look of its Maps application for iOS and Android, primarily with the help of five tabs that appear at the bottom of the screen; used to be three.

The updated design of Google Maps has 5 tabs at the bottom of the screen.

You can click the “Overview” tab for information and ratings, as well as the “How to get there” tab for traffic and travel time, etc.

Now there is a “Save” button, where you can view all the places where you were or, perhaps, want to go to one of them. According to Google, people have saved more than 6,5 billion places on Google Maps.

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You can also click the Contribute tab to share what you know with others: business reviews, photos, road and address information. Google says hundreds of millions of people each year provide information that helps keep Maps relevant.

Meanwhile, on the new tab “Updates” you can find out about popular trends from reputed experts and publishers. One example is The Infatuation, which aims to help you decide where to eat.

Google will release new versions of Google Maps in the next few days.

Here are 15 other Google tips on what you can or can do on Google Maps:

  1. Translate the name of places or addresses

Click the speaker icon that appears next to the address or place name. Google Maps will loudly call it in the local language.

2. Private use

Select incognito mode and Google won’t save your search in Maps. The trade-off is that you lose some personalization. Separately, you can select auto deletion items in your location history to save data for three or 18 months. Google claims that it will automatically delete everything that you previously saved.

3. Avoid roads, paid bans, ferries

In navigation mode, tap the three points in the upper right corner of the application and find “Route Settings” to select the types of routes you want to avoid.

4. Share your ETA and real-time location

When you’ve started your journey, press the ^ button, and then click “Share your trip” to do so with the assigned contacts.

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5. Find a bike or scooter

You can find affordable bikes in real time in two dozen cities. Google Maps can tell you if a Lime scooter is available and calculate how much your trip will cost in more than 80 cities around the world.

6. Charge your electric car

In some places, you can also see the location and availability of charging stations for electric vehicles.

7. Know which way to go

The arrows indicate in which direction you will use the Google Live View augmented reality feature. After choosing your destination, click the Direction button and the Walk tab.

8. Time Travel

Take a look into the past. Select a location in Google Maps on the desktop and drag the yellow “pegman” shape onto the picture. Click on the clock that appears in the upper left corner to select a frame.

9. Get flight information

Click on the three gray lines in the upper left corner of the screen and click "Your places." Then click on the Booking tab to find out if your plane flies away on time. You can also use Maps in the terminal to find nearby gates, lounges, restaurants and shops.

10. Remember where you parked

Click the blue dot on the map, and then click Save Parking. Before entering the area, find the parking difficulty icons available in more than 50 cities.

11. Save time

Select the "Popular Time" and "Waiting" functions to understand how crowded near the restaurant or in another place where you are going.

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12. How busy is the transport

Last year, Google added crowdsourcing data to predict how busy your bus, train, or metro will be at a specific time. Google is now adding new ideas through Maps that may affect your trips. These include a notification about whether your train or bus is on the cooler or warmer side, whether there are special female sections or wagons in some transit systems, and whether passengers with special needs can take public transport with staff ready to help.

13. Order food

If you click the Order Online button, you can choose pickup or delivery through specific eateries. Your choice will depend on the location. Last year, the most popular in the USA on Google Maps were pizza, Chinese food and breakfast.

14. Add a few stops

Click on three points, then “Route Settings” and then “Add Stop”. Google Maps will attempt to provide the fastest route between these stops.

15. Plan a group activity

If you long press in a specific place on the map, it will fall into a short list that you can share with friends on any messaging platform.

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