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15 is the lowest paid professions in the US that you shouldn't attend college

The value of a degree in college often goes beyond the lecture halls, as students gain skills, interpersonal skills and more on campus. However, if the student loan debt is more than $ 1,5 trillion in America, it would be wise to avoid less lucrative specialties.

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To compare investment returns for different bachelor's degrees, GOBankingRates analyzed the average salary from PayScale College Salary Report.

15. Pottery

  • Average salary: $ 53 000

14. Office Administrator

  • Average salary: $ 52 100

People with a bachelor's degree have an average annual salary of $ 35 800 at the very beginning of their career. By the time they get more than 10 years of experience, this number is increasing by more than $ 16 000.

13. Teacher Education.

  • Average salary: $ 51 900

The PayScale College Salary Report shows that only 42 percent of graduates with a bachelor's degree in pedagogy believe their work is important. This may be due to the fact that the salary at the beginning of a career for these workers is $ 44 100. The fee increases by $ 7,800 in the middle of a career.

12. Music theory

  • Average salary: $ 51 400

Early pay for people with a bachelor's degree in music theory averaged $ 46 per year for the first five years of employment, but is gradually increasing.

11. Applied Management

  • Average salary: $ 51 200

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in applied management can hold many different positions, including industrial engineer, treasury analyst, and HR coordinator. In the early stages of a career, graduates will receive an average of $ 42 500 per year. Their salary can grow to $ 51 200 by mid-career.

10. Photojournalism

  • Average salary: $ 50 400

In the early stages of a career, photojournalists receive an average of $ 38 400 per year. With experience, their salary increases by $ 12 000.

9. Musical Theatre

  • Average salary: $ 49 300

This undergraduate degree will only earn $ 50 000 annually after you have been working in this field for more than 10 years.

8. Singing and opera

  • Average salary: $ 48 400

Although the billing at the beginning of a career for graduates with a bachelor's degree in this subject is only $ 31 300 per year, this figure increases by $ 17 100 in the middle of a career. The average annual salary of employees with 10 years of experience is $ 48 400.

7. Secondary school education

  • Average salary: $ 48 200

On average, the salary of a graduate and an experienced teacher differs by about $ 10 000.

6. Elementary education

  • Average salary: $ 44 000

Graduates with a bachelor's degree at the beginning of a career earn $ 38 500 per year, gradually increasing profits to $ 44 000 after 10 years of work experience.

5. Wildlife Biologist

  • Average salary: $ 43 900

People with a bachelor's degree in wildlife can work as environmentalists, environmental scientists and more. Graduates with no work experience or five years of experience can count on an average salary of $ 37 200 per year.

4. Preschool education

  • Average salary: $ 40 500

People with up to five years of experience usually receive $ 33 400 per year. After 10 years, they can count on $ 40 000.

3. Special education for young children

  • Average salary: $ 37 900

People who earn a BA in preschool special education can expect to receive an average annual salary of $ 35 for the first five years. The wages between early and mid-career workers are minimal at just $ 500.

2. Playing the piano

  • Average salary: $ 36 200

People with a bachelor's degree in piano earn $ 38 100 per year, which is almost $ 2 000 more than at the beginning of a career.

1. Metallurgist

  • Average salary: $ 32 500

Workers with a bachelor's degree in metallurgy indicate a significant drop in earnings at the beginning and middle of their careers. In the early stages of a career, payment averages $ 37 000 per year, but decreases by $ 4500 after 10 years of work experience.

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