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15 conversations at work that could make you fired

In August 2019 of the year, Google released a new set of guidelines to prohibit policy talk at work.

Two businessmen sitting at table and discussing strategy

The new rules read: “Sharing information and ideas with colleagues helps strengthen the team, while interrupting the working day with a heated discussion about politics or the latest news does not. Our main responsibility is to carry out the work that each of us has undertaken, and not to waste our working time discussing issues that are not related to work. Avoid conversations that interfere with your duties or otherwise violate Google’s business practices. ”

Talking about politics is not the only one to be avoided in the office. There are many unwanted conversations that can cost you a job.

Edition Go Banking Rates collected them in one list to protect you from dismissal.

  1. Talk openly about wanting to quit work

Even if you are among the colleagues you trust, talking about wanting to quit is a bad idea, said Dana Case, director of operations at MyCorporation.

“No matter how close you are to your colleagues, it’s better not to discuss something so sensitive in a mixed company,” she advises.

“News of this nature is spreading fast. Your manager can find out about this much earlier, and then you will have many questions, ”she added.

“It’s better not to discuss this topic with colleagues at all. This is a personal matter to keep with yourself. It’s better to talk to management about it when the time comes, ”Case said.

  1. Discuss religious issues

In general, it is best to avoid any topic that might create inconvenience to your colleagues. Let's say religion. This is a sensitive topic and should not be discussed at work.

“You may need to speak with HR or the leader if you need additional conditions for your religious beliefs to be expressed. For example, a time for religious holidays or a place to pray during the working day, ”said Paula Brantner, an employment lawyer and director of PB Work Solutions.

“Although religious discrimination is illegal, you still need to focus on your duties at work. Therefore, do not waste time on such conversations, ”she summed up.

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  1. Talk about family life or family issues

Leave all your household problems at home, advises Christopher Hanson, lead consultant and owner of RedBaronUSA.

“News about your family life or any controversial issues can be used against you in the future by competitors and enemies,” he said.

  1. Sharing workplace secrets

“Any workplace secrets — marketing plans, financial strategies, or legal disputes that your company should never discuss publicly — can be eavesdropped, recorded, or digitally distributed in seconds,” Hanson said.

  1. Discuss health issues

Like everyday problems, discussions about your health are also not related to work. An open discussion of your well-being should not cost you any work, and you will also make your employees awkward.

Talking to your colleagues about going to the dentist or other specialist is optional. You should refrain from discussing serious health issues, said HuffPost Annette Harris, president and founder of ShowUp's personal branding agency!

“Like family problems, people often simply don’t know how to react to this in the work environment,” she said.

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  1. Gossiping about employees

“It is possible that you will not like all the employees, but you must keep your opinion on each of them,” advises business coach Stacy Caprio.

“Do not discuss any of your colleagues in the office,” she said.

“It shows that you are worse than the people you think about. In addition, it can harm your reputation and the friendly environment in the office, ”she added.

  1. Scolding the employer

When you are disappointed with some actions of the employer, then in an emotional impulse you want to tell about it to any person nearby. But - not worth it.

“If you have concerns about the company, its business strategy, leadership or your leader, it is best to express your concern to the right person or people who can solve these problems. But in no case do not scold them and not gossip about this with your colleagues, ”said Rhys Williams, managing director of Sigma Recruitment.

  1. Talk about drinking

Although drinking alcohol is not illegal (if you are 21 a year old), talking about how you regularly drink can alert current or future employers.

  1. Talk about sex

Depending on what and how you tell, talking about sex can be seen as harassment.

“If you are not a sex therapist whose job is to talk about sex, do not discuss this issue among colleagues,” Brantner said.

“Even what you consider harmless can be unacceptable to another person. This is not related to work, so speak on such sensitive issues in your free time, away from the office, ”he added.

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  1. Poor previous employer feedback

If you are unflattering about your last employer, your current employer may suggest that he will be the same.

“Even if you had truly terrifying work experience at previous companies, you can still speak positively about past employers,” said HuffPost Jason Carney, HR Director at WorkSmart Systems.

  1. Speak out unlawful actions of colleagues

Sending information about the illegal actions of any of the employees, even minor ones, can put your colleagues in an uncomfortable position or just scare them away.

  1. Make rude jokes

Inappropriate jokes about sex, politics, religion or any other hot topic should be avoided. Even when you are “just kidding”, your colleagues may perceive this as going beyond the permissible limits.

  1. Announce your career plans if they are outside the company

Ellen Mallarky, vice president of business development at Messina Group Staffing, said that talking about your career plans should be avoided at work, especially if they go beyond your current industry.

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“Throughout my career I have known many people who started their own business outside of work and at some point planned to leave,” she said.

“It is not necessary for your colleagues to have the impression that you are more focused on your other work. If activity falls, and your productivity is called into question, this is the first thing people will point out, ”she added.

  1. Share how much you earn

A discussion of your salary does not threaten a dismissal, but it can cause some negative.

“People should not talk to their colleagues about how much they earn,” said Raj Wardhman, co-founder of

“Imagine how embarrassing your colleagues would be if they found out they were paid less. And how would you feel, knowing that you are paid less than your colleagues for the same work. These situations can create a dangerous working atmosphere and reduce team spirit, ”he added.

  1. Overestimate your skills or experience

You may be tempted to overestimate your skills or experience during the interview. But, believe me, do not take such a risk. If, having started work, you cannot do what you promised, then you are likely to lose your job.

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