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15 professions where you can earn good money

A recent analysis revealed 15 additional professions that will help professionals increase their income without leaving their main job.

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Based on the analysis of FlexJobs, Edition Fox News Listed 15 professions for additional part-time jobs that allow employees to earn extra money while maintaining a home lifestyle and full-time job. Work is either part-time or freelance, and some even offer employees to work from home.

The analysis noted that many American workers are counting on the money they receive outside their main job. A recent study by Bankrate has shown that every third person has additional work and needs additional income to make ends meet, despite a stable economy.

Customer Service Representative — $14 per hour

Some services additionally hire people to help their customers.

Editor — $20 per hour

Companies hire editors to read material for company websites and other online publications.

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ESL Instructor — $20 per hour

Those with outstanding writing and speaking skills can use them to become an ESL teacher and help non-native speakers.

Graphic Designer — $17 per hour

Graphic designers can help companies and government agencies in web design and branding.

Interpreter — $20 per hour

Those who speak more than one language can become a freelance translator.

Management Consultant — $20 per hour

Professionals can help those who need advice and experience.

Medical coder — $18 per hour

Medical companies hire medical coders to codify and calculate the cost of medical services.

Photographer — $16 per hour

Photographers can take part in the release of news and other materials.

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Concealer — $18 per hour

Book publishers and news agencies hire proofreaders to ensure that the text is written grammatically correctly.

Sales representative — $15 per hour

Companies hire a sales representative to increase sales and attract customers.

Social Media Manager — $16 per hour

Companies hire people to manage their social media accounts.

Transcriber — $15 per hour

Transcribers are engaged in text interpretation of audio and video recordings.

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Tutor — $18 per hour

Teachers can help students who need extra classes in math and science, or preparing for exams, such as the SAT.

Virtual Assistant — $16 per hour

The assistant works remotely for clients.

Writer — $20 per hour

Authors are hired to create content for online publishing or printing.

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