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15 applications that will help in learning English

Learning English is a rather time-consuming process and many cannot take the time to visit a tutor or even sit and study on their own. In such situations, mobile applications are saved, they can be used on the road, walking the dog, or cleaning the house. Edition Lifehacker has compiled top 15 English learning apps.

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All applications are designed for people with different knowledge of English. You can set the level of difficulty, learn a language in a mode convenient for you and in your free time. It is enough to choose at least one program that you will access daily.

Applications can be used either as an independent vocabulary replenishment and grammar repetition tool, or as an additional element that will help make your training in English courses or with a tutor even more effective.

1. Lingualeo

An application of the popular service with a mass of various trainings that will help expand the vocabulary, as well as develop reading, writing and listening skills. The training is based on gamification, so that you will not lose interest in English, you will constantly feel the progress and incentive to move on.

2. Duolingo

A convenient application thanks to which you can learn English in a playful way, spending only a few minutes a day. Start with simple verbs and phrases, exercise, tightening the grammar, and complete daily tasks to replenish your vocabulary and get closer to your goal.

3. Polyglot 16

An application from the author of the course of the same name, the famous polyglot Dmitry Petrov. According to the developer, the program allows you to master English at a basic level in just 16 lessons. By giving at least 15 minutes of training a day, you will learn the rules of grammar, remember the required minimum of words and learn to compose a lot of phrases from them for free communication with native speakers.

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4. Memrise

Another application with an unusual game approach that will make learning English a pleasure and make it easy to remember new words. The curator of the Memrise reconnaissance group will send you on an exciting journey through the uncharted Universe of the English language, full of secrets, mysteries, mysterious enemy agents and good helpers.

5 BBC Learning English

The official BBC application, which contains materials from various programs for learning English, which appeared on the radio and in the podcasts of the broadcasting corporation. In addition to audio content, a variety of exercises are available to understand grammar, build phrases, and learn new words.

6. Easy ten

With this program you can replenish the vocabulary daily, remembering 10 new words. The application does not require much time: it is enough to devote 20 minutes a day. The program contains more than 20 of thousands of English words, will help you improve your pronunciation thanks to special simulators. In addition, you can divide new words into thematic lists and track progress for additional motivation.

7. Words

This application did not accidentally become the best in the Education category of the App Store. The program database contains more than 8 thousand words, and it is available offline. The main advantage: the application adapts to a specific user and in tasks and tests it offers exactly those words with which you previously had difficulty. We made a mistake in determining the meaning - a few more times you will be offered exactly this word until you remember it.

8. LearnEnglish Grammar

The application of the British Council organization for everyone who wants to upgrade their English. As the name implies, it focuses on the study of grammar and helps to make progress at any level. Practice exercises, answer test questions, and practice building phrases on various topics.

9. Rosetta stone

This application helps to memorize new words through associations. The pronunciation assessment program will help you learn how to pronounce the learned words correctly. The application is available for free, but there are also paid materials.

10. Voxy

The main difference between this application and all the others is that in real time it adapts to your needs and desires. Want to get ready for TOEFL? Or learn phrases that come in handy when traveling? Or maybe prepare for an interview? You are welcome! Mentors who are native speakers will quickly help you with this. In addition, the application is updated daily.

11. Reemba

A simple and convenient application that is specially created for memorizing new phrases and expanding vocabulary. The learning process is based on a proven technique of cards, which, after adding, are displayed less often or more often as they are acquired. You can add words manually or use predefined dictionary sets.

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12. English grammar in use

A program from Cambridge University Press to help you improve your grammar skills. With the help of English Grammar in Use you can bring to automatic use of articles, irregular verbs and nouns.

13. 15 000 Useful Phrases

A dictionary application containing more than 15 500 interesting idioms that are often used in the process of live communication. You can use aphorisms, words, comparisons, and much more when communicating at the household level and in the professional business sphere.

14. Wordbook

A real treasure, and not just a dictionary that can be on your smartphone: 150 of thousands of words, spell checking and the ability to search for words to create anagrams. In addition, daily you will memorize the word of the day that the application will offer you. The dictionary is available offline.

15. Puzzle English

A fascinating application with video and audio puzzles, as well as other interesting tasks for learning English, regardless of existing skills. The training program is compiled individually depending on the level of ownership, available time and goals.

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