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15 products worth buying at Dollar Tree and those that are best avoided

Thanks to its loyal customers and an extensive network of stores, Dollar Tree has become a glimmer of hope in the struggle for the survival of large retail companies.

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Today, Dollar Tree, which includes its brand of the same name, as well as Family Dollar and Dollar Tree Canada, has more than 15 000 stores in North America and is constantly showing sales growth. In the second quarter of 2019, the company reported that sales in these stores increased by 2,4%.

Shopping expert Michelle Madhawk is convinced that the best deals on Dollar Tree are household items, from cleaning and detergents to seasonal décor.

“Overall, if you're not picky about brands, this is a great opportunity to save money. For example, if you don't care what brands of paper towels you use, then you might get a better deal than the brand in the store, ”she said.

According to Madhawk, the benefit of Dollar Tree pricing is that you can experiment with new items without spending too much. In addition, in addition to Dollar Tree coupons, you can use manufacturer coupons to multiply the discounts, she added.

However, some products here are better than other retail chains.

Here are 15 items that are better to buy in these stores, and 15 - which are worth looking elsewhere.

Buy: Party Supplies

According to Money Talks News estimates, you will pay 70% less for holiday attributes at Dollar Tree than at discount stores such as Party City. Here you will find everything from serpentine and hats to paper plates and utensils.

Buy: Seasonal Decor

When it comes to holiday decorations, Dollar Tree will help you. The store offers a wide range of seasonal items at low prices, which Madhawk said has expanded in recent years to compete with low-cost stores such as TJ Maxx.

Buy: wrapping paper and gift bags

Dollar Tree has a wide selection of gift wrapping in various colors, all kinds of shapes and patterns.

Buy: stickers

If you have small children or a profession related to children, such as a school teacher or nanny, Lydia from the Thrifty Frugal Mom blog recommends buying cheap funny stickers on Dollar Tree.

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Do not buy: over-the-counter medicines

Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar ended up in litigations alleging that networks sold expired drugs. In August, the judge ordered the stores to jointly pay 1,2 one million dollars in fines and losses.

This suggests that it is better to avoid any remedies for Dollar Tree.

Do not buy: motor oil

Motor oil has also been part of this year's lawsuit. It was alleged that stores sold low-quality fuel intended only for automotive engines manufactured before 1930.

Buy: пgreeting cards

Dollar Tree has an impressive collection of greeting cards for all occasions and holidays.

Buy: аhair accessories

The company offers a wide selection of hair accessories. In her stores you can buy cheap hairpins, hairbands, headbands, hoops and more.

Buy: paper products

Madhawk advises to follow the bonuses on paper products. Then for the dollar it will be possible to buy much more, say, toilet paper or paper towels.

Do not buy: иpears

Consumer savings expert Andrea Vorokh in an interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal said that toys in such stores do not always pass the proper testing and can be dangerous for young children.

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Do not buy: animal feed

Heap, among other things, recommended sticking to branded pet food so that furry friends don't get sick from potentially bad formulas or expired products.

Do not buy: иtools

If you are looking for tools, Dag Murray from Slice recommends looking elsewhere for quality equipment to help you do your job more efficiently and safely.

“Cheap tools are good for emergencies or if you are going to use them only a few times. But if you need tools for many years, use quality things, ”he wrote.

Do not buy: batteries

Murray also suggests not buying batteries at Dollar Tree. They often leak, therefore it is better to stick to the brands Duracell, Energizer and other, time-tested manufacturers.

Buy: пeraser containers

Containers are a good option if you are looking for a cheap way to store leftovers.

Buy: кstorage containers

You can also find tons of household storage containers.

Buy: Wadded sponges

They may not be as high-quality as your pharmacy range, but products such as cotton buds and cotton sponges sold by Dollar Tree work just as well, but for a small price.

Buy: тneedlework

You may not find Crayola here. But you can get a variety of inexpensive craft supplies - perfect for a playroom or classroom on a budget.

Do not buy: all for makeupа

When it comes to cosmetics, experts warn that in this case there is a risk of accidentally buying expired products.

Do not buy: plastic dishes

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, plastic dishes in these stores may contain traces of bromine, which is associated with cancer.

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Do not buy: knives

Stay away from knives.

“Some kitchen items, such as food storage containers, are a good buy. But when it comes to knives, definitely not worth taking them. They are not sharp. And blunt knives can be very dangerous, ”the expert added.

Do not buy: garbage bags

“If you don’t want the bags of contents to not break on the way to the trash can, spend a little more money, but buy high-quality packages of leading brands,” writes Doug Murray for Slice.

Buy: coloring and puzzles

Dollar Tree is a great place where you can buy the necessary things for children: puzzles, books, coloring books.

Buy: тeating for pregnancy

Of all the products on offer, pregnancy tests are at the top of the list. Surprisingly, several bloggers said that Dollar Tree offers a quality assortment of reliable tests.

Buy: пcondemnationу

“The quality is comparable to what you can get at Walmart or other wholesale chains,” writes Marilyn La Ponzier in Money Talks News.

“As a rule, here you can get a bonus. Say, buy only those items that you need, instead of buying the whole kit, ”she added.

Buy: оreading chicks

Thrifty Frugal Mom's Lydia said Dollar Tree is the perfect place to stock up on sunglasses and reading glasses.

Do not buy: school supplies

While $ 1 notebooks and mechanical pencil kits sound tempting when they go to school, shoppers should wait for massive offers at major stores like Target and Walmart to find better items.

Do not buy: vitamins

Like medicines, vitamins are best bought at a specialist store or pharmacy.

Do not buy: oven mitts

Slice suggests avoiding such a purchase here. As a rule, this product is made from materials of lower quality. Therefore, such gloves cannot provide adequate protection against heat and burns.

Do not buy: headphones

As they say, you get what you pay for, and this is not an exception for headphones in Dollar Tree.

Do not buy: electrical cords

Definitely, according to some bloggers, electronics and cords are best looked for elsewhere.

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